Best Vanilla Yogurt with Benefits

When you visit a minimarket or supermarket, you will be offered a wide selection of yogurt. yogurt is fermented milk that is familiar to those who are dieters. You may get confused when you want to choose the type of yogurt that is best for your health. Because everyone does have different conditions and needs. Therefore, you should know first what types of yogurt are available and their content. Know the Best vanilla yogurt with benefits!

What is yogurt?

yogurt is a fermented product of pasteurized milk by adding lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria that can produce lactic acid and acetic acid bacteria to produce an acidic taste in the process of fermentation of the milk.

In some countries, yogurt is not so familiar and less familiar with most of the tastes of the public who prefer sweetness. Therefore, over time yogurt has been widely developed with various flavors variants, such as sweet, mix with fresh fruit, even served with ice cream.


Types of yogurt

There are several types of yogurt based on taste, fat content, post-fermentation process, and manufacturing method.

Types of yogurt-based on taste

  • Plain yogurt. Plain yogurt has a sharp sour taste which is the original taste of yogurt. Therefore, not all or only some people like it.
  • Flavored yogurt. Flavored yogurt is a yogurt that is given an additional synthetic flavor and synthetic flavored food coloring commonly used is the taste of strawberries, trambozen, cherries, oranges, peaches, lychees, honey, apricots, melons, and vanilla.
  • Fruit yogurt. Juice or sliced fruit such as mango, pineapple, papaya, and banana can be added to plain yogurt. This type of yogurt is called fruit yogurt or fruit yogurt. In addition to the aroma and taste becomes more delicious, the nutritional content becomes more complete.


Types of yogurt-based on fat content

  • yogurt high-fat content (4.5-10%).
  • yogurt moderate fat content (3-4%).
  • yogurt low-fat content (1-2%).
  • yogurt fat content is very low (less than 1%).


Types of yogurt-based on post-fermentation process

  • yogurt pasteurization, which is yogurt that undergoes a pasteurization process. The pasteurization process is carried out after the incubation process which aims to extend shelf life.
  • frozen yogurt, which is yogurt stored at freezing temperatures.
  • Dietetic yogurt, which is yogurt made with low calories and lactose, can also be given additional vitamins or proteins.
  • yogurt concentrate, ie yogurt with total solids of about 24% or dried yogurt with a total solid of 90-94%.


Types of yogurt based on the method of manufacture

  • Strained, the method used here is by removing the curd water from the milk.
  • Set yogurt, a type of yogurt that has a soft texture and can be put in a cardboard box.


yogurt is fermented milk that is familiar to those who are dieters. This time I Shall Talk about Yogurt Drink — Can You Drink It at The Morning Breakfast?


What’s yogurt made from?

The ingredients used in the manufacture of yogurt are as follows:


Milk is a white nutritious liquid made by the adrenal glands of female mammals. Milk is the principal source of nourishment for infants until they could digest solid foods. Types of milk include fresh milk, whole milk, pasteurized milk, and sterilized milk.

Milk is a food product that becomes the main source of fulfillment of the body’s calcium (Ca) needs. Fresh milk is whole milk that does not undergo the heating process. Whole milk is obtained by proper milking, without reducing or adding any other components or ingredients.


Skimmed milk

Skimmed milk is milk whose fat content has been reduced to below the minimum limit that has been set. Skimmed milk is the part of milk left behind after the cream is taken partially or completely.

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Skimmed milk contains food substances from milk except for fat and fat-soluble vitamins. Skimmed milk can be used by people who want low calories in their diet because skimmed milk contains only 55% of all milk energy and milk is also used in the manufacture of cheese and yogurt with low-fat content.



Sugar is a simple carbohydrate which becomes the chief source of electricity and trading product. Sugar is most widely traded in the form of solid sucrose crystals. Sugar is used to turn the taste into sweetness in food or drink.

Simple sugars, such as glucose (which is produced from sucrose by enzymes or acid hydrolysis), store energy to be used by cells. Sugar as sucrose is obtained from sugar cane, sugar, or palm juice. However, there are other minor sources of sugar, such as coconut. Other resources of additives, like dahlia tubers, or corn, also generate a sort of sugar/sweetener although not written of sucrose.


Yogurt Plain

Plain biokul yogurt contains the bacteria Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus which can be used as a starter in the fermentation process. yogurt is made through fermentation by lactic acid bacteria (Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus).

Lactic acid bacteria will hydrolyze milk sugar, lactose into lactic acid. In addition to forming lactic acid, lactose hydrolysis by both species of bacteria and also nitrogen metabolism from protein hydrolysis, especially by lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria that produce acetaldehyde compounds that give yogurt a distinctive aroma, while Streptococcus thermophilus plays a role in the formation of flavors in yogurt.


How to make yogurt?

Yogurt making is done through several stages, namely as follows:


Prepare 500 ccs of milk and pour into a saucepan, while heating the milk over medium heat of 70 C, stirring to taste. As soon as the milk starts to boil, the fire is reduced. Let the milk boil for about 10 minutes. Add 20 g of skimmed milk and 25 g of refined sugar and stir again and add the dill leaves.



After boiling, the milk is homogenized and cooled to a temperature of 45 C at the time of cooling.



Prepare a starter in the form of plain yogurt. Milk with a temperature of 45 C is inoculated with the starter yogurt plain. Mixing the starter with milk should be evenly distributed and done cleanly so as not to be contaminated by other bacteria.



A good temperature for the growth of yogurt breed is about 45 C The yogurt candidate should be incubated at a temperature of 45 C. then you just wait 5 hours at room temperature. Pay attention to whether the milk has clumped or not.


Nutritional Content of yogurt

yogurt is one of the fermented products that contain a lot of nutrients. The composition of nutrients is similar to milk and there are even some components such as B complex vitamins, calcium, and protein precisely its content is relatively high. During the fermentation of yogurt occurs cystitis vitamin B complex in particular thiamin (B1) and riboflavin (B2), as well as some amino acids constituent proteins.

The results of the analysis of the content of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc in yogurt showed that the mineral concentration in yogurt is much higher compared to whole milk, i.e. the total mineral content is indicated by the interval width of the variation of these minerals with the addition of different fractions in the manufacturing process (calcium 1,090 – 2,050 mg/l, magnesium 101 – 177 mg/l, phosphorus 878 – 1,500 mg/l, and zinc 4-7.3 mg/l). Increasing the number of minerals in the dissolved phase will improve the absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the following yogurt content every 227 grams (8 ounces) according to the types:

  • Full-fat flavorless yogurt contains 140 calories, 8 grams of protein, 7.4 grams of fat, 11 grams of carbohydrates and sugar, and 275 milligrams (mg) of calcium.
  • Non-fat yogurt (lean) contains 130 calories, 13 grams of protein, 0.4 grams of fat, 17.4 grams of carbohydrates and sugar, and 450 mg of calcium.
  • Non-fat Greek yogurt with no flavor includes 130 calories, 23 grams of protein, no fat, 9 grams of sugar and carbohydrates, and 250 mg of calcium.


Low-fat vs full-fat

Indeed, low-fat yogurt is more recommended because it has lower calories. However, low-fat yogurt has more sugar. Why? Low-fat content makes it taste not delicious full-fat yogurt, which is yogurt that has a fat content. So, the manufacturer adds sugar to keep the yogurt delicious.

On the other hand, full-fat yogurt is also not entirely bad. Although the caloric content is higher, this yogurt contains natural trans fats that are not as harmful as trans fats in processed foods. Even this type of fat helps reduce inflammation, reduces the risk of heart disease, helps control blood pressure, and fights cancer.

In essence, yogurt without good taste that is fatty or low in fat (or without fat) can provide benefits although different. Adjust the selection of yogurt to your eating habits and calorie targets.

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Greek yogurt vs regular yogurt

Greek yogurt is not much different from regular yogurt, only the texture is thicker. This type of yogurt has a much lower content of whey and lactose than regular yogurt. So for those of you who have lactose intolerance, greek yogurt is a great choice for snacks.

Greek yogurt also contains twice as much protein. However, the calories and fats contained in greek yogurt are more and the calcium content is less than regular yogurt. Therefore, greek yogurt is good for those of you who are having an infection due to certain diseases. Protein and calories are needed by the body to fight infections.


Non-dairy yogurt

For those of you who have lactose intolerance, in addition to greek yogurt, you can also consume yogurt made from alternative ingredients other than milk. The term is non-dairy yogurt. An example is a yogurt made from soybeans or coconut.

This type of yogurt does not contain lactose so it is safe for you to consume. Since this kind of yogurt is made of crops, the fat content is a lot lower. Vegetarians can also consume this type of yogurt. But, remember, the calcium included is extremely low. You should make sure in advance that the yogurt you buy contains additional calcium and vitamin D.


What is the safe limit of eating yogurt in a day?

Yogurt is made from fresh milk and cream that has been through the pasteurization process, then fermented together with live bacterial cultures and incubated at a certain temperature to encourage bacterial growth. The culture process will produce lactose and lactic acid as a distinctive flavoring in yogurt.

The amount of protein and calcium content in yogurt is no doubt. On the other hand, the amount isn’t necessarily the same as it is dependent on which sort of yogurt you eat. Although it is believed to be good for maintaining the work of the digestive system, eating yogurt remains the rule. The safe limit of yogurt consumption is only 3 servings in a day.

The goal is to keep the balance of the number of good bacteria living in the intestines so that it can help smooth the process of absorption of nutrients from food.


When is the right time to drink yogurt?


The best time to drink yogurt is at breakfast. You can make this fermented milk drink as your breakfast menu, especially for those of you who want to lose weight. Yogurt already has a good nutritional content that can provide enough energy for your daily activities.

Besides, drinking yogurt at breakfast can make your digestive tract more awake. That way, you can avoid a variety of digestive problems that are very annoying that surely everyone does not want.



The second best time to drink yogurt is when you make it as a snack. Similar to the first explanation, yogurt can also be used as a snack to help lose weight. Besides, there is a study that says that yogurt can help maintain the mood.

But keep in mind that you should not drink it excessively. This is because basically, every excessive thing must have a negative impact.


After eating

The right time to consume yogurt is when you finish eating. Compared to you have to choose a dessert that contains high sugar content, we recommend you drink yogurt only. One of the benefits contained in yogurt is that lowering cholesterol will be very useful when you finish consuming food, especially heavy foods.


When traveling long distances

Perhaps there are still few people who make yogurt as a drink that they should take when traveling long distances. It is one of the best times to drink yogurt. Usually, when we are in a new environment, we are prone to diarrhea or viruses.

Yogurt can be the best solution that will help you to overcome these problems and other digestive problems. You can try yogurt products from Yoyic that always provide surprises in every taste pleasure. Yoyic-made yogurt also contains many active C probiotics.


Can yogurt be consumed by children?

yogurt can be consumed by anyone because it is considered safe, especially for adults who have good health conditions. Yogurt can also be given to the baby when he can already consume MPASI or when he is 6 months old.

However, for people who have certain health problems, such as lactose intolerance and milk allergies, it is best not to consume yogurt.


Best vanilla yogurt with benefits


Can yogurt make you fat?

Yogurt with a clear taste makes the body fat. Because there are natural sweeteners that make the number of calories in yogurt increase. Instead of gaining weight, you should buy plain or flavorless yogurt. Then you can sprinkle pieces of fruits to add sweetness to the yogurt.


Vanilla yogurt desserts recipe

Preparation: 5 minutes

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Cooking: 5 minutes

Extra: 8 hours

Total: 8 hours 10 minutes

Serves: 8

Yield: 1 liter of yogurt



  • 1 liter of whole milk
  • 2 tbsp white sugar
  • 2 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tbsp unsalted yogurt


How to make:

  • The first step prepares the oven then preheat for 5 minutes and turn it off again.
  • On the other hand, pour the milk into a large saucepan, put the granulated sugar and vanilla extract to bring to a boil, and mix well. Turn off the heat and let stand until warm.
  • After that store, the yogurt in a container pour the milk mixture, cover, and put it in the oven until the texture hardens for 8 hours to 15 hours. Store it in the fridge.



Some benefits of consuming yogurt

Helps with indigestion

As it includes probiotics that are beneficial for digestion, yogurt is thought to help conquer indigestion. Good bacteria are already present in the human digestive system.

Eating yogurt is thought to make positive changes to the good bacteria in the gut. Because of this, issues like nausea, constipation, colitis, and lactose intolerance can be overcome. However, the range of benefits of yogurt still requires more research to prove it.


Prevent osteoporosis

Another benefit of yogurt is to prevent osteoporosis. As we know, yogurt has a content of calcium and vitamin D. These nutrients are micronutrients that play an substantial role in bone growth.

Studies have also demonstrated that seniors who often consume yogurt have greater bone density and strength compared to people who don’t.


Strengthens the immune system

Yogurt is promised to have the ability to keep health by strengthening the immune system. This result is got in the content of calcium, selenium, and zinc in yogurt which could fortify the immune system.

Yogurt is also said to make the body more immune to infection and speed healing when sick, especially due to flu virus infection.  However, this all still needs more research.


Delaying hunger

The benefit of yogurt, especially in maintaining weight, is being able to make the stomach feel full for a longer time. Eating yogurt may delay appetite more than other snacks.

Therefore, yogurt can be one of the good food choices for those of you who are on a diet or want to eat healthy snacks.


Side effects of consuming too much yogurt

Although yogurt has quite a lot of benefits for the body, this drink also has few side effects. Well, the side effects that may be obtained consist of:

Lactose intolerance.

Although fermented, the lactose content of milk which is a simple carbohydrate remains. Even lactose is the main source of energy from yogurt. If you have lactose intolerance, it is advisable not to consume them in large quantities.


Allergic to milk.

Some people, especially children, have allergies to milk. This allergy can arise due to several things such as casein and whey that are found in yogurt.


yogurt has a fairly strong natural sour taste.

To avoid this flavorsome manufacturer add quite a lot of sugar. Well, this added sugar can be very much and can make you too over-caloric. Moreover, sour yogurt, so it takes a bit more sugar to taste more acceptable.


Yogurt recommendations

Biokul Greek Yogurt Plain

Replace ice cream with yogurt? You can do it!

Do you want to eat ice cream while on a diet? Just replace it with this one. The use of the filtering method makes biokul Greek Yogurt texture more viscous and creamy. You can also make it a smoothies bowl mix as breakfast for longer satiety. Diet awake, keep eating delicious!

  • Type: Set
  • Sugar: 19 grams
  • Contents: 473 grams
  • Fat: 38 grams
  • Price: $ 3.13


DIAMOND Cold Storage Biokul Set Yogurt Plain

Smooth digestion while beautifying your skin

Did you know? In addition to being able to be consumed to smooth digestion, yogurt can also be used as a scrub and mask to take care of your skin! In addition to being suitable as a dietary companion food because it is low in calories, Biokul Set Yogurt can also be used to take care of the beauty of your skin.

Biokul Yogurt Set has a delicious plain taste consumed with fruit, cereal, granola, or according to your taste. In addition to taking care of the beauty of the skin, yogurt is recommended for families who consume yogurt regularly because the packaging is 1000 ml!

  • Net: 1000 ml
  • Flavor variant: Plain
  • Calories: 90 kcal / 100 ml
  • Sugar/sweetener content
  • Price: $ 5.26


Yummy Skim Plain yogurt

Buddy diet mainstay to get the ideal body

Yummy yogurt is made from skimmed milk to produce fat-free products. Free fat coupled with a low sugar content makes it friendly for those of you who are dieting. Make Yummy yogurt as your daily breakfast companion or healthy snack. Stomach full, tongue satisfied, the body remains ideal!

  • Type: Set
  • Contents: 500 grams
  • Sugar: 5 grams
  • Fat: 0 grams
  • Price: $ 2.50

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