Can Chiropractors Help Muscle Pain | And When to Stop Chiropractic Treatment

Disadvantages of Chiropractic

Side effects may occur in some patients who have received chiropractic treatment. These side effects are usually mild and include fatigue, headaches, and continuing pain from an injury that was previously treated. Rarer side effects include a herniated disc, and compression of the nerves in your lower spine column (cauda Equina syndrome), which can cause pain, weakness, bowel problems, stroke, and other serious complications.

Not for everyone

Chiropractic treatment is not right for everyone. Many conditions do not suit chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic treatment can exacerbate problems for patients with nerve damage or osteoporosis. Due to the possibility of re-injury, spinal surgery patients must have their surgeon’s approval. A medical doctor may be required to diagnose and treat back pain that is accompanied by fever, chills, sweats, or weight loss.



For the time spent with you, chiropractic appointments can be costly. A visit can take as little as 5-10 minutes, but it could cost you more than $50. The problem is that not all chiropractic treatments are covered by health insurance. For months, some chiropractors recommend that you visit twice per week. Over time, this can lead to an increase in cost.



Chiropractic treatment can have an immediate effect on some patients. Some patients will need to return many times and may feel some mild relief over several months. Some patients with back pain might not notice any change. Different pain conditions will lead to different levels of effectiveness. Chiropractic treatment is not always a guarantee.


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