Cornmeal Mush Recipe Milk

Cornmeal Mush Recipe Milk is a dish for breakfast that is different, delicious, and has a very soft texture that only takes 15 minutes for us to enjoy at the dinner table.

This corn porridge recipe is very famous in America has an amazing taste that makes everyone addicted. With all the food I’ve made, there’s never been a single failure.

Breakfast is a condition in which to eat the main course in the morning. So it has to serve something special and memorable. I also often replace it with Keto Waffles Almond Flour , a low-fat, keto-friendly food.


What called Cornmeal Mush Recipe Milk?

One of the foods combined with corn and milk makes a perfect table dish. In addition to being famous for its deliciousness, this recipe also contains a lot of benefits.

I always make it in the morning so that this breakfast becomes more complete with a small family. In every recipe, I always use healthy ingredients because it is very important for us to live a healthy life.

Why would I prefer cornstarch in this recipe?

Because corn flour contains 70% starch from the weight of corn kernels which is an important component, namely the components of simple sugar carbohydrates glokusa, sucrose, and fructose, about 1.3% of the weight of corn kernels.

Sucrose is a substance known by the name of sugar, quickly absorbed by the body to be converted into energy and if excessively consumed it will cause adverse effects.

How to make Cornmeal Mush Recipe Milk?

This very easy way to make corn porridge and milk are very popular with housewives who often make breakfast in the morning. Use only cold water, cornstarch, salt, milk, and butter.

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How to make it you just put water, salt, cornstarch, and stir until evenly distributed. After that put it in a saucepan, cook until it boils. Then sprinkle with butter and cold milk serve immediately on the table.

I also make a different variant of cornmeal mush recipe fried

Very soft food is suitable for pampering the tongue in the morning. This cornstarch is known for its cheap but very popular dishes. This time fried cornstarch mushrooms using only water, cornstarch, oil, maple syrup.

How to bring the water to a boil, then put the cornstarch, salt, into a bowl stir until evenly distributed, and return the dough to the stove over low heat.

After that pour, the grits into a baking dish that has been smeared with oil and put the ice sauce let stand for 8 hours. Next, remove the porridge from the baking sheet and thinly slice using a knife.

Heat the oil in a frying pan, then place the slices of porridge and fry until cooked through.

That’s a bit of an explanation if you want to make something different, but for recommendations, it’s a must-try this delicious Cornmeal Mush Recipe Milk.

Ingredients Cornmeal Mush Recipe Milk

Tips in choosing cornstarch ingredients

  • Choose certified cornstarch, because it means that it has gone through a national standard food quality test.
  • Pay attention to its texture when buying cornstarch, in addition to color, smell, also cleanliness. Make sure the fine flour in the hand indicates that the flour is of good quality.
  • Do not choose odorless flour and free from dirt.
  • Good quality cornstarch does not smell musty.
  • When buying cornstarch pay attention to its color, do not choose flour that is dull in color.
  • Buy cornstarch as necessary because it can not last long.
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  • pan
  • Bowl

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Cornmeal Mush Recipe

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