Can Wearing Dentures Cause Tmj | And What are Common Problems with dentures

Can Dentures Cause Thrush

Can Dentures Cause Thrush. People who are the most susceptible to oral thrush tend to be denture wearers, specifically when dentures aren’t cleaned or regularly removed during the night. There are other reasons for oral thrush too such as eating lots of carbs or taking antibiotics or steroids.


Why are my dentures so uncomfortable

Why are my dentures so uncomfortable. The jawbone underneath the dentures is constantly deteriorating and without tooth roots that were also lost with the loss of teeth, the jaw bone gets thinner as time passes. The gums are also becoming thinner and lose their capacity to stick tightly to the dentures and keep them in their place.


What if dentures don t fit properly

What if dentures don t fit properly. If your dentures do not sit correctly in your mouth, they could cause certain areas in your mouth to feel higher pressure than other areas. The high-pressure points could be painful. In addition, they may increase the loss of bone that is caused by dentures.


Side Effects of Dentures

Here are some Side Effects of Dentures:


Due to their large base because of their large base, dentures can extend to the throat, and also behind the tongue. This can make some people gag.


Speech Impediment

Due to the same reason dentures can hinder the mouth and tongue from being able to move enough to allow proper speech. Certain letters are extremely difficult to pronounce, including D’s and T’s.

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Poor eating habits, tests, and chewing

It’s very difficult to chew, bite taste, and swallow when wearing dentures. The most force patients can bite is 15 percent of the normal bite force when the patient had dental implants or natural teeth. Because of this, the patient can consume processed foods that are low in vitamins and nutrients which can lead to malnutrition. The appetite is diminished since the patient is unable to perceive the food.

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