Chest is Sore from Coughing | And Symptoms of Chest is Sore from Coughing

Chest is Sore from Coughing

Chest is Sore from Coughing, can be a symptom of lung diseases such as pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchitis, asthma, and tuberculosis. The main causes of coughing are dirty air, dust, smoke, allergies, and the presence of certain disease symptoms. Coughing is the body’s reaction to rid the respiratory tract of germs and bacteria. Find out a more complete explanation of Chest is Sore from Coughing, in the following article.

In some cases, the cough is accompanied by pain in certain parts such as the stomach, throat, and chest. If you have a cough accompanied by pain and it doesn’t go away after a few days, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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Causes of Chest is Sore from Coughing

Adequate rest and drinking lots of warm water can reduce cough symptoms. Here are some Causes of Chest is Sore from Coughing that you need to know:

Muscle Fatigue

Chest pain when coughing is caused by muscle fatigue. When the body has a cough, it usually involves many muscles located in the chest, back, and abdomen. Constant coughing causes muscles to tense up, causing chest pain.



Pneumonia is an illness of the lung that is caused by viruses bacteria or even a fungus. The presence of fluid in the lungs due to pneumonia infection causes chest pain when coughing.

Other symptoms of pneumonia are high fever accompanied by chills, shortness of breath, and weakness. Pneumonia can be prevented by giving the PCV vaccine since the baby is 2 months old.



Symptoms of pleurisy are chest pain when coughing or breathing, shortness of breath, and fever. Pleurisy is inflammation of the pleura or the lining that covers the lungs.

This condition is caused by a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection as well as complications from other diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, or pulmonary embolism.


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