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Dry Skin But Moisturizer Makes Me Break Out

Dry Skin But Moisturizer Makes Me Break Out. If you’re breaking out frequently, that typically is an indication that you’re using too much moisturizer to your own benefit. Acne breakouts are usually caused by congestion of the pores. As we’ve mentioned earlier the presence of clogged pores is one of the most obvious indicators of having excessive moisturizer over your skin.


Guide to Choosing a Moisturizer for Facial Skin

Facial moisturizer is one of the skincare products that must be used every day. Why so? Facial moisturizer acts as a protection for the skin so that your facial skin remains healthy and well hydrated.

However, how do choose a moisturizer that is healthy for the skin, and will not cause problems? Here’s the complete guide:

Adjust to skin type

You have to know your skin type first to make sure that the moisturizer you use is right for your needs.


Note the ingredients contained in it

The next step is to carefully read the label on the packaging of your product. A good moisturizer is a moisturizer that can protect the skin and does not contain harmful substances. Also look for moisturizing products that do not contain fragrances and dyes, and are non-comedogenic and non-allergenic.


Use moisturizer properly

Always apply your moisturizer after your face is clean. After that, immediately apply moisturizer all over the face and smooth it out. Do not forget the neck area should also be applied moisturizer. Gently pat your face so that the moisturizer can fully absorb into the layers of your skin.

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