Cleaning Ears with Hydrogen Peroxide

Is hydrogen peroxide in pharmacies?

Hydrogen peroxide a.k.a. H2O2. During this time, the light blue weak acid liquid is known as a potent disinfectant or wound cleanser. H202 can be easily found in any pharmacy or medical device store.

cleaning ears with hydrogen peroxide

Cleaning ears with hydrogen peroxide

Prepare a work post to clean your ears

  • You will lie on your back during ear cleaning so that all necessary equipment is within your reach.
  • Spread the towel on the floor where the head will rest. Then, put a small bowl of 3% hydrogen peroxide, a medical pipette, and a small towel not far from you.


Lying on your back with your head turned sideways

  • Lie down with your head down on the towel that has been stretched out.
  • Tilt the head sideways so that the ear to be cleaned is facing up.


Put a small towel on the shoulder

  • Before starting the cleaning, place a small towel on the shoulder of the side of the ear to be cleaned. This towel will protect the clothes from stains and hold the solution used to clean the ears.
  • You can also stretch out a piece of plastic under the towel before starting. This helps keep clothes and floors clean.


Drop 1-3 ml of hydrogen peroxide 3% into the ear

  • Take 1-3 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with a pipette, and drip it into the ear canal.
  • You will hear a hissing sound, and this is normal. Even if it feels a bit amused, try to stay relaxed. Keep the solution in the ear for 3-5 minutes.
  • If it helps, you can pull the tip of the auricle to widen the opening of the ear passage when dripping the solution.
  • Do not press the pipette into the ear canal when dripping the solution. Ear passages are very sensitive and easily damaged due to pressure.
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Drain the solution from the ears to a small towel.

  • When it is 3-5 minutes away, take a small towel and hold it until it covers the cleaned ear canal.
  • After that, sit down and tilt your head so that the excess ear solution and wax come out (which should be visible) towards the towel. Dry the outside of the ear with a towel if needed.
  • Repeat the cleaning process on the other ear.


Use the shower method if in a hurry

  • If you have less time, drop a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into each ear 10 minutes before showering.
  • You don’t have to lie down. The solution softens the ear wax and is swept away with other impurities while bathing. Dry the outside of the ear with a clean towel when drying yourself.


Be Careful in Using Peroxide

  • Clean the ears with hydrogen peroxide twice a week at first.
  • Avoid the use of cotton stalks for ears.
  • Stay away from peroxide cleaning if you have ear slang.
  • See a doctor if you experience ear pain or discharge.

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