11 Year Old Pregnant Girl Gives Birth: Is giving birth under age dangerous?

11 Year Old Pregnant Girl Gives Birth

The phenomenon of getting pregnant at a young age is still one of the many problems found around the world. In some cases, a girl can get pregnant at the age of 10 years. There are even those who choose to be a wife at a young age. Of course, this is a high-risk act. Find out more about 11 Year Old Pregnant Girl Gives Birth: Is giving birth under age dangerous?


11-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Gives Birth

In an incident that rocked the news circuit, an 11-year-old girl became the youngest mother in the UK. The baby was successfully born after 30 weeks of pregnancy.

The girl’s family did not know about her pregnancy until the time of delivery. The incident was of course shocking to the family, resulting in engagement with social services and council chiefs.

None of her family knew that an 11-year-old girl could get pregnant. That’s very, very worrying.

However, it is lucky that the mother and baby survived and are in fine condition.  As it turns out, the same event like this is not the first. The world has seen many young girls give birth even before they turn adolescence.


Who is the youngest mother in the world?

Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado

Lina Marcela has once crowned the youngest mother in the world. She is a native of Peru and became a mother when she was five years, seven months, 21 days old. She managed to give birth to a baby weighing 2.69 kg. Her parents even thought their daughter had a tumor. Because of this, they took him to the hospital for an examination.

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However, they were shocked to discover that Lina was seven months pregnant at the time. The doctors interview Lina’s parents and conclude the girl has entered puberty prematurely. The incident occurred in 1939.


Tressa Middleton

Tressa is a woman from England. She successfully gave birth to a baby in 2006, when she was just 12 years old. The father of Tessa’s son is his 16-year-old brother. Her brother was also the perpetrator of the rape of Tressa.



A 6-year-old boy, known only as “H” gave birth to a baby in India by cesarean section. His parents took H to the hospital thinking he had a stomach tumor. It started because H often complained of pain in the lower abdomen.

According to reports, the girl never menstruated and her breasts were far from fully developed, but she was able to breastfeed her child for nine months. H gave birth to her child weighing 1.90 kg.



Liza is a 5-year-old girl. She was raped by her maternal grandfather. She even had her 6th birthday, a few days before giving birth. Liza’s parents did not want the doctor to perform a cesarean section to remove the baby, as it was considered to be high risk as well as dangerous at the time.

Liza gave birth with the help of forceps and a retractor. Unfortunately, the baby weighing 3 kg died during childbirth caused by an early placental tear. Although the baby was born in good health, doctors said the baby could have been saved if extracted sooner, revived, and given oxygen.


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Is giving birth under age dangerous?

Women who are too young while pregnant can increase the risk of complications. The risk will certainly affect the health of pregnant women and the fetus they contain. For women who give birth under the age of 20 years, it can often lead to the death of mother and child.

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