Can a Toothache Cause an Earache | And How to Relieve Ear Pain from Wisdom Teeth Removal

Can a Toothache Cause an Earache

Can toothache cause earache, or can an ear infection cause tooth pain–The cause of ear pain can come from certain conditions to signs of disease. Pain from the ear can come from the sense of hearing itself. Or, pain from surrounding organs that radiates to the ear. This health problem, known as the medical term otalgia, can be felt on the left, right, inside, to the back of the ear. However, did you know Can a Toothache Cause an Earache, find the full explanation in the following article.

In the article Can a Toothache Cause an Earache, you will find various additional information such as, Can a Toothache Cause an Earache and a sore throat, can a bad tooth cause ear infection, can a bad tooth cause inner ear problem, and how to relieve ear pain from toothache.

So, let’s see complete information about Can a Toothache Cause an Earache, below.


What is the cause of toothache?

Toothache is a sign that the inner part that is the teeth (dental pulp) is inflamed. The pulp is comprised of sensitive nerves as well as blood vessels.

The dental pulp may become inflamed due to:

  • Tooth decay This causes holes (cavities) that form on the tooth’s surface.
  • A tooth that has cracked A tooth that has cracked is usually so tiny that it cannot be seen by the naked eye
  • Fillings that are broken or missing
  • Receding gums, where gums shrink (contract) to reveal soft and more sensitive areas within the teeth root
  • A periapical abscess is a collection of pus that forms at the tip of the tooth, caused by an infection with bacteria

Several other conditions can trigger discomfort similar to toothache even if the pulp isn’t affected. They include:

  • The periodontal abscess is the accumulation of pus within the gums triggered by an infection with bacteria
  • The gums are swollen with ulcers
  • Swelling or sore gums around a tooth breaking through, for instance in the case of wisdom teeth begin to breakthrough
  • Sinusitis can lead to discomfort in the upper jaw area.
  • A joint injury that connects the jaw to the skull (temporomandibular joint)

Babies may also feel discomfort as their teeth begin to grow. This is called toothing.


Can a Toothache Cause an Earache

Can a Toothache Cause an Earache. Toothache can be misinterpreted as. Common oral health problems like abscessed teeth the wisdom tooth, molars as well as tooth decay could cause headaches.

If you clench your teeth and jaws, clenching them for example, such as temporomandibular joints (TMJ) as well as arthritis, then you might notice pain and tension in your jaw, which can extend into your ears.

Can a broken tooth cause ear pain, or can an earache cause tooth pain. A lot of people believe that ear infections and the buildup of earwax can cause ear pain, however, they realize that they should consult the dentist.


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