Can Wearing Dentures Cause Tmj | And What are Common Problems with dentures

What are Common Problems with dentures

What are Common Problems with dentures. Here are common Problem with Dentures:

Premature Aging of Older Dentures

If you’re concerned that your face is beginning to look aged It could be the right time to consider getting new dentures. One benefit of new dentures is that they can straighten the face and increase length and makes you look younger and younger.


Poorly Fitting Dentures

Dentures that aren’t fitting properly are something that you should discuss with your dentist at the earliest time possible. When they don’t fit properly, they cause extra friction between your gum tissue and your dentures. It’s not just painful but also causes sores to be infected.


Poor Chewing Ability

Dentures are supposed to feel and function as normal teeth. If they’re not causing you to chew difficulty, which can ultimately impact your health If certain foods are cut out from your diet.


Teeth that look unnatural

It’s not obvious that you’re wearing dentures. Dentures can cause a variety of problems. which aren’t custom-designed specifically for you include teeth that look similar to “Chicklet” teeth as well as teeth with dark spots and that are too flat, display excessive gum line, or appear like a fence. Dentures should appear as natural as you can -and have just the proper number of teeth. Don’t overdo it or show too small.


Can ill-fitting dentures cause sinus problems

It is good to know that sinus issues due to dentures are not common and severe infection is extremely uncommon. If you purchase high-quality dentures, get an experienced dentist, and care for your dentures, then you’ll be satisfied with your new dentures and probably will not have this issue.

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