Are Bamboo Sheets Good for your Hair | And Bamboo Pillowcase Benefits

They are gentle on hair

We’ve all experienced the hassle of having a head that is tucked early in the day. However, the hair you wash in the morning is not only unappealing but can also be harmful. As you lie on a bed made of cotton your cuticles of the hair are in a state of friction with the pillowcase. In a nutshell, regular pillowcases can be damaging and lead to split ends. To prevent this from happening, give bamboo pillowcases to try. Utilizing a bamboo pillowcase can be an absolute delight for any hair type From straight, or curly.

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Bamboo pillow covers are antibacterial

You might have heard of the bamboo Kun which is a ferment that is present in bamboo fabric. The function of this fermentation is to control the expansion of bacteria. While it’s not as scientific, the antibacterial feature of bamboo pillowcases is extremely practical. Anyone suffering from sensitive skin or acne can benefit from the antibacterial properties of bamboo Kun most since it stops the growth of pathogenic microflora in the face.


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