Can you Use Body Lotion on Face | Can I Use Cetaphil Body Lotion on My Face

How to Moisturize your Face Properly

It’s not just about applying creams and lotions each day and at night. Your skincare routine matters, too. Here’s a step-by-step guide to aid you in reaching your goals in skincare:

  • Massage a cleanser gently into your face in tiny circles using lukewarm or warm water. (You must do this at a.m. and before going to bed.)
  • Cleanse your face using lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water as it may cause dryness.
  • Apply a dry, spongy towel to your face. the softest, clean towel. This can help the skin to retain moisture.
  • Optional Use a mild toner or skin serums or other treatments.
  • Apply the moisturizer to your face using delicate upward strokes.
  • In the morning Apply sunscreen in the event that your moisturizer doesn’t contain SPF.

A tip: Although it’s not essential, however, you can use an eye cream that is specifically designed to moisturize those who have skin problems around their eye. However, be cautious when applying as the skin surrounding your eyes are extremely thin. Apply a single digit and slowly rub the cream on your eyes till it’s fully absorbed.


Side Effects of Moisturizer on Face

Emollients are effective and safely used without any negative side consequences. There are exceptions, however, burning, stinging redness, irritation, or burning could be experienced. In the event that any one of these symptoms persist or becomes worse inform your physician or pharmacist right away.


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