Are Bamboo Sheets Good for your Hair | And Bamboo Pillowcase Benefits

Bamboo pillows nourish your hair

We’re sure you know the meaning behind what we mean when we refer to dehydration when you’ve woken with dry hair that is brittle and dry. The traditional pillows are very absorbent, sucking water from your hair when you lie down.

Traditional pillows make your hair and skin dry up because they absorb moisture naturally and don’t support water retention.

Bamboo cushions won’t make your skin dry or hair, even though bamboo is extremely absorbent. Bamboo fibers are extremely permeable, which means they can wick away moisture (sweat or body oils etc.) while also aiding the skin and hair to maintain their moisture levels.

If you rest in bamboo you awake with smooth, glossy, soft, and hydrated locks.


Bamboo pillows prevent tangles

Friction is the primary reason for knotted and tangled hair. Bamboo pillows like the ones mentioned previously have a surface that helps reduce friction while you rest.

The soft, silky texture made of the bamboo cushion is great to remove knots, tangles, and frizz. However conventional pillows tend to be rough and create excessive friction to hair, causing roughness to the cuticles, resulting in “bed head” every morning.


Are Bamboo Pillowcases Good for Curly Hair

Silk and bamboo pillowcases are ideal for people who has damaged, curly or hair that is textured or damaged. Hair types like this typically fall on the dry side, and cotton pillowcases add more stress.


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