Are Dry Eyes a Symptom of Diabetes | And Over the Counter Eye Drops for Diabetics

Are Dry Eyes a Symptom of Diabetes

Many people think that diabetes mellitus is just a blood sugar problem with higher levels. Did you know that this assumption is very far from the actual situation? You may be curious about Are Dry Eyes a Symptom of Diabetes, find the full review in the following article.

In fact, diabetes mellitus not only causes high blood sugar levels but also a variety of dangerous complications. One of the complications that often occur as a result of this disease is permanent eye damage.

In the article Are Dry Eyes a Symptom of Diabetes, you will find other information such as, diabetes symptoms, what causes dry eyes, diabetes symptoms women, and best eye drops for diabetic dry eye.

So, let’s see the full review of Are Dry Eyes a Symptom of Diabetes, below.


What is Diabetes?

You may be curious is dry eyes a sign of diabetes, or are dry eyes a sign of diabetes. Diabetes is a disease in which there is a chronic metabolic disorder with an increase in blood sugar levels. Diabetes can have serious consequences for the heart, blood vessels and eyes. Type 2 diabetes is a common form of diabetes that affects adults. It occurs when insulin levels are too low to control blood sugar. Over the past three decades, diabetes has seen a dramatic increase in all income countries.


Characteristics of Diabetes

A study found that a person with an average age of 54.4 years had diabetes within a period of approximately 4 months. In diabetics, the average HbA1C level is above 7%, indicating a lack of glycemic control. There are several risk factors that are often found in diabetics, namely with an average BMI of 31.52 which indicates obesity in the body. The total cholesterol in the body is 4.43 mmol/L which indicates inadequate fat management.

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