Asexual Meanings: What Does It Mean? and How Do I Know if I am Asexual

Sexual dysfunction is also at higher risk in people who have some of the following conditions:

  • Elderly
  • Smoke
  • Obesity
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Had radiotherapy on the groin area
  • Abusing drugs

Asexual Meanings: What Does It Mean? and How Do i Know if i am asexual

Asexual traits

Here are some of the traits that people with asexual sexual orientation have:

Not interested in sex, but can do it

An article mentions that asexual people can still have sexual intercourse, even if they are not interested in sex itself.

Some people with this sexual orientation have sexual intercourse with their partners for the love they share.

The article also states that people of asexual orientation have diverse views on sex.

Some feel uncomfortable, others still view sex as a positive thing, even if they don’t want to get involved in it.


Still have sex fantasies

People with asexual orientations can also still have sex fantasies. Some people with this sexual orientation can even still masturbate.


Can have relationships without sex

The explanation above illustrates that similar to other sexual orientations, people with asexuals also have very diverse issues of sexuality and interfaith relationships.

The only sure thing in this sexual orientation is that asexuals have no sexual attraction to others and do not want to engage in sexual activity with others.

This means that an asexual person can have a romantic relationship without having sexual intercourse. This certainly requires open communication between the pair.

In addition to knowing the characteristics of asexual, you must study Pansexual Definition and Symptoms: What is Pansexual? Could I be a pansexual? Find out the answer.

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Types of asexuals

Before getting to know asexual types, you need to understand that sexual orientation is related to romantic attraction and orientation.

Attraction is defined as something that arouses one’s pleasure or liking.

Meanwhile, romantic orientation describes romantic attraction based on gender, regardless of one’s sexual orientation.

Based on these three things, here are the types of asexual you need to know:

Asexual aromantics

People with this type of asexuality mean they have no sexual or romantic attraction.

Those with aromatic asexual sexual orientation may lead solitary or solo lives. However, they may still engage in friendships that are not tied to romantic things.


Asexual romance

Asexual romance is a term to describe a sexual orientation that has no sexual attraction but still has romantic attraction.

People with this orientation usually still have a romantic relationship with someone. They may like a touch from a partner, such as cuddling, holding hands, or kissing.


Grey asexual

Grey asexual or gray asexual is a term used to describe individuals who feel their sexuality is between asexual and sexual.


What to consider in a relationship with an asexual?

Asexuality does not mean fear or can not live a romantic relationship with others. The desire for sex and love or affection are two different things. Some asexuals can have amorous relationships with others.

However, if you as an asexual want to be in a relationship or get married to someone else, there are a few things you need to be sure of and discuss.

This is so as not to cause problems for both parties in the future.

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Here are some things you need to discuss with your partner if you want to have a serious relationship with him or her:

  • Make sure your partner knows you’re asexual
  • Make sure you and your partner can accept each other
  • Make sure that you and your partner love each other

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