Black Chicken: Discover The Facts and Benefits

Do you ever hear of a black chicken squeamish all over him? yes, that’s right.  The chicken is black. In this article you will find Black Chicken: Discover The Facts and Benefits.

This chicken is not just any chicken, unlike other types of chickens, the uniqueness of this chicken is from the color of the feathers to the black skin.

Not only that, the eyes to the beak are so colored. Not infrequently, this animal is often associated with mystics. Is that true? Let’s get to know more about the chicken.


Is that a black chicken?

Black chicken is a type of fibromatosis chicken. This means that the entire outer and inner body is black. Fibromelanosis is caused by the presence of a dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation.


For those of you who like offal, the chicken gizzard is one type of culinary that is delicious to eat in any form, ranging from di chicken curry, di chicken Balado, or just fried to dry. Although it is often associated as the cause of rising cholesterol levels in the body, this organ in poultry also has some health benefits. Know Why Chicken Gizzards are Healthy and Have Many Benefits.


Where did the black chickens come from?

Black chicken is one type of ornamental chicken from Indonesia with a uniquely thick black color on the whole body. More clearly, this chicken comes from kedu village, Kedu sub-district, Temanggung regency, Central Java, and has been around since the Majapahit era.

Based on BackyardChickenCoops data, the number of black chickens across the Earth is about 3500. This chicken can only be cultivated in Indonesia and some European countries.


Are the eggs black?

Although the flesh, beak, eyes, tongue, feathers, until the bones are black. However, that doesn’t apply to the eggs. The color of the eggs is similar to other breeds of chickens that are creamy or bone white with some pink spots.

The color of the egg whites appears due to the fibromatosis mutation process that occurs in black chicken cells not contagious in the shell. This is because the eggshell consists of calcium carbonate crystals which are the same in almost all types of chickens. As for, the black color will appear after the embryo of a black chicken appears. The blood of this black chicken also remains red.

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Can black chicken be consumed?

Black chicken meat can be consumed. According to some people, they believe there are many benefits of black chicken meat for the health of the body. The taste of black chicken meat is almost the same as that of native chicken in general.

Perhaps many refused, either because of its expensive price or because the black color of the meat gave the impression of disgusting or scary if eaten. Although the benefits of black chicken are numerous, the taste of the meat is not as strange or bitter as the remedy.


Black Chicken: Discover The Facts and Benefits


What are the facts about black chickens?

All parts of this black chicken’s body are black, except for the blood and eggs.

According to the study, black chickens produce EDN-3 with an amount of 10 times that of chickens in general. Although the eyes to the flesh are black, it turns out that other parts of the body remain in your original color, namely the blood and eggs.


Including rare breeds of chickens, black chickens have fantastic prices

the number of black chickens on the whole earth is only about 3500 heads. Because of this very small number, black chickens are classified as rare chickens that are hunted by many people. The cultivation of this chicken is only in Indonesia and a handful of other countries.


Local Indonesian Chicken Breed

It is not surprising that this exotic black chicken is a chicken from Indonesia.


White or Brown black chicken eggs

Cemani eggs are white with red spots, black color will appear when already formed embryos. It is this embryo that indicates that the eggs are healthy and produce black chicks or cemani.


Black Cocks Don’t Become Reasoners or Bringers of Fortune

Many people argue that black chickens bring good luck, trade, and help success. It’s just a myth because the facts on the ground aren’t. We have an associate of this black chicken breeder probably about 40 more breeders but we are sure the luck is not because of this chicken.


Black chicken Food Tends to Be Ordinary

Like a village chicken, black chicken feed does not have to be strange – strange. For black chicken, food cemani is not required with black glutinous rice, but can also use chicken concentrates in the form of voer or BR pure for chicks or DOC.


Safe in Consumption of Various Ages

In addition to being a business opportunity, this chicken can also be beneficial for the body. This black chicken contains some substances that the body needs. And it is also suitable to help the growth of the child. Besides, this chicken is also safe to consume by productive age. Due to its low fat and cholesterol content.

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Types of black chickens

Reported from various sources, four types of chickens are viewed based on beard, feathers, skin, and tongue.

By chicken’s comb

  • Wilah: The shape of the beard extends to the top.
  • Sumpel: Small round sumpel beard shape only.
  • Telon: The shape of the beard is widened and three-pronged.
  • Crown/rose: The shape of the beard resembles a crown.

Need to know, if the better the shape of the beard, then the price of the chicken is more expensive.


Based on Fur

Ordinary feathers: Black feathers are like chickens in general but the feathers are 100 percent black.

Walik feathers: The shape of the feathers is upside down, as if revealing upside down to the top, so it looks very unique. The feathers seem untidy wavy because everything is upside down up unlike the natural chicken feathers.

Rajeg (iron feather): The shape of the fur is like a broomstick, straight so that people call it iron fur.

White cemani (klawu): Although identical in color black, but cemani is also white or gray or black red. However, it can be called cemani because the skin of his entire body is black including the palate of his mouth.  if you want to buy make sure that the real black chicken has 100 percent black plumage or no other color except a certain breed.


Based on Skin and Tongue

Ordinary black chicken: Has a whole color of the body is black but the color of his tongue is gray.

Super cemani: The texture of black color on the skin and fur is more concentrated than the usual cemani. Thus this chicken is called super because its blackness outsizes black chickens in general.

Original black tongue: It has a black color on its entire body, even including its tongue so its selling value is fantastic.


How much for a black chicken?

Nowadays the black chicken population decreases over time because it is often used as offerings in various rituals. Because of this, it is not surprising if this thick black chicken is also priced at a relatively expensive price.

Not only that, the breeding of black chickens is quite limited, namely only in the territory of Indonesia and Europe. the price of this unique chicken can reach RpRp25 million. Here’s the full price list:

mature black

  • Cheapest price: $1,789.94
  • Most expensive price: $2.83.91


Black chicks

  • Cheapest price: $8.94
  • Most expensive price: $39.35


Black chicken eggs

  • Cheapest price: $5.72
  • Most expensive price: $7.15


How to process it?

The way it is served should not be fried so that the fat does not increase as a result of cooking oil. We have cooked this black chicken often enough to be a variety of processed from chicken soup, chicken Soto, and others.

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Is black chicken healthy for you, what are the benefits?

Making SprainEd Pain Disappear

Black chicken can treat sprains, the trick is that the chicken meat is brushed so that the oil can come out. It has not been scientifically researched to prove it, but public confidence in it proves that black chicken oil is efficacious for sprain healing.


Increase Vitality For Men

Black chicken meat is believed to increase the vitality of men because the body supplied with protein can make sperm quality good. Besides, libido will also increase so that arousal increases. To get the most out of it, you need to offset the consumption of black chicken meat with sports and vegetables that can make the body fresh and fit.


Increase Stamina

Animal fat and protein content, making the benefits of black chicken meat can also increase stamina. The black meat is a little spooky, but the benefits behind it are very many.


Boosts the Immune System

The minerals contained in black chicken meat are so numerous that they can fight various seeds of diseases in the body. For those of you who often feel sickly please consume black chicken meat to avoid various diseases.


Important for Child Growth

The growth of children must be supported by balanced nutrition so it is necessary to get the benefits of meat. Therefore, children in their icy period are strongly recommended to be fed from black chicken meat.


Increase fertility of adult men

Not only able to increase stamina, for adult men, cemani type chicken meat is also good for the development of testosterone hormone.


Stress Relief

Substance B5 contained in black chicken meat is also able to provide a sense of calm to human nerves. Therefore, stress caused by many factors can be eliminated simply by eating black chicken meat.


Maintaining Cholesterol Balance

The content of niacin in it can lower cholesterol levels so that this type of meat is very safe for people with blood cholesterol.


Increase Metabolism

The benefits of black chicken meat can also be to increase the body’s metabolism because it contains vitamin B6 or B complex vitamins. Smooth metabolism can also affect joint health, vascular health, and other parts of the body.


Preventing Arthritis

Arthritis is a very painful joint health disorder. The content of selenium and minerals in black chicken meat can prevent and reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

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