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Do You Know? How Fast Can a Squid Run

Perhaps this animal is only widely known as a portion of fairly delicious food and widely sold in food stalls on the side of the road. But Do You Know? How Fast Can a Squid Run is also famous among marine lovers and diving enthusiasts as one of the animals that have its own uniqueness.

Squid fish is a smart animal swim, but what does a squid look like? Similarly, with the size is very diverse there are small or dwarf, giant as is a colossal. Well, how fast can a squid swim mph and octopus swim?


What does a squid look like?

Squids are large cephalopods or types of mollusks that live in the sea. The name cephalopod comes from the Greek word for head leg, this is because its separate legs become a number of hands that circle the head, so it is as if the animal is walking with its head.

Like all cephalopods, squid is separated by having different heads. And a squid is also one of the animals in the invertebrate group.

All squid have a pipe-shaped body, a perfectly developed head, and 10 long hands shaped like a suction bowl. These hands are useful for entangling their prey then torn using their powerful jaws, similar to the beaks of birds.

The squid sucks water through the central part of the entire body, the thoracic cavity, and forces it through a elastic vessel termed chiffon. And this chiffon is located right behind his hands or tentacles.  the jets of water are spouted through chiffon, which makes the squid swim and is pushed backward.

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The squid fins are 2 expansions of the saucer-like mantle which is used as a steering wheel for its movement. Has no uterus, however, resembles an eye.

The squid has 3 hearts and is of blue blood. Two of their hearts are located close to each gill, and therefore they can pump oxygen to the rest parts of the body easily.


Is squid dangerous to humans?

Small squid does not disturb humans, but large breeds can be a dangerous threat to humans when diving. In total, there are about 300 different species of squid.

On the seafloor it’s not just one type of squid but Do You Know How Much: Weight of Average Giant Squid you can learn the type and how much it weighs.


Get to know the types of squid

Some squid, live in a fairly deep ocean, and one type of deep-sea squid is “Heteroteuthis”. It has the ability to emit light. And the organ that emits the light, is located at the end of a long stretch that protrudes in front.

Heteroteuthis spray a lot of radiant liquid if it’s disturbed, this procedure is just like that of a typical squid that arouses ink.

Most squids measure about 5.1 cm in size, but there are types of Architeuthis Princeps squid or giant squids, which measure up to more than 15 m. These giant squids are often found washed up along the coast of New Foundland.

While squid commonly consumed by humans is a type of Loligo pealei and scattered in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, East Asia, as well as along the east coast of North America.

There’s also a kind of flying squid, Ommastrephes bartrami, that is contrasted to flying bass.These animals often jump out of the water, especially in bad weather, and are sometimes stranded on the decks of fishing boats.

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Do You Know? How Fast Can a Squid Run

A study based on photos of squid flying in the Pacific Ocean estimated that they could reach speeds of up to 11.2 meters per second, which is significantly faster than the 10.31 meters per second bolt averaged in the 100-meter final at the London Olympics.


Can squid change the color of its body?

Yes, it is true that many squids can change the color of their body, into a variety of colors. This is used as camouflage to avoid the threat of predators or predators, in addition to tricking the squid prey.

These intelligent fish predators are sea creatures larger in size than their bodies, including the largest mammal on earth, the whale. And on the contrary, squid or squid fish, eat all sea creatures whose body size is smaller than their own.


Do You Know? How Fast Can a Squid Run


Where does the squid keep the eggs?

The squid keeps its eggs, which can reach the number of hundreds, in relatively open corals, before later being fertilized by the male. When the fertilization process takes place, the female will be on standby to keep the process running smoothly.


Nutritional facts in squid

According to data from food researchers, the number of mollusks captured for the benefit of commercial commodities, in 2002 was 3,173,272 tons and 75.8% of the amount, was squid eaten.

This is because the nutritional content in squid is good for humans, namely selenium, riboflavin, and vitamin B 12. And some people believe that ink in squid can also prevent cancer, although medical tests have not been intense.


Benefits of ink on squid

The strong antioxidant content in squid ink is thought to play a role in fighting cancer. A number of studies have seen that this ink is able to reduce the size of tumors as well as the spread of cancer cells. Not only that, polysaccharides in squid ink are known to protect the body from chemotherapy side effects.

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Various Health Benefits Behind Squid

  • Low Mercury
  • Building Muscle
  • Healthy for the Heart
  • Lowering Cholesterol
  • Smooth Digestion
  • Meets the Body’s Daily Vitamin Needs


The Uniqueness of Squid, from Glowing Body to 3 Hearts

Squid blood is completely blue

Unlike humans who have red blood because of the hemoglobin compound in it, squid has a unique blood color that is blue. It happens because squid blood contains a copper compound called hemocyanin.


Squid has contact lenses that are in its eyes

For those of you who like to process raw squid and clean it must have felt a hard layer on the eyes of the squid. Well, this is the squid contact lens used to facilitate the hunt. The way this lens works is similar to the focus of a camera or telescope.


Some types of squid can emit light from inside their organs

Squid live in the deep sea and some of its kind can even live up to the very dark bottom of the ocean. With their living habitat, certain squid has organs that glow in the dark.


A squid has 3 heart organs

Squid lives with 3 hearts. All can happen because the squid has a fairly complex body. 2 small hearts serve to help the gills work and the rest as blood-pumping organs throughout the body.


Squid is the fastest marine invertebrate

The title of the fastest marine invertebrate deserves squid because its speed while swimming can touch the figure of 40km / h. This makes squid also easily avoid predators or other threats that disturb them.

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