Chest Pain on Left Side When Breathing in | And How to treat Chest Pain on Left Side When Breathing in

Chest Pain on Left Side When Breathing in

The right side of your chest could be a sign of a heart condition, and many people believe they’re experiencing a heart attack whenever it happens. However, this kind of discomfort could also signal lesser serious issues, like an excess of gas in the stomach reflux, anxiety, or an attack. You may be looking for information about Chest Pain on Left Side When Breathing in. Find a more complete explanation only in the following article.

If the pain is severe and is accompanied by symptoms such as breathlessness and tingling sensations in your left hand, and it doesn’t improve in just a few minutes, it is best to go to the emergency room. A cardiac electrocardiogram is likely to be required for confirmation of a possible cardiac issue, specifically in older people or those suffering from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol.

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Chest Pain on Left Side When Breathing in : Causes

Chest Pain on Left Side When Breathing in : Causes. Here are the common causes of Chest Pain on Left Side When Breathing in:

Gas excess

The build-up of gas in the intestines is among the main causes of chest pain left-sided This kind of pain is most common in those suffering from constipation. It’s characterized by a mild ache that lasts for a few hours or minutes, but can be relieved by flatulence or a bowel movement.

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This kind of pain typically is not asymptomatic and is not associated in conjunction with other signs. However, some people might notice slight abdominal sounds and bloat.

How to treat it

To alleviate pain, you can massage your abdomen to trigger the gas to pass. Additionally, you can do a back-to-back lie and cradle your knees against your chest to ease the uncomfortable gas flow. Try these solutions at home to ease gas.


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