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Broiled Lobster Tails Recipe Old Bay

This delicious butter-scented dish is an old bay broiled lobster tails recipe, a special dish commonly served for specials, dates, and other celebratory events. This food is very easy and fast to make, you only need less than 30 minutes to make it. Don’t be afraid to fail to make it, you only need a little energy when opening the shell.

I often make it for wedding anniversary celebrations, my husband loves it for its deliciousness. we cook together and eat it with my two children. Making it at home will be very interesting with the same taste as the one in the restaurant.


What are broiled lobster tails?

Broiled lobster tails is a sumptuous dish commonly served for dinner dishes in America, this dish has a soft texture with a savory flavor of the butter mixture.


Why should Old Bay’s Broiled Lobster Tails Recipe use butter?

Butter is great for baking food and will add a savory flavor and a soft texture to bread and cakes.
Butter is also a better option for frying. The boiling point of butter is higher compared to margarine.


How to get good quality butter

Fat content

Butter should have at least 80 percent milk fat. This figure greatly affects the fat and water content in butter. This content has different benefits when applied to different types of foods. its function will be seen in the food processed by baking.


Butter consistency

The consistency of butter is one of the things to look out for when buying butter. Butter is made from a cream that has been fermented with the appropriate bacteria. Good consistency of butter is soft, if pressed using the hands will be mushy and tend to be juicier if stored at room temperature.

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How to store butter well

The butter should be kept tightly closed by the packaging and stored in the refrigerator. Naturally, the butter will absorb the smell from the ingredients around which you store it. So the best way is to wrap the butter in a layer of plastic wrap or a tightly sealed airtight container. Butter can last for two weeks to two months depending on how it is deposited.


What broiled lobster tails cooking time

Very easy and fast in cooking lobster, lobster is seafood with very rich protein content and good for the body. To keep the nutrition, texture, and delicacy of the lobster intact you have to bake it at the right time because the lobster meat is very tender.

Cooking lobster depends on the size. Normally the lobster will cook after cooking for about three minutes. lobster will turn reddish when it is cooked. Try not to cook seafood too long because if it is overcooked then the taste of lobster will change quickly. Also, the nutrition will not be maximal.



Lobster has many benefits for the body, including:

High protein, low fat

Lobsters include high-protein foods but tend to have little fat, these proteins can provide beneficial amino acids to maintain overall health.


Supports bone health

The phosphorus and calcium content found in lobsters can help maintain bone density and keep bones strong. Calcium can also support nerve health. While phosphorus serves to provide nutrients to the cell membranes of the body.


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Healthy brain

The combination of choline and vitamin B12 contained in lobster is an essential nutrient to nourish the brain. The choline content in lobsters supports the production of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Older people who were routinely given choline-containing intake were shown to be less likely to contract degenerative brain diseases such as senile or Alzheimer’s disease. Also, pregnant women who regularly consume foods rich in choline can harvest the benefits of the memory function of children born later become stronger.


Maintaining the immune system

Zinc content in this seafood can support the function of the immune system. Zinc deficiency is proven to interfere with lymphocyte production and decrease endurance.


Lowers the risk of prostate cancer

Eating a rich intake of EPA and DHA is proven to prevent prostate cancer to the final stage. Since the human body is designed not to produce omega-3s, everyone needs to consume them through foods such as lobster, legumes, grains, and other seafood.


Is in this recipe cooking broiled lobster tails with butter

I use butter to roast it, in addition to its savory taste butter can also produce a nice texture compared to margarine. Margarine is a non-dairy product made instead of butter, the amount of fat in margarine, depending on the ratio of the amount of vegetable oil and water.


broiled lobster tails with butter


Margarine has a lower fat content, has more water content. Margarine is made from vegetable oil, so margarine does not contain cholesterol and saturated fats as in butter. But if roasting using margarine the texture will be less good.


How to taste broiled lobster tails with honey sauce

Broiled lobster tails will be very complete if served with honey sauce, you only need 5 simple ingredients namely butter, honey, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and parsley. All you have to do is melt the butter and mix all the remaining ingredients in the pan.

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broiled lobster tails with honey sauce


Tips for choosing fresh lobster

Female Lobster

Female lobsters are more commonly targeted when compared to male lobsters. The consideration, because the female lobster is more tender and more meat. That’s because female lobsters have a wider tail section for storing eggs. While the male lobster tail part is smaller and a little hard. So to tell the difference, just look at the tail.


Fresh and Nice Colors

Choose fresh lobster with a nice color. Turquoise color for the choice of lobsters living in cold water (Maine lobster). As for lobsters that live in warm water, it is red or orange.


Watch The Head

Opt for a Maine lobster that has an average antenna 2 inches long. The lobster is relatively large and has a round bladder located on both sides of the head. Lobsters have an internal bladder and are shaped like antennae that reach 6 inches long.


Learn Body Type

The Maine lobster has three pairs of legs, next to which are two large asymmetries designed to catch as well as tear. Lobsters don’t have claws.


Adjust With Desired Taste

Prickly lobster and Maine lobster will produce different flavors when cooked. If you want to get lobster with a rather sweet and sea-scented taste, then opt for Maine lobster. As for prickly lobsters, it usually tastes bland. The difference in taste between the two is due to the results of their diet and usually anatomical because it is in a geographical location.

Broiled Lobster Tails dish will be very complete if served with Roasted Brussels Sprouts In Oven, This type of eating comes from America which is often the main menu in every family and even becomes one of his favorite menus.


Broiled Lobster Tails Recipe Old Bay

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