Baking With Monk Fruit Sweetener: Best Favorite Recipe

Many ask what is a monk fruit? Monk fruit is often called Luo Han Guo it is used as a substitute for sugar, you can add it to keto cake recipe and various other recipes. But can these sweeteners be baked? Know the answer Baking With Monk Fruit Sweetener: Best Favorite Recipe.


Can monk fruit sweeteners be used in baked goods?

Since it is stable at high temperatures, monk fruit sweeteners can be used in baked goods. However, foods containing monk fruit sweeteners may differ slightly in the appearance, texture, and taste of the same foods made with sugar, since sugar contributes to the structure and texture of food.


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Types of lakanto sweeteners

Classic monk fruit sweetener/ organic

Substitute for white sugar. It can be used in baked goods, drinks, sauces, and various other dishes.


Golden monk fruit sweetener

This sweetener is used almost the same as classic monk fruit sweetener but has a slight maple flavor. It has the texture of cane sugar and although it is not a true substitute for brown sugar, many customers like to replace it with brown sugar.


Powdered monk fruit sweetener

With its delicious concentrated sweetness and powdery texture, this sweetener is perfect for icing, cheesecake, and other similar dishes.


Monkfruit baking sweetener

Specially formulated for use in baked goods, has a browner color with a powdery texture, and is easily soluble.


How to use classic monk fruit sweetener/organic

What is the best recipe for monk fruit classic sweetener?

Use Classic Monkfruit Sweeteners as you do with granulated sugar! Here are some ideas on how to change Lakanto.

Classic Monkfruit sweeteners for use in different types of recipes:

  • For recipes without roasting, put the sweetener in a blender or food processor to crush it until the consistency of flour becomes a grainless product.
  • When using Classic Monkfruit Sweetener in a cake recipe that requires liquid fat (coconut oil, butter, etc.), add it to a microwave-safe saucepan or bowl to dissolve as you melt the fat.
  • In the muffin recipe, dissolve the sweetener with liquid ingredients before adding the dry ingredients.


How do I measure the dose of sweetener compared to the actual sugar?

If the usual sugar is replaced with Classic Monkfruit Sweetener, I usually use a 1:1 ratio.  Since monk fruit has a sweeter taste than regular cane sugar, some may think that the result of the 1:1 substitute is too sweet.

In this case, the number of sweeteners used in the recipe can be reduced by up to 25%; know that reducing sweeteners by more than 25% can negatively change the texture, crumbs, and appearance of your baked goods.

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How to dissolve sweeteners?

In certain recipes such as cakes and cheesecakes, it will be more useful if using Lakanto Cake Sweetener. If the recipe requires any liquid, add sweeteners during this step to dissolve.

If the recipe doesn’t require a lot of liquid, mix the sweetener in a blender or high-speed food processor until it becomes a powder.


What kind of flour is good to use with this sweetener?

I have used Classic Monkfruit Sweetener with different types of flour:

  • Unflated all-purpose flour,
  • Gluten-free breadcrumbs,
  • Grain-free flour such as almond flour, tapioca flour, and coconut flour.

When replacing gluten-free flour and oats for versatile unbleached flour, I used a 1:1 ratio.


Tips for reducing cooling effects

The best way to reduce the cooling effect is to make sure that the sweetener is completely soluble. If you dissolve the sweetener and still get an intense cooling effect, reduce the amount of sweetener by 25%.


How to make desserts brown

To achieve the traditional browning effect of regular cane sugar, I found that it was best to use Monkfruit Cake Sweetener. It also dissolves better into the dough, which reduces the cooling effect and prevents any granules.


Do you have any additional tips?

When making the glaze using Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener, add the ingredients to a microwave and microwave-proof bowl for 15 seconds to ensure the sweetener dissolves completely.

Make sure all your ingredients (butter, milk, eggs, etc.) are at room temperature before starting your recipe.

baking with monk fruit sweetener

How to use golden monk fruit sweetener

What is the best recipe for golden monk fruit sweeteners?

golden monk fruit sweetener is my favorite Lakanto sweetener and the one I use the most! It works best in baking rather than cooking—it tastes good caramel and I use it in brownies, scones, chocolate chip cakes, cinnamon rolls, and even as a topping for snickerdoodles.


How do I measure the dose of sweetener compared to the actual sugar?

In baking, I use a 1:1/2 ratio, replacing 1 cup of sugar with a golden monk fruit sweetener cup. If you use a full substitution of 1:1, it can lead to the crystallization of cakes, muffins, pastries, and brownies.

When using golden monk fruit sweetener to sweeten jam, lemon cream, or gummy bear (where there are more liquid ingredients), I recommend using the maximum cane sugar from the requested recipe.


Quick tips and tricks:

  • Use half the amount of golden monk fruit sweetener in the recipe to prevent crystallization and a more natural taste.
  • Make sure the flour is wet, such as almond flour, tapioca, or flaxseed flour.
  • Use recipes with liquid ingredients to balance the recipe and ensure the sweetener dissolves.
  • Use less golden monk fruit sweetener than more. Test recipes with different ratios to see how many sweeteners you like.
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Would you use it to replace maple syrup or honey?

Yes, but be careful when replacing wet ingredients with dry ingredients—you need to change the recipe and adjust its fat/liquid content. You can not just replace maple syrup with dry sweeteners or it will dry the baked goods. In my brownie recipe, for 1 cup of maple syrup, I use a golden monk fruit sweetener cup + a cup of water.


How do you dissolve sweeteners and avoid crystallization?

  • Combine in Vitamix to get a texture similar to castor sugar, which is smoother than cane sugar and not as smooth as confectionery sugar.
  • Using half the amount of Lakanto sweetener as cane sugar will help it dissolve better and avoid crystallization.
  • When replacing wet ingredients with dry ingredients, the recipe should be changed by adjusting the fat or liquid content, otherwise, the sweetener can crystallize.


What type of bread do you use for this particular sweetener?

I love the golden monk fruit sweetener with almond flour, spelt flour and cassava flour. Starch like tapioca and flaxseed flour also works well.

This sweetener is not suitable for very dry flour such as coconut flour; if using dry flour, make sure the recipe contains moist ingredients such as butter, oil, coconut cream, whipped cream, or almond milk, to compensate for the recipe.


How to use powdered monk fruit sweetener

What is the best recipe for powdered monk fruit sweeteners?

Powdered monk fruit sweetener can be used just like golden monk fruit sweetener.


What problems do you encounter and how do you fix them?

When making a sugar glaze, it won’t bind like powdered sugar when mixed with milk, water, or lemon, it requires a binder to have a liquid texture so I added coconut milk powder and it worked perfectly.


What type of bread do you use for this particular sweetener?

I love using Lakanto Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener with almond flour, whole wheat, spelt flour, or paleo flour mixture. I’ve discovered it is too dry when combined with coconut milk.


Quick tips and tricks

  • Make sure it’s sifted or processed.
  • The more fat in the recipe, the better the feel and moisture from your baked products.
  • Use coconut milk powder as a binding material when using Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener for the glaze.
  • If you would like to understand how to bake keto sweeteners, then bake a good deal! Note, understand the texture, taste the product, and adjust the sweetener.
  • Learn the use of each ingredient and that which generates moisture or dries the recipe. When replacing sugar with keto sweeteners like Lakanto, remember that some types of flour also turn into sugar, so the result may not be completely sugar-free!
  • I found that when using these sweeteners at high altitudes, they tend to be drier due to the loss of moisture in roasting at high altitudes. To compensate for the drying effect, I add more oil, yogurt, cream, or sometimes even a tablespoon of maple syrup to the mixture. Always cover your baked goods with plastic wrap as soon as they are baked, especially cakes!
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How to use monk fruit baking sweetener

What is the best recipe for powdered monk fruit sweeteners?

Monkfruit Cake Sweetener has worked well in everything I’ve tried so far! I love it in cakes, things that require easier mixes (like cold drinks), sauces, raw glazes, and frozen foods.

I’ve used it in many different sauces that just need a sweet touch but don’t give it a bit of a gritty taste. I also use it in recipes with cassava flour, tapioca, coconut, and almonds.


How do I measure the dose of sweetener compared to the actual sugar? Are you going to add more or less?

  • In general, the 1:1 ratio works. I find that people respond most to recipes that don’t require too much scientific thought about their sweetness; 1:1 is a simple standard to apply and most people don’t mind if it’s a little sweeter than using coconut sugar or other sweeteners.
  • I always start with less, unless it requires an extra volume or most of the number of sweeteners, as I prefer less sweet desserts. I also coat the flavor in the dessert so I prefer to use less in one element as there will be a sweetness from the other.
  • Another way to achieve this without the need to experiment with ratios is to simply balance the recipe by using less sugar in other components. For example, I made cheesecake with a ratio of 1:1 Sweetener Lakanto Monkfruit Cake, but I did not sweeten the fruit compote or whipped cream to be served with cheesecake.


Quick tips and tricks:

Start with half of the amount of Lakanto Monkfruit Cake Sweetener and adjust the level of sweetness from there. Consider other elements in the recipe that will add sweetness and adjust the level.

a little more—add it slowly to taste, especially if you don’t use it in baked goods.

Like all erythritol sweeteners, it takes a longer roasting time due to the higher melting point.

Lakanto Monkfruit Cake sweetener blends better with other ingredients, but it doesn’t produce the same increase in sweets, so I use it more in cakes.


Would you use it to replace maple syrup or honey?

Because the texture is so smooth, Lakanto Monkfruit Cake Sweetener is the perfect direct substitute for things like maple syrup and honey. Use less Lakanto Monkfruit Cake Sweetener than honey/agave/maple syrup—start halfway and upgrade from there. Lakanto Monkfruit Cake sweetener is also great for cold drinks or frozen foods, as its solubility does not leave a sandy texture.

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