Cerumen: What is (Cerumen Prop), Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Removal, and Prevention


Have you ever experienced ear pain and a little difficulty hearing? know, Cerumen: What is (Cerumen Prop), Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Removal, and Prevention. You can clean your ears with hydrogen peroxide, impaction drops, and spoon you can do to dissolve prop shavings.


What is serumen prop (impaksi serumen)?

Earwax, also called cerumen, is produced by the body to protect the ears. This flute or earwax is shaped like a yellow wax liquid with a sticky texture.

Under certain conditions, shaving can cause ear canal blockages that can lead to hearing loss. This condition is called cerumen prop or impact cerumen.

This kind of blockage can sometimes cause a sense of distress in the ears, decreased hearing ability, to buzzing sounds.


Formation of Serumen Prop

Cerumen is formed when the ceruminasea gland located in one-third of the outer ear canal mixes with the epithelium of the skin of the loose ear canal. This combination of compositions can form an acidic layer with a normal pH of 6.8.

The shape and consistency of the flute differ genetically and racially. It is associated with the content of immunoglobulin and lysozyme, as well as the amount is also diverse. In some people, the number is small, while others can form a dense mass that is obstructive and more.

Normally, the cerumen can go out on their own due to self-cleansing power due to jaw movement. But in some cases, shaving can accumulate as a result of failures in the self-cleansing mechanism triggered by the habit of scraping the ears. If left unchecked there will be blockages in the ears so that there are complaints that require an examination to a specialist.


What are the symptoms of serumen prop (impaksi serumen)?

Cerumen prop is one of the ear disorders that you can recognize from its characteristics. The following are the symptoms and characteristics of cerumen prop:

  • there is a buzz in the ear (tinnitus)
  • ear pain
  • hearing difficulties that may continue to worsen
  • itching in the ears
  • the smell from the ears
  • dizzy head


What causes prop shaving?

The shavings on your ears are produced from glands in the skin that line the outside of the ear canal. The hair and hair in this section are also dust and other foreign bodies that can damage the deeper structure of the ears.

In most people, a small part of the cerumen can come out on its own. However, if you remove excessive amounts of dirt or improperly clean your ears, shavings can clog and cause ear problems.

In addition, prop shavings can occur due to cleaning the ears with aids, such as cotton buds. Ears that are often cleaned and scraped too deep can make the rest of the cerumen pushed deeper.

The exclamation or earwax that gets deeper will accumulate in the ear canal, form a blob, and eventually harden. Those hardened clumps of earwax little by little will become numerous.

Unfortunately, these clumps of earwax are usually only known after causing a disturbing impact or complaint on your ears.

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