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Best Dry Dog Foods Ranked By Vets: See Reviews Before Buying!

For those of you who have a pet like a dog, good care is certainly needed. You should also be careful in choosing the best dog food for your dog’s nutrition to be fulfilled. In this article, you will find out The Best Dry Dog Foods Ranked By Vets: See Reviews Before Buying!


What are the Nutrients your dog needs?

Food plays a big role in the growth and intelligence of the dog’s brain. Just like any other living person, a dog needs a certain amount of nutrients for its body. Among them are the following:


That is the source of energy, dehydration prevention, improving the performance of digestive organs, as well as easy transportation of nutrients throughout the body.



substances that become the main source of energy and an important source of calories for activity.



It plays a role in building damaged body tissues, regenerating new cells, making dog hair denser, and coordinating cell functions with body organs.


Vitamins and Minerals

It is needed to accelerate metabolism and serves to help maintain the health of your beloved dog’s bones and teeth.


Fatty Acids

Beneficial for more optimal brain performance so it is smarter. Also, to focus the dog’s eyes better, maintain the health of the skin and fur.


Do you know the best kind of dog food?

Well, the best dog food also has different types available. Here’s the explanation:

Original Meat

Real meat is the best dog food that is commonly known to many people. This type of conventional food is most easily obtained because it does not require special processing, and is available in the market.

Dogs are carnivorous animals that prefer meat (of any kind). However, usually, dogs are fed beef. If you find it too expensive or limited in the availability of beef, you can give chicken or lamb.

Real meat can be given whole in raw conditions, as well as cooked. Depends on your pet dog’s taste.


Dry food

Secondly, there are the best types of dog food in the form of dry food or dry food. Dry food for dogs is shaped like a cereal box. You can put it in a bowl of dog food.

Due to its dry nature, dry food tends to last longer even if the packaging has been opened or is at room temperature in an open bowl.

Storage will be easier, and the price is fairly affordable, not too expensive.


Wet Dog Food

If this dog food is known for its better taste. It’s natural because wet dog food has a natural minced meat texture, complete with the right water and fat content. It is a ready meal, so it is practical and can be poured directly into food containers.

With good taste, wet dog food is believed to improve dog appetite. For both old and sick dogs, this is effective for whetting their appetite.

Even so, wet dog food costs more and the texture has the potential to cause tartar. You need to choose the right type of wet food because now some wet foods are easy to digest (not damage teeth).


best dry dog foods ranked by vets


Can Dogs Eat Human Food?

In addition to the manufacturer’s food, some dog owners also recommend combining it with foods commonly consumed by humans.

But in the selection of human food for dogs to consume, several criteria must be met such as dr. Leigh Davidson’s statement below.

  • Choose the type of quality meat commonly consumed by humans. In addition to being cleaner, some meats reserved for animals sometimes contain at-risk bones or preservatives.
  • Handle food by hygiene standards in general, for example by the cooking process to prevent dangerous bacterial infections such as campylobacter or salmonella.
  • Ask a nutritionist for help formulating natural food options for your pet dog. This is because the needs of each dog can be different, according to their health conditions.


Many foods, such as fruits and vegetables, which humans can digest well but instead cause damage to the dog’s body, cause severe health problems. Could Dogs Eat Quinoa, and What Symptoms Occur When Parents Eat It?


Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Food Brand

For your beloved dog to be healthy, of course, you have to choose the best dog food. Well here are some ways to choose a dog food that you should pay attention to before buying it.

  • Don’t be tempted by ads
  • Decide between canned or dry food
  • Make sure the food label has an AAFCO statement
  • Check the label for ingredients
  • Compare ingredients between brands with each other
  • Check labels for proximate analysis
  • Choose the most up-to-the-box dog food packaging
  • Store dog food properly


Best Dry Dog Foods Ranked By Vets: See Reviews Before Buying!

Dog food is sold at varying prices. Depends on the clean weight and packaging. For the price per kilo, it starts at about $2.40, while the most expensive price can be at the price of $ 53.33 to $ 60.00 per small sack of 10 kilograms. Here are the recommendations:


Royal Canin Sensitive Skin Care

French adult dog food is quite famous and has many variants. One of them is Royal Canin Sensitive Skin Care which is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin and dry and less dense fur.

The price per kilo of dry food is about $6.66.


Pro plan

Many animal lovers love this pro-plan food brand. This is because this product can make the dog fat quickly and able to prevent hair loss and dog hair.

This pro plan is generally an option for dog lovers who feel that the royal canin food brand is too expensive. But in the brand pro plan is also able to meet the nutrients required by dogs.

Pro food price plan 1-kilogram dog performance formula $3.33.



This brand of dog food is certainly quite popular among dog lovers. This dog food prioritizes the aroma and taste of meat that is so strong that it can increase the appetite of dogs.

Besides, this dog food also has a very high-quality protein where 23 vitamins can keep your pet healthy.

This food brand not only has dry food, but also wet food with a variety of variations that you can adjust to the state of your dog.

Price $5.93


Dr. Tim’s

Dr. Tim’s is one of the good brands of dog food. This dog food takes raw materials that concentrate on animal protein and chicken flour. Overall this dog meal contains 33% protein, 22% fat, and 36% carbohydrates. This dog food has a type of dry granules that are good for small dogs to adult dogs.



This dog food can help your dog in the process of burning fat and support the dog to have a longer and healthier life.

This is certainly thanks to the support of natural antioxidants contained in this food. Besides, this food from Equilibrio also contributes to the health of your pet’s joints with chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate.



Who doesn’t know this brand of dog food is Pedigree. This already very popular dog food product has essential content for your pet’s health.

This is because this food contains vegetable oils that are a source of linoleic acid that is useful to nourish the skin as well as give a beautiful shine to dog hair.

It also contains beetroot which is a useful source of fiber to aid the digestion of your fluffy pet. Pedigree has also obtained a certificate and received approval from AAFCO so that all nutrients and nutrients are appropriate.

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