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Bosley Hair Restoration: Reviews and Cost

Do you have hair loss problems until you have baldness? You’ve done a variety of ways to solve the problem but never find the best solution. Bosley hair restoration may be one of the efforts in solving the problem. Find out more about Bosley Hair Restoration: Reviews and Cost by listening to this article.

Bosley’s hair restoration is now a hot topic, especially among adult men. You may be curious about the cost range, the variety of products available, to the procedures offered. Whether it’s without surgery or through other procedures. You can find out the location and various reviews here.


What is Hair Restoration?

Hair Restoration is the procedure of adding more hair to a bald or thinning area of the head. The procedure is performed by taking the hair from a thick part of the scalp to a thin scalp.

Hair Restoration is usually done by people who experience severe hair loss to experience baldness, natural thinning, or head injuries that make their hair disappear.


Bosley Hair Restoration

Bosley has been a hair restoration practice since 1974. Bosley distinguishes himself from two main factors: Experience and Natural Results.

Facts about Bosley

  • Bosley has performed more hair transplant compared to any other medical group in the entire world.
  • Bosley has restored the hair of patients from 50 states and more than 70 foreign countries.
  • Bosley has spearheaded many major advances in hair transplantation over the past 40 years.
  • Each Bosley doctor must have an active license in the state where he practices, as well as be a member of one or more professional associations. Before joining Bosley, all of Bosley’s doctors had undergone years of training and experience in his field.


How is the Bosley Hair Restoration procedure?

Bosley’s hair transplant procedure is to take the hair follicles in the back and sides of the head and then transplant them to thinning or bald spots.

With Bosley follicle unit technology, it can produce a very natural appearance. Simply put, Bosley takes the hair from the thick part, then puts it in a thin place. It is the ideal solution for baldness because it uses your hair.


How many hair transplant procedures does it take in Bosley?

The number of procedures required to achieve the desired goal generally varies and corresponds to the person’s hair loss level. But most patients mostly want to undergo at least two procedures.

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How long does a hair transplant last?

For most patients, almost all transplanted hair lasts a lifetime. In some cases, a small part of the transplanted hair may disappear with the patient’s age.


Will the hair transplant procedure be painful?

Although the patient is given local anesthesia and other medications, the level of pain or discomfort experienced during or after the procedure varies depending on the patient.

Bosley provides medication for patients to use after the procedure if needed. Many of Bosley’s patients felt that they did not need to take medication at all after the hair transplant procedure.


Will there be scars from hair transplants?

Whenever human skin is cut off, it is always cured by a process called “fibrosis.” Fibrosis is commonly known as scarring which means a way of healing the skin. Thanks to the expertise of experienced Bosley hair transplant doctors, the healing site in the transplant area is usually so small that fibrosis can hardly be detected.

The scars on the donor area are covered by your existing hair. Bosley’s hair transplant procedure is designed to produce a very natural look. In most cases, the micro-technology currently used in Bosley makes the restored hairline virtually undetectable.


What if performing a hair transplant on a person with a medical condition?

Pre-existing medical conditions have always been a concern for Bosley’s doctors. If you have a medical condition please inform your Senior Counsellor at the time of consultation. For convenience, Bosley has listed responses to some of the most commonly consulted conditions and treatments:


If you use Coumadin, you should stop it for a week before the hair restoration procedure to be undergone. When consulting, Bosley’s doctor may need approval from your doctor.



Bosley has performed hundreds of successful hair transplant procedures for diabetic patients. However, to determine the possibility of hair restoration candidacy, you need to consult first with one of Bosley’s doctors.

Bosley’s doctor may need approval from your diabetes doctor to ensure that your diabetes is well controlled.


Intravenous Sedation

In Bosley, intravenous sedation is rarely used for hair restoration procedures. Instead, the patient is given local anesthesia so that he can relax by watching a video, stretching, or using the restroom at any time during the procedure.

If you want additional sedation or relaxation, you can request it from Bosley’s doctor who will be happy to book it for you.


Kidney Transplant

Due to various medical reasons, hair restoration procedures cannot be performed before a delayed kidney transplant. However, once the kidney transplant procedure is complete and has healed, Bosley’s doctor can determine whether you are eligible for the hair transplant procedure or not.


Lupus (Erythematosus) – LE

In many cases, transplanting hair to areas where hair loss is caused by LE is not a good idea. Once the hair is transplanted into the area, the LE process that can cause hair loss can reoccur.

However, in some cases when LE is inactive for many years hair transplants can be performed.


How much does a Bosley hair transplant cost?

Previously, only Bosley’s doctor could determine if you were a suitable hair transplant candidate, and it was the doctor who would provide the final answer on the cost in your case.

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In general, most patients cost between $5,000 – $12,000 per procedure depending on the purpose of hair restoration and selected techniques.


How effective is Bosley’s hair restoration?

For men who want to improve hair care and avoid pattern baldness at any age, Bosley is a company worth considering. Despite Bosley’s hair products and the expensive cost of his hair transplant, Bosley’s success rate is close to 300,000 patients with very impressive reviews.


Can Bosley’s hair restoration be done in women?

The answer is Yes. Female hair loss is quite common. Bosley estimates that 20 million American women currently experience some degree of baldness. Although women usually lose hair with a different pattern than men, the treatment procedure is similar.


How long does it take to see Bosley’s results?

To complete the restoration of Bosley’s hair it takes several hours to half a day. Considering human hair grows about inches per month, you can expect to see hair growth in a few months, which is relatively fraught in a year.

Bosley Hair Restoration: Reviews and Cost

Bosley Hair Restoration Review

According to one Bosley patient named Joshua A, he said that,

“Bosley is the best investment I’ve ever made. It gave me confidence back. When I go out, I usually always wear a baseball cap. But now I don’t have to do anything like that anymore to cover my hair. I’m not trying to stay indoors. I just went out for fun.”

In conclusion, most people who have done Hair Restoration in Bosley are satisfied with the results. They can remind up the confidence of the patients.


What is eyebrow restoration? Does this work for both men and women?

Eyebrow restoration is neither makeup or tattoos. In eyebrow transplants, hair above the ears or behind the head is transplanted into the eyebrow area to get a very natural-looking restoration.

If you lose hair permanently due to excessive removal, scarring, skin conditions, aging, or if you are born with incomplete eyebrows, you could be a candidate for this procedure. Eyebrow restoration is suitable and popular among both men and women.

In addition, some people are born with thick eyebrows and are messy enough that they do not show the desired shape and are not symmetrical. You can do Threading to smooth your eyebrows by reading the Eyebrow Threading guide: What To Know Before Doing this Treatment?


Will there be any side effects after using Bosley products and various other treatment procedures?

You should discontinue use of the product and immediately ask your doctor if symptoms such as:

  • Chest pain, rapidly changing heart rate, fainting or dizziness
  • Sudden weight gain that cannot be explained as the cause
  • Swollen hands
  • The onset of scalp irritation or redness
  • You don’t see hair growing back in 4 months


Where is Bosley Hair Restoration located?

Bosley has over 70 consulting offices, so you might have to visit the surgical workplace to execute the procedure you desire.

Here are some of Bosley Hair Restoration’s locations in the United States:

New York

  • New York City: 99 Park Avenue 20th Floor New York, NY 10016
  • Long Island (Melville): 324 S. Service Road Suite 122 Melville, NY 11747


  • San Francisco: 50 Francisco Street Suite 440 San Francisco, CA 94133
  • Beverly Hills: 9100 Wilshire Boulevard East Tower Penthouse Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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  • Seattle: 2505 2nd Ave Suite 715 Seattle, WA 98121


Bosley hair products

Here are some of the products available at Bosley specifically for hair care:


Price: $1,819.30

Bosley Revitalizer 272 is a medical device that is cleaned to help overcome genetic hair loss and encourage thicker hair growth.


BosleyMD BosRevive Color Safe Volumizing Conditioner 1 Liter

Price: $48.00

BosRevive Nourishing Shampoo is uniquely formulated for people who wish to help restore thinning-looking hairloss. Sulfate-free shampoos eliminate buildup, like DHT, in the surface of the scalp, while cleansing hair from merchandise buildup and contamination.


Healthy Hair &Scalp Follicle Energizer

Price: $30.00

Healthful Hair and Scalp Follicle Energizer, together with Biotin and Caffeine, is an intensive and complex rinse-free treatment serum which could help encourage wholesome hair functioning in thinning areas. Botanical extracts help protect and strengthen hair to make it thicker and appear fuller.


Hair Transplant Side Effects

Hair transplantation is effective to overcome various hair loss problems. However, this action cannot prevent future hair loss.

For long-lasting results, you will likely need an advanced transplant. To get satisfactory results, you need to follow certain procedures after performing a hair transplant.

Your doctor may advise you to avoid strenuous activities or exercise for several weeks after the hair transplant is performed. In addition, you may also need to wait a few days to be shampooed.

Here are some side effects you should know:

Infection or Bleeding

When “hair planting” is done, the doctor will make an incision in the scalp.

The incision is made to take the hair donor and perform hair planting in the bald area of the head. An incision in the head can pose a risk of infection or bleeding.


Itching is the most common hair transplant side effect. Itching can occur due to the formation of a krusta in the transplant area. Itching in the head can generally disappear within a few days.


Before hair planting is done, the doctor will give anesthesia and sedatives. Both drugs aim to minimize pain when parts of the skin are slashed.

However, in some rare cases, pain in the head incision may appear, even after the hair transplant procedure is completed.

No need to worry about this. Later, the doctor will prescribe painkillers to avoid pain in the head postoperatively.


Swelling is a common side effect after a hair transplant.

However, the location of swelling caused by hair transplantation is not always the same, it can vary by person.


Hair transplant surgery can leave a straight and elongated scar on the head.

Because, during the transplant process, the doctor will remove a piece of the scalp to carry the hair follicles.

These scars can be camouflaged as a new hair grows around them. However, the incision scar may be visible if the surrounding hair is thin or the person has a short haircut.


In addition to scars, you are at risk of having lumps around the hair transplant area. But you do not have to worry, because the lump will disappear by itself.

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