Chest Pain from Sneezing | And Various Causes of Chest Pain from Sneezing

Chest Pain from Sneezing

It is normal to sneeze when you have the flu or allergies. However, it’s a great thing when a sneeze makes your chest hurt. The reason, many people say that chest pain when sneezing is a sign of a serious illness. Find more information about Chest Pain from Sneezing, in the following article.

Sneezing is the body’s defense mechanism to expel germs in the body. When you have a cold, your body will sneeze to get rid of germs that have already entered. The process of sneezing is triggered by physical stimulation of the trigeminal nerve, then the stimulation is delivered to the brain.

Then, the brain commands several parts such as the abdominal muscles, chest muscles, muscles around the throat, as well as vocal cord muscles to sneeze.

In the Chest Pain from Sneezing article, you will find various information related to ‘Chest Pain from Sneezing’, including why does my upper body hurt when i sneeze, why does my chest hurt when i sneeze or cough, when i sneeze my chest and arm hurts, and shoulder pain when sneezing.

So, let’s look at the full review of Chest Pain from Sneezing, below.


Various Causes of Chest Pain from Sneezing


Sneezing chest pain can be caused by heartburn. This burning sensation in the chest can be experienced by people who have gastric acid reflux ( GERD ).

When you sneeze, your muscles tense up. The more tense your muscles are, the higher the chance for stomach acid to back up into your esophagus. If so, chest pain accompanied by a burning sensation is difficult to avoid.

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Chest pain when sneezing may be more common in asthmatics who have the flu or allergies. Not only when you sneeze, but asthmatics will also feel pain in the chest when coughing.



Pleurisy can cause chest pain when you sneeze. Pleurisy is an inflammation of the pleura, the membrane that covers the lungs and separates them from the ribs. In the pleural membrane, there is a fluid that serves to reduce friction when humans breathe.

When inflammation occurs, the fluid can be sticky, causing pain when the pleural membranes move or shift. The condition of pleurisy can be characterized by chest pain as if stabbing. This pain can appear on one side or the entire chest.

The pain can radiate to the shoulder or shoulder and will get worse when you take a breath.


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