Demisexual Definition and Symptoms: What is Demisexual? and What Is The Sign

Demisexual individuals just feel sexually attracted to somebody if they have an emotional bond with this person. They may be gay, straight, bisexual, or pansexual, and might have some gender identity. find out more about Demisexual Definition and Symptoms: What is Demisexual? and What Is The Sign.

Many slur flow charts explain demisexuality. The prefix “demi” means half – which can refer to halfway between sexual and asexual. Asexual is a term to describe sexual orientation, as is the case of heterosexuality or homosexuality. To find out you can visit asexual meanings: what does it mean? and how do I know if I am asexual?


What Is Demisexual?

Demisexual is a sexual orientation when a person feels an attraction to a person who has an emotional bond with him or her. This means a demisexual can only feel sexual arousal once he or she knows someone so well that it involves his emotional side.

A person who has a demisexual sex orientation generally cannot feel love at first sight. It takes time for demisexuals to be able to have a close relationship with someone. After that, they can only feel a sexual urge towards the person.

Uniquely, the emotional bond does not have to be a feeling of love or a romantic relationship like a courtship, but it can also be in a friendly relationship.


Can a man be Demisexual?

Men can be demisexual as well as homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, heterosexual, and so on whatever best describes your orientation.


Is Demisexual a problem?

It’s a sexual orientation, not a choice. It’s also a fantasy which demisexuality is a indication of low libido. Once demisexual people are in sexual intercourse, they have varying degrees of sex drive. Some may have frequent sex, while others may not.


Demisexual traits?

In this sexual orientation, the sexual desire that arises not only comes from a strong emotional bond in a romantic relationship. However, sexual desire or arousal can also come from platonic relationships such as friendship. Demisexuals can also be experienced by a variety of sexual orientations.

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So, you can be a demisexual even if you are heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, or pansexual. So, does sexual desire always arise after a person feels a bond with someone? The short answer, of course, is no.

Similarly to heterosexual men, he does have a sexual attraction to women but does not. Then sexual desire always arises when he sees every woman. Some of these things are characteristics of a demisexual that are quite common. But in fact, every demisexual has a different experience.

Here are the signs or traits of a demisexual:

  • Rarely feel sexual attraction to strangers encountered on the street or in public places.
  • Rarely attracted to public figures, new people, or people who are accidentally encountered.
  • Do not feel sexual arousal or are not interested in having sex with an unknown person close by, even though they have a charming appearance or attractive personality.
  • Often have a sexual attraction with close friends or partners.
  • An intimate relationship and awakening from a strong emotional bond with a person influence the appearance of sexual urges within the person.

Demisexual Definition and Symptoms: What is Demisexual? and What Is The Sign

Signs of Demisexuality

People with a demisexual sexual orientation will exhibit the following traits:

  • It is rare or difficult to feel sexual attraction to a newly seen, stranger, or newly known person.
  • It can only feel sexual attraction to someone who is considered close, such as a close friend, girlfriend, husband, or wife.
  • The degree of psychological connection with a individual affects their degree of sexual appeal. The tighter the emotional bond, the higher the chances of being able to have a sex drive against the person.
  • Not passionate and not interested in imagining having sex with a person who is not well known, even though the person is beautiful or handsome and has a pleasant personality.
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Demisexual sex orientation can be owned by any gender and other sexual orientation, whether heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or pansexual.

For demisexuals, emotional closeness has more important meaning than relationships that attach importance only to sex. However, that does not mean that they do not enjoy sexual intercourse.

The term sexual orientation is still evolving and sometimes debated. Some people think that sexual orientation needs to be asserted as part of self-identity, but many people don’t think much about that identity.


What is the difference between Heteroromantic and Demisexual?

Heteroromantics are attracted only to romantic opposite-sex relationships and without sex. Demisexual means that a person is open to sexual attraction, but only after he has a strong emotional connection or a firm relationship with his or her potential sexual partner.


Demisexual related facts

The term demisexual may still be very new to many people. Thus, you are advised to learn the following demisexual related facts if your partner or partner reveals that he or she is a demisexual:

People with other sexual orientations can become demisexual

People who have sexual attraction based on their partner’s gender can become demisexual at the same time. This includes homosexuals (gays and lesbians), heterosexuals, and bisexuals.

For example, a lesbian (homosexual) woman can only have sexual desire in another woman who has had an emotional bond with her.


Demisexual people can also feel other types of attraction

Not only sexual desire, but demisexual people can also have other types of interest in people who are very close to them. For example, an interest in a romantic relationship, or an interest in hugging and touching another individual.


Demisexual people also engage in ‘general’ sexual activity

Demisexual is a sexual orientation that relates through his close feelings to other individuals. Therefore, demisexual people also perform activities that are often performed by non-demisexual individuals. Some examples of such activities are:

  • Masturbating
  • Sex
  • Enjoy movies or stories smelling of eroticism
  • Interested in public figures
  • Have a sexual fetish
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Demisexual is a sexual orientation, so it is not an option

According to some sources, some argue that demisexuality is a sexual orientation. That is, this condition is not an individual choice for the sake of sex. Attraction to people already has such emotional bonds that are naturally formed in the corresponding individual.


Demisexual vs Asexual

Demisexuals are often associated or even equated with other types of sexual orientation, such as asexual. This is often a debate among the asexual and demisexual communities themselves.

For example, an asexual generally has little or no interest at all to have sexual intercourse with others, regardless of whether or not emotional closeness is available.

In asexuals, sexual attraction is measured by the intensity of sexual drive and how much there is arousal for sexual intercourse.

If you have never felt sexual urges towards others and have never had a close relationship with someone, you may be mistaken that you think your sexual orientation is asexual.

Sexual urges in you will appear when emotional bonds are created. It is this similarity between demisexual and asexual that makes communities, such as LGBTA, incorporate demisexual into the asexual (sub-type) spectrum.

However, some groups still consider the two to be different sexual orientations.

This is because demisexual depends on closeness to a person, whereas asexual is related to sexual desire.

Ultimately, who is right and wrong in this grouping of sexual orientations is not so important.

You know yourself best so you know better what your sexual orientation is.

Some people may feel ostracized or consider themselves abnormal when they do not have the same sexual attraction as most people.

Sexual orientation can be very diverse. Getting to know more sexual orientations, such as demisexuals, can help you get to know yourself and others better.

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