Can Coolsculpting Affect Pregnancy | And Does Coolsculpting Affect Fertility

Is Coolsculpting Safe for Women

CoolSculpting should be avoided if you plan to breastfeed your baby. If you are planning to avoid milk formula entirely or combine formula and breastfeeding, CoolSculpting should be avoided until your baby is fully weaned. This can take up to 2 years. There is no evidence to suggest that CoolSculpting can cause breastfeeding to stop. However, it is best to be safe for your baby.

CoolSculpting, which is non-invasive and safe for both men & women, can be done safely. CoolSculpting is FDA-approved and requires less recovery time than a surgical procedure. You can return to your daily activities quickly after your procedure with minimal discomfort.

These restrictions are for pregnant women, those trying to conceive or breastfeeding, and are for your safety. Although CoolSculpting’s freezing effects are unlikely to cause any damage to your internal organs or reproductive system, there have been no studies or research on the impact CoolSculpting has on breastfed babies and fetuses. For the safety of your child and yourself, you should halt CoolSculpting plans until you stop breastfeeding or trying to get pregnant.

Pregnancies and breastfeeding are exempted from CoolSculpting. However, women over 30 can still get it if their body mass is lower than 30. Double chins can be done if you have a BMI below 43. CoolSculpting is not weight loss, but a fat reduction procedure. The ideal candidates for CoolSculpting include:

  • Are you 20-30 pounds from your ideal weight?
  • You may have difficulty losing stubborn fat that isn’t easily managed by a healthy diet or regular exercise.
  • In generally good health
  • CoolSculpting results can take several months
  • Willing to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep a healthy weight even after treatment
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What if i get pregnant after coolsculpting

CoolSculpting will not allow fat to return to the same area. Your body contouring results should not be affected if you become pregnant.


How long after coolsculpting can i get pregnant

After your CoolSculpting (CS), treatments are complete, there is no reason for you to wait until you become pregnant. Some patients describe the discomfort as “Braxton Hicks-like” contractions in the tummy. You should not be pregnant before you start CS.


Can ultrasonic cavitation affect fertility

The laser’s effect on the skin is restricted to the subcutaneous area. It does not penetrate the muscle to cause damage to internal organs or the reproductive process. There is no evidence that the laser has any effect on fertility. I wish you all the best and hope that you will consider formal treatment.

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