Baby Allergic Reaction to Peanut Butter: Symptoms, and How do Children develop Peanut Allergies

How to Test for Peanut Allergy at Home

One way you can know the possibility that your child’s rash may be caused by food allergies is to set up an appointment for tests for food allergies. After you’ve spoken to your physician regarding possible reasons for the rash, and have applied any urgent medical treatment required to treat the rash, you must arrange an appointment for your child to be examined for food-related allergies.

There are many methods to test for food allergies. The doctor and you collaborate to decide on the best test for the child you are caring for.

Oral Food Challenge

If you are using this method to diagnose an allergy to food your doctor will administer your child a small amount of the food suspected to be allergic and closely monitor him to determine if there is an allergy. An oral food test is a safe and reliable method when conducted under the supervision of a medical professional. This is the best method of determining the severity of a food allergy.


Skin Prick Test

For this test, your physician will puncture the skin of your child with the allergen that is suspected and observe if there is a rash that develops around the site. Because a rash that is caused by food allergies is typically the first sign that indicates a food allergy, this test is an extremely accurate way to determine whether the child has an allergy to a particular food.

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