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Are Sharks Mammals: and What Is a Group Of Sharks Called?

How Far Can Sharks Smell Blood?

Sharks have the same olfactory sensitivity as other fish, which can smell from one part per 25 million parts to one part per 10 billion parts. This means that sharks can smell a chemical mixed with seawater that amounts to 25 million to 10 billion times the amount of the chemical itself. This ability depends on the chemicals and species of sharks.

If a shark has such a strong olfactory ability, does this mean that it can indeed smell a drop of blood mixed with seawater? It turns out the answer isn’t that simple, guys. The smell of sharks is very sharp, but that does not mean sharks can easily and quickly react to a single drop of blood in the ocean.

Some types of sharks can indeed identify or smell blood as far as about 400 meters from where they are. But this does not directly make the shark go to the source of the blood droplets and attack the source of the blood.

A scent will reach the shark through various processes and factors, such as ocean currents and the shark’s distance from the source of blood. Sharks over 400 meters away cannot smell droplets of blood that have been mixed with seawater.

In addition, the movement of ocean currents makes odor molecules can be carried with it and instead away from the position of the shark at that time. Well, the more movement of the ocean currents, the faster the aroma moves, can move away or approach the shark.

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What Does Shark Taste Like

For a long time, the consumption of sharks has been controversial because sharks are a rare species. But besides that, there are scientific reasons for the advice not to consume shark meat.

Although sharks are an endangered species, these wild animals are still being hunted for meat and fins. Shark fin soup in China, for example, is so sought after because shark consumption is believed to increase libido, beautify the skin, increase energy to lower cholesterol.

The price of shark fin soup is also quite expensive although shark meat is reportedly not too tasty because it is chewy and tastes bland.

Meanwhile, Stony Brook University’s Institute for Ocean Conservation in America in 2012 found consumption of shark fin soup contributed to a decline in shark populations. The decline is global because it is not only in Asia but also in the United States.

Spoon University (5/1) explained that shark consumption is also bad for health. Both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) do not recommend due to the presence of harmful metals and chemicals in shark meat.

Sharks contain the highest amounts of mercury. Mercury is a toxic metal that if consumed can cause loss of coordination, blindness, and death in humans.

Mercury consumption is most dangerous if it occurs in pregnant women and young children. Therefore they are advised to be careful to consume sharks and fish in general.

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Ethical issues are also highlighted in terms of shark consumption. Because the high price of shark fins makes fishermen compete to catch sharks even though it is fairly rare.

Worse once caught, the shark cut off its fins only, then released again into the sea to die. This is condemned by many people because it includes acts of cruelty to animals.

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