Can Chiropractors Help Muscle Pain | And When to Stop Chiropractic Treatment

What does a Chiropractor do for Neck Pain

  • It provides relief from pressure and pain in the Neck.
  • Correctly realign the Neck Joints.
  • Positive mental effects can be had by allowing pressure and pain to go away.
  • A Neck Adjustment can trigger the release of endorphins, which are your body’s natural pain relief.


What does a Chiropractor do for Lower Back Pain

The majority of treatments involve either manual manipulation or spine manipulation, also known as “chiropractic adjustment”. The alignment of the spine correctly has been shown to improve bodily function. This allows joints, vertebrae, and muscles to function properly.


Are Chiropractic Methods Risky?

Chiropractic is a safe method of treatment, provided that it is carried out by trained personnel and has a trusted license. However, some people experience mild side effects after undergoing chiropractic, such as fatigue, pain in the body part being treated, or headaches.

Although rare, the possibility of serious complications can also be experienced. The following are some of the risks of complications that can occur:

  • spinal injury
  • pinched nerves
  • Stroke, if therapy is carried out in the neck and causes blood vessel disorders in the spine

Not everyone can undergo chiropractic. Several conditions are not recommended to undergo this treatment, including:

  • Frequent numbness and tingling
  • A loss of strength in the legs or arms
  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Cancer of the spine
  • Presence of stroke risk factors

Although it is effective in treating lower back pain as well as neck pain and headaches, this method does not always show positive results for everyone. Therefore, it all depends on the individual conditions of each.

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If the pain has not improved after a few weeks of chiropractic, it could be a sign that this treatment is not suitable for your condition.

You should first consult with your doctor before deciding to undergo chiropractic therapy. In addition, make sure the chiropractic service provider you visit has a license to practice, certificate of competence, and experience in this field.

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