Can Creatine Cause Ed | And What effects does Creatine Have?

Can Creatine Cause Ed

Certain body fitness athletes utilize creatine to lift more weight during training to achieve greater results. Although there are some anecdotal reports regarding how it decreases the libido level, there is no evidence at this time that suggests that creatine can have an adverse (or positive) influence on men’s sexual health. However, did you know “Can Creatine Cause Ed”. Find a full explanation in the following article.

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So, see the full explanation of Can Creatine Cause Ed, below.


What is creatine

Your body produces the creatine itself, via your kidney and liver after eating proteins. Animal proteins, especially fish and red meat, have creatine in them naturally, however, you’ll need to consume almost massive amounts of both to reach the amount found in the majority of creatine supplements.

Your muscles convert creatine into creatine phosphate which is then converted into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATC) which your body utilizes for intense exercise.

Supplement makers have improved the effectiveness of creatine consumption by making it more effective. Instead of eating a pound of protein every day, now all you need to do is to take the nutrients in powdered pills or liquid form.

Important: Creatine supplementation should be taken as a complement to protein consumption and not as a substitute. This is because protein and creatine function in different ways. In short, creatine can lead to greater fitness during your workout, and protein helps with the recovery of your muscles after exercise.

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