Can you Take Ibuprofen with Nyquil Cough | And Can aleve and ibuprofen taken together

Is it safe to take Nyquil for Cold and Flu every day?

Nyquil The Cold and Flu medication is not designed to be used for long-term usage. You should only use Nyquil Cold and Flu as needed for the shortest period possible to treat your cold or flu symptoms. When your sore throat continues for longer than two days, if the pain or cough lasts longer than 7 days or your fever persists for longer than 3 days, you should consult your doctor. These are signs that you have a serious illness that isn’t treatable by Nyquil Cold or Flu.


Pros and negatives of Nyquil Flu and cold Flu


  • It is available over the counter
  • Works in just thirty minutes to ease symptoms of flu and cold
  • Available as capsules as well as liquid
  • Combines three prescriptions for your convenience
  • Lower-cost generically accessible



  • Needs for taking several times per day.
  • Can cause drowsiness
  • Can’t use with children younger than 4 years old
  • Need to be aware of the dangers of drinking any alcohol consumption while using it
  • Not intended to be used for long-term usage


Advil and aleve at the same time : Can you take Advil at the same time as Aleve

Advil and aleve at the same time : Can you take Advil at the same time as Aleve. The best advice is to not take Advil and Aleve in combination. Because both drugs affect COX-1 as well as COX-2 enzymes there is no advantage in combing these two. If they are required, individuals may mix the effects of an NSAID with acetaminophen since both drugs have distinct methods of action for treating the symptoms of fever and pain.

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