Balance Of Nature Scam: Green and Red Superfood, Better Than A Multivitamin, Is it Working or Not?

Balance Of Nature Scam

Balance of Nature offers whole food supplements that contain fruits and veggies. They are not like regular multivitamins and do not contain any synthetics or extracts. They claim the capsules contain a pure and genuine product. Know Balance Of Nature Scam: Green and Red Superfood, Better Than A Multivitamin, Is it Working or Not?

Many customer reviews about supplement balance of nature, it contains pros and cons there are mentions that they work in real and safe consumption by some people. But on the other hand, there are also opposites. Find out more about it.


What’s in the balance of nature

After understanding fruits and vegetables a little better, it becomes clear that Balance of Nature may lead to something. Surprisingly, many fruits and vegetables contain more than 90% water! Even bananas are 74% water, which is quite difficult to understand.

The way Balance of Nature squeezes all those fruits and vegetables into capsules is quite simple by throwing away the water. Through a process called lyophilization, which is a cool term for freezing drying, they can pick up fresh fruits and vegetables, freeze them quickly, then use pressure to remove all the water. Science is pretty amazing.

The freeze-dried food is then put in a machine that grinds it into powder. These powdered foods are mixed in their exclusive blend, with fruits mixed into one mixture and vegetables mixed into another.

All Balance of Nature does is encapsulate the powder into vegan capsules and that’s the whole process. It’s interesting to think about being able to remove water and air from organic products and make what’s left into pills.

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How many servings are there of fruits, vegetables, and other nutrients in the capsules?

One serving, according to them, is three capsules. Three fruit capsules and three vegetable caps should provide the same nutrition as 10 servings each.

It was quicker than the USDA recommended daily allowance. However, it is important to note that the USDA does emphasize whole fruits and vegetables.

It’s probably best to use Balance of Nature to supplement your entire fruit and vegetable intake, rather than replacing it.


Balance Of Nature Scam: Green and Red Superfood, Better Than A Multivitamin, Is it Working or Not?

Ads on the radio are unsolicited and unwritten, according to Balance of Nature. That doesn’t mean the results are mediocre, but for a company that has stood for more than 20 years, they’ve shared many such success stories.

Perhaps the most helpful source is checking verified Balance of Nature reviews online. These are collected by The Pilot Trust, a leading company in review requests.

They ask Balance of Nature customers what they think, and those customers share their experiences. From those reviews and ratings, there is a clear trend towards 5 stars. More than 80% of the reviews they received came from very satisfied people.

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