Anemia of Chronic Disease Symptoms: And What Diseases Cause Anemia of Chronic Disease

Anemia of Chronic Disease Symptoms

Anemia is a condition when the body is deficient in blood cells healthy red or when the red blood cells do not function properly. In the end, organs in the body don’t receive enough oxygen, which makes people with anemia tired and pale quickly. Learn more about Anemia of Chronic Disease Symptoms, below.

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What is Anemia of Chronic Disease Symptoms

What is Anemia of Chronic Disease. Anemia due to chronic disease, also known as anemia of inflammation, is anemia caused by various possible previous diseases, such as cancer, infections, autoimmune diseases, and inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis or kidney disease.

This type of anemia is the second most common cause of anemia after iron deficiency anemia. Usually, this disease affects the elderly who suffer from chronic diseases, and require special care, both at home and hospitalized.


Is Anemia a Chronic Illness

Is Anemia a Chronic Illness. Anemia can be classified into acute anemia and chronic anemia. Acute anemia is usually caused by bleeding from the blood or hemolysis. Anemia that is chronic is more prevalent and is a consequence of a variety of reasons.


What does it Mean to be Chronically Anemic

What does it Mean to be Chronically Anemic. Anemia is a condition in which a person is not able to produce sufficient red blood cells and this results in an insufficient level of hemoglobin. If the condition continues generally for longer than two or six months it’s called chronic anemia.


What Causes Anemia of Chronic Disease

The exact cause of anemia caused by chronic disease is not yet known, but it may be related to a condition of the immune system mediated by various inflammatory substances that can cause:

  • The body cannot store or use iron normally to form new red blood cells
  • Kidney hormone to trigger bone marrow to produce reduced red blood cells
  • Bone marrow cannot respond normally to kidney hormones
  • The lifetime of red blood cells is reduced from the normal time of about 120 days


Anemia of Chronic Disease Symptoms

You may be curious about what are the symptoms of anemia of chronic disease. Symptoms of anemia due to chronic disease vary in each patient depending on the severity. In most cases, this type of anemia can cause mild or no symptoms. Patients can also only experience symptoms of chronic diseases that cause anemia without any additional symptoms.

However, if it occurs, the symptoms of anemia are similar to the symptoms caused by iron deficiency anemia, namely:

  • Feeling tired or weak
  • Pale skin
  • Short breath
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Increased heart rate
  • Having a headache


What Diseases Cause Anemia of Chronic Disease

What Diseases Cause Anemia of Chronic Disease. Anemia refers to a less-than-normal amount of blood-red cells found in the blood. ACD is a typical cause of anemia. Certain conditions that may cause ACD are:

Autoimmune disorders, such as Crohn’s disease and systemic lupus-erythematosus the rheumatoid joint, and ulcerative colitis.


What is the Relationship Between Anemia and the Chronic Kidney Condition?

Anemia is a frequent concomitant associated with chronic kidney diseases (CKD). CKD is when you’re kidneys are damaged and unable to clean blood the way they are supposed to. The damage could cause waste and fluids to build up within your body. CKD may also trigger other health problems.

Anemia is not as common in the early stages of kidney disease and can get worse as kidney disease worsens and kidney function becomes lost.

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