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Balayage Hair: Easy Complete Guide and Color Ideas

Balayage is a highlighting technique that does not use foil and produces a more natural hair color. This coloring style is perfect for you brunettes, blonde, or gray. know Balayage Hair: Easy Complete Guide and Color Ideas.

What is balayage hair color?

Balayage comes from the French word for sweeping colors. During its implementation, hair dye is inserted with a brush vertically on the hair.

It is not known exactly when this technique appeared and who popularized it, but in recent years balayage has become a popular hair dyeing technique.

Similar to highlights, the balayage technique is to sweep the color on the hair to create a blend of two or more colors. If the highlight coloring results look more like bold color stripes, the balayage blends more smoothly, looking like natural-looking color graduation. So if you want a color with a beautiful sun-kissed effect, balayage you can consider.


How Balayage Applied?

Many balayage styles are applied to start from a quarter of the hair down, with an increasingly lighter color at the ends of the hair. This style is inverse to the ombre which creates a fairly firm vertical color gradation effect.


Why Try Balayage Technique?

If you are thick with fast-growing hair roots that have to touch up every month, balayage is a hair coloring technique that you can choose.

This coloring technique is classified as low maintenance because the appearance of the color will not be disturbed by the process of hair growth that occurs. That’s why for beginners it is recommended to choose a blend of dark-light colors that still belong to one color category.


Ombre vs Balayage

Ombre vs Balayage.

For some people, it may be a little difficult to distinguish between ombre and balayage. But the two have significant differences.

Ombre is applied to the hair as a gradation, where the top is darker than the bottom. The contrast is more pronounced than the balayage, depending on the color you choose. Hair paint is usually inserted horizontally.

While balayage is only applied with a few braids of hair and is smoked vertically. The transition is softer and has more natural results.

Some combine ombre and balayage, all back again on the result you want.


Difference between balayage and highlights

Difference between balayage and highlights

Highlights and balayage are a bit difficult to distinguish. But you can pay close attention. The difference lies in the results and the way of workmanship.

Usually, highlights are inserted on the hair as close as possible to the roots before being covered with aluminum foil. While balayage is applied only to a few braids of selected hair, inserted vertically, following the direction of hair growth. Result? Balayage is more low maintenance because it does not require touching up every root of hair grows.


Does Balayage Damage Hair?

Although not the whole hair is dyed, the balayage process can also damage the hair and make the hair drier. Especially if your chosen color is bright and needs bleaching first.

To keep the hair healthy and the color preserved, you must use a special shampoo for colored hair such as TRESemmé Color Radiance &Repair for Colored Hair Shampoo. The content in it is not only nourishing but also keeping the color pigments durable.

You can get it at the online store or the nearest supermarket, and don’t forget to do hair mask treatments at least once a week.


Does Balayage work for graying hair?

It works on gray hair. Balayage is a smart solution for graying hair as it allows dyes to specifically target gray strands without touching the scalp.

Having beautiful hair is a dream, but how to deal with hair loss? know the answer to the article Hair Replacement: Does it Work? and How Much Average Cost and Side Effects.


Balayage highlights for older women

Women in their 50s with fine hair will love balayage highlights for a more attractive and trendy look. Grey, blonde, and platinum are the most popular hair color options for women over 60 years of age, and with good reason!

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