Baking With Monk Fruit Sweetener: Best Favorite Recipe

How to use powdered monk fruit sweetener

What is the best recipe for powdered monk fruit sweeteners?

Powdered monk fruit sweetener can be used just like golden monk fruit sweetener.


What problems do you encounter and how do you fix them?

When making a sugar glaze, it won’t bind like powdered sugar when mixed with milk, water, or lemon, it requires a binder to have a liquid texture so I added coconut milk powder and it worked perfectly.


What type of bread do you use for this particular sweetener?

I love using Lakanto Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener with almond flour, whole wheat, spelt flour, or paleo flour mixture. I’ve discovered it is too dry when combined with coconut milk.


Quick tips and tricks

  • Make sure it’s sifted or processed.
  • The more fat in the recipe, the better the feel and moisture from your baked products.
  • Use coconut milk powder as a binding material when using Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener for the glaze.
  • If you would like to understand how to bake keto sweeteners, then bake a good deal! Note, understand the texture, taste the product, and adjust the sweetener.
  • Learn the use of each ingredient and that which generates moisture or dries the recipe. When replacing sugar with keto sweeteners like Lakanto, remember that some types of flour also turn into sugar, so the result may not be completely sugar-free!
  • I found that when using these sweeteners at high altitudes, they tend to be drier due to the loss of moisture in roasting at high altitudes. To compensate for the drying effect, I add more oil, yogurt, cream, or sometimes even a tablespoon of maple syrup to the mixture. Always cover your baked goods with plastic wrap as soon as they are baked, especially cakes!
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How to use monk fruit baking sweetener

What is the best recipe for powdered monk fruit sweeteners?

Monkfruit Cake Sweetener has worked well in everything I’ve tried so far! I love it in cakes, things that require easier mixes (like cold drinks), sauces, raw glazes, and frozen foods.

I’ve used it in many different sauces that just need a sweet touch but don’t give it a bit of a gritty taste. I also use it in recipes with cassava flour, tapioca, coconut, and almonds.


How do I measure the dose of sweetener compared to the actual sugar? Are you going to add more or less?

  • In general, the 1:1 ratio works. I find that people respond most to recipes that don’t require too much scientific thought about their sweetness; 1:1 is a simple standard to apply and most people don’t mind if it’s a little sweeter than using coconut sugar or other sweeteners.
  • I always start with less, unless it requires an extra volume or most of the number of sweeteners, as I prefer less sweet desserts. I also coat the flavor in the dessert so I prefer to use less in one element as there will be a sweetness from the other.
  • Another way to achieve this without the need to experiment with ratios is to simply balance the recipe by using less sugar in other components. For example, I made cheesecake with a ratio of 1:1 Sweetener Lakanto Monkfruit Cake, but I did not sweeten the fruit compote or whipped cream to be served with cheesecake.


Quick tips and tricks:

Start with half of the amount of Lakanto Monkfruit Cake Sweetener and adjust the level of sweetness from there. Consider other elements in the recipe that will add sweetness and adjust the level.

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a little more—add it slowly to taste, especially if you don’t use it in baked goods.

Like all erythritol sweeteners, it takes a longer roasting time due to the higher melting point.

Lakanto Monkfruit Cake sweetener blends better with other ingredients, but it doesn’t produce the same increase in sweets, so I use it more in cakes.


Would you use it to replace maple syrup or honey?

Because the texture is so smooth, Lakanto Monkfruit Cake Sweetener is the perfect direct substitute for things like maple syrup and honey. Use less Lakanto Monkfruit Cake Sweetener than honey/agave/maple syrup—start halfway and upgrade from there. Lakanto Monkfruit Cake sweetener is also great for cold drinks or frozen foods, as its solubility does not leave a sandy texture.

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