Baking With Monk Fruit Sweetener: Best Favorite Recipe

Tips for reducing cooling effects

The best way to reduce the cooling effect is to make sure that the sweetener is completely soluble. If you dissolve the sweetener and still get an intense cooling effect, reduce the amount of sweetener by 25%.


How to make desserts brown

To achieve the traditional browning effect of regular cane sugar, I found that it was best to use Monkfruit Cake Sweetener. It also dissolves better into the dough, which reduces the cooling effect and prevents any granules.


Do you have any additional tips?

When making the glaze using Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener, add the ingredients to a microwave and microwave-proof bowl for 15 seconds to ensure the sweetener dissolves completely.

Make sure all your ingredients (butter, milk, eggs, etc.) are at room temperature before starting your recipe.

baking with monk fruit sweetener

How to use golden monk fruit sweetener

What is the best recipe for golden monk fruit sweeteners?

golden monk fruit sweetener is my favorite Lakanto sweetener and the one I use the most! It works best in baking rather than cooking—it tastes good caramel and I use it in brownies, scones, chocolate chip cakes, cinnamon rolls, and even as a topping for snickerdoodles.


How do I measure the dose of sweetener compared to the actual sugar?

In baking, I use a 1:1/2 ratio, replacing 1 cup of sugar with a golden monk fruit sweetener cup. If you use a full substitution of 1:1, it can lead to the crystallization of cakes, muffins, pastries, and brownies.

When using golden monk fruit sweetener to sweeten jam, lemon cream, or gummy bear (where there are more liquid ingredients), I recommend using the maximum cane sugar from the requested recipe.

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Quick tips and tricks:

  • Use half the amount of golden monk fruit sweetener in the recipe to prevent crystallization and a more natural taste.
  • Make sure the flour is wet, such as almond flour, tapioca, or flaxseed flour.
  • Use recipes with liquid ingredients to balance the recipe and ensure the sweetener dissolves.
  • Use less golden monk fruit sweetener than more. Test recipes with different ratios to see how many sweeteners you like.


Would you use it to replace maple syrup or honey?

Yes, but be careful when replacing wet ingredients with dry ingredients—you need to change the recipe and adjust its fat/liquid content. You can not just replace maple syrup with dry sweeteners or it will dry the baked goods. In my brownie recipe, for 1 cup of maple syrup, I use a golden monk fruit sweetener cup + a cup of water.


How do you dissolve sweeteners and avoid crystallization?

  • Combine in Vitamix to get a texture similar to castor sugar, which is smoother than cane sugar and not as smooth as confectionery sugar.
  • Using half the amount of Lakanto sweetener as cane sugar will help it dissolve better and avoid crystallization.
  • When replacing wet ingredients with dry ingredients, the recipe should be changed by adjusting the fat or liquid content, otherwise, the sweetener can crystallize.


What type of bread do you use for this particular sweetener?

I love the golden monk fruit sweetener with almond flour, spelt flour and cassava flour. Starch like tapioca and flaxseed flour also works well.

This sweetener is not suitable for very dry flour such as coconut flour; if using dry flour, make sure the recipe contains moist ingredients such as butter, oil, coconut cream, whipped cream, or almond milk, to compensate for the recipe.

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