Balance Of Nature Scam: Green and Red Superfood, Better Than A Multivitamin, Is it Working or Not?

How Does Balance Of Nature Feel?

Since the formulation is enclosed in capsules, it is unlikely that there is any noticeable taste.

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Balance Of Nature Scam: Green and Red Superfood, Better Than A Multivitamin, Is it Working or Not?

Balance of nature side effects

I would say that despite the lack of fiber in fruit and vegetable capsules, there can be no side effects from the use of these capsules.

The only side effect I can foresee is if it actively prevents you from eating as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you normally would, in which case you should increase your fiber intake.


Where to Buy Balance of Nature

You can purchase Balance of Nature online on their website or Amazon.


Is this a decent price?

With 3 capsules per day, 30 capsules will only last for ten days. This represents very poor value for money. But don’t forget, what you buy isn’t just the product, you also pay for a personal health trainer to keep you on track.

So, in providing this as a plus, the makers of this powder form in simple capsules have sold something far more valuable than just the health benefits of what’s inside the pill.


Can I eat only fruit and vegetables?

It is possible to replicate the success that their customers see simply by eating foods full of whole fruits and vegetables. Balance of Nature can make sense in two ways.

First, the mixture of fruits and vegetables in the capsules is formulated by a doctor. When you take one of their capsules, you not only get nutrients from one fruit or vegetable but also a variety.

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Second, a normal life makes eating healthy quite difficult. Just buying, storing, and cooking/preparing all those products is quite a hassle. But in addition, it’s worth it if you can do it.

The benefits of a diet especially plant-based are incredible. Everyone should do what they can to increase their fruit and vegetable intake. Doing it the traditional way may be the most effective, but it may not be feasible for everyone.



I am still wary of the concept of replacing whole foods completely with powders or capsules, although I strongly believe in the power of supplements to meet nutritional needs where their basic needs are not met.

I don’t agree that you need to pay someone to dry out all your fruits and vegetables, but I think supplements can add to the powerful nutrients that may be missing from a healthy diet.

For me, these pills will only be a shortstop if my nutrition is substandard and I struggle to get fresh fruit or vegetables in my diet, but I will continue to look for premium products that provide more benefits for me.

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