Can Peanut Allergies go Away: And Can you Grow Out of a Peanut Allergy

Prevention of Peanut Allergy Symptoms

To prevent a peanut allergic reaction, here are some steps you can take:

  • Read packaging labels before buying groceries.
  • Ask the restaurant waiter before ordering food.
  • Do not breathe air containing peanut residue.
  • Wear a bracelet that says if your child has a peanut allergy.
  • Carry medications such as antihistamines with you wherever you go to deal with minor allergic reactions.
  • Carry an epinephrine shot with you wherever you go for a severe allergic reaction.


How to Outgrow Food Allergies

You may find that your food allergy gets better as you age. You may experience fewer symptoms or none at all when you are exposed to the food. Many children are able to overcome food allergies by the age of 18. This happens when the immune system stops recognizing the food as a threat. This means that the immune system no longer releases histamines, which are responsible to trigger allergic reactions.

Some people can overcome food allergies by themselves, but most people need to be referred to an allergist for oral immunotherapy.


Oral Immunotherapy

Oral immunotherapy is a method of gradually reducing the body’s reaction to a food allergen. The patient will no longer have severe allergic reactions to the food. It means that an allergic reaction to food will be less severe if it does occur. A person allergic to peanuts won’t have an acute reaction if they are not exposed. Some allergy symptoms can be completely eliminated in some cases.

OIT is not an effective treatment for allergies, but it can be used to treat symptoms. The body will learn to recognize the allergen and avoid it by gradually introducing small amounts to the body under the guidance of an allergist. As the body adjusts to the allergen, the amount of food that is given to patients will increase.

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If OIT is done correctly, it can reduce or eliminate allergic reactions to certain food items. This allows you to eat any food you like without worrying about any discomfort or serious medical issues.

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How to Deal with Peanut Allergy

How to deal with peanut allergy. Here are some tips for dealing with peanut allergies:

Face and Mouth

Young children should be taught to keep their hands and fingers away from their noses, faces, and mouths. Although this is difficult, it will prevent accidental exposure to peanut butter and other sticky peanut products.


Hand Washing

It is important that your hands are clean and dry before eating or after you go out in public. It is possible for hands to come in contact with peanut products while out in public.


Regular visits to the Allergist

To assess their condition, individuals with peanut allergies should see an allergist on a regular basis. The allergist will usually tell you how often testing should occur.


Stay Away from Nuts

Peanut allergy sufferers should avoid all nuts, even if they are not allergic. Cross-contamination can occur between different types of nuts.


Avoid Store-Baked Goods

Cross-contamination of baked goods with peanuts and other nuts is a common problem. A person suffering from a peanut allergy should avoid eating store-bought baked goods unless the bakery has been certified nut-free.


These Labels

A lot of food products have a section titled “May Contain” in the fine print. This is often where you will find out if the product has been contaminated with peanuts. A product label that states “May Contain Peanuts, Peanut Products or Nuts” should be avoided by anyone with an allergy.

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To ensure food safety, double-check with both the cooks and the serving staff. Avoid Asian restaurants, if possible, if you have allergies to peanuts.


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