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Do You Know: How Long Do Chickens Live?

Do You Know: How Long Do Chickens Live? It all depends on the caretaker. Know how to properly care for chickens to last a long time or grow healthy.

Are chickens easy to keep?

Chickens are aves or poultry that breathe with lungs, have a beak, and have 2 legs whose function is to scratch the soil to for feed. It is also a type of bird that will be utilized for meat, eggs, and feathers. In the case of these animals are part of the taste or order of galliforms and Anseriformes, usually, these animals are often used as livestock or pets.

Livestock chickens or domestic chickens today are so easily domesticated that they can be easily kept, one of the more that is farm animals can be easily domesticated under any conditions but must be satisfied with the availability of food.

What is unique about chickens is that their reproductive system is regulated by hormones, if the chicken has impaired physiological functions in the body then there will be changes such as hens that can change sex to roosters. This can happen in adult chickens that still have dormant or immobile ovotestis.

The following are the characteristics found in roosters:

  • Have a long male
  • Have a larger beard
  • Has a long, dangling tail feather
  • Has a larger size than hens

While the characteristics in hens:

  • Has a small beard
  • Smaller in size than a rooster
  • Shorter tail feathers than roosters
  • Have a short one, usually have no male at all.

The fact about chickens, it turns out that animals are smart!

  • The number of chickens on earth is more than humans
  • Chickens are smarter than you think
  • A hen is a good mother
  • Have several unique abilities
  • Chickens are direct descendants of Tyrannosaurus rex

What are the benefits when raising chickens at home?

  • Chickens that are several months old are already worth consuming. We’ll get fresh and good meat right from our yard.
  • When raising our chickens, we already know what our chickens eat. That way, the chicken we consume is a healthy food that contains good nutrition.
  • Self-reared chicken meat contains less fat because it is grown without chemicals as is done in large farms. Generally, large farms use chemicals to accelerate the growth of chickens.
  • Eggs produced by chickens that are kept by themselves are safer and more nutritious.
  • Chickens can be kept easily and benignly.
  • Chickens are a high source of protein. So the decision to raise chickens themselves has many benefits.

Did you know that keeping ornamental chickens reduces stress? By looking at the behavior of ornamental chickens, the owner will generally be able to eliminate fatigue and is a healthier entertainment than spending a day in front of the tv.

The best breed of chickens in the world, which can be kept at home:

Cotton Chicken

The first best breed of chicken in the world is cotton chicken, originally from mainland China, it has a beauty in its feathers that is unique and similar to cotton. And not only has a white color, but some are also light brown or black.

Burmese chicken

Burmese chickens are the fastest-growing breed of complaining roosters compared to other breeds of complaining chickens.

Chicken Onagadori

One of the best chickens in the world next is Onagadori chicken. This unique chicken from Japan is classified as an ornamental chicken because it has a tail so long that it can reach 20 meters.

Saigon Chicken

One type of complaint chicken that is now widely maintained by its fans is Saigon chicken, native to Vietnam. When viewed from his fighting style, Saigon chicken is not very active, but this chicken has very good endurance.

Danger, these 4 diseases that can be transmitted by poultry

  • Bird Flu
  • Salmonellosis
  • coli disease
  • Campylobacteriosis

Campylobacteriosis is a bacterial infection that poultry can transmit to humans when consuming contaminated meat or eggs. And if infected with Campylobacter, a person will usually experience diarrhea, cramps, abdominal pain, and fever 2–3 days after exposure to the bacteria.

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How long can chickens live?

The question of how long do chickens live? almost impossible to answer with certainty. Regardless of the best precautions chickens can live 5 –10 years, any chicken can die from disease, contract parasites, or be killed by predators at any time.

Chickens Live

Life expectancy can also vary based on living conditions and many other factors, such as genetics, which can not be taken into account by the owner of the chicken. That said, there are several constant factors that allow us to estimate the estimated life expectancy of chickens based on breed, size and egg-laying capacity.

Breed variation is perhaps the biggest factor in how long chicks will live and the most indicator of their natural lifespan. Many inherited offspring are relatively strong and long-lived, Rhode Island Reds can live for almost eight years.

In contrast, high-production hybrids and other birds chosen to have certain properties will tend to be shorter-lived. Part of this is that when humans breed selectively for certain traits such as high egg production or beautiful fur, they tend to also produce other properties as side effects.

This may include a tendency to diseases or diseases that can drastically shorten the lifespan of chickens.

How long do chickens lay eggs?

Most young laying hens are known as pullets until they are one year old – starting to lay eggs when they are about 18 weeks old. It can vary, with some chickens waiting up to six months to start laying eggs and others starting to lay eggs in just 16 weeks.

This production lasted for several years. It depends on the length of the day and most chickens stop laying eggs during autumn and winter when daylight is available in less than 12 hours.

It depends on the breed, and on the conditions under which chickens are bred. Many people use lamps in cages to simulate artificial sunlight, which can provide a boost in laying eggs.

However, some people speculate that it burns chickens faster and as a result, they will not be productive for years. The natural pattern is that chickens stop or slow down their laying during the winter.

Most hens lay eggs until they are about 3 years old. Production will begin to decrease after that point. Some breeds known to like to lay eggs include hybrid chickens such as golden comets may stop laying eggs faster, about two years.

Tips on taking good and correct care of chickens

How to treat a chicken that and correctly it should pay attention to several things, such as health, the feasibility of cages, feed, etc. Chickens are also like other pets that must be well cared for to avoid disease, weight does not fall, and does not die.

Health is also important for farmers, so as not to lose feed, energy, time, and so on. How to properly care for chickens? It’s easy. Here’s how:

Make The Chicken Coop As Comfortable and Safe as Possible

The first thing to note, namely provide a comfortable and safe cage with a larger size and adjust the number of chickens do not get too narrow as well. This way will make the chicken so as not to stress.

For the safety of the cage trying to position it rather high to keep away from animals that disturb the chickens. Especially for chickens that are still one week, old yes must be a completely safe cage.

Routinely Cleaning the Chicken Coop

In addition to having a safe and comfortable cage, the cage should also be clean. Because the source of the disease from chickens comes from the smell of its excrement. As much as possible where chicken manure should not get wet and always check if the dirt has accumulated immediately cleaned so as not to become a source of disease. So have to diligently clean it.

Spray The Chicken Coop Periodically

Spraying in the chicken coop is also important and should be done because there are chicken fleas that cause diseases for chickens, also chicken owners can itch. For the spray liquid, it can be purchased at the farm store, and make sure to buy a special liquid for germ.

Well, for the way of spraying, as much as possible chickens are removed in advance so as not to be exposed directly. The liquid is not dangerous for chickens, but to avoid direct contact with chickens when we spray.

Feed Quality Chickens

Giving quality feed to chickens is very important and should be considered. Feed-in chickens will determine the quality of their chickens, including health and weight (weight), which can quickly rise. Well for the type of chicken feed there are several kinds, namely

  • Small Chicken: Pur Starter
  • 1-month-old chicken: our grower
  • Inductees: Bran katul + corn OC + laying pur
  • Chickens aged 2-3 months: pur grower + corn rice
  • This chicken feed can be found in the nearest animal shop or chicken feed store.

Give Enough Drinks to Chickens

In addition to paying attention to chicken feed, it is also noted to drink in chickens. The provision of drinking water must also be clean and do not run out.

If drinking is exhausted it can make chickens dehydrated and even die. Well, therefore pay attention and control at all times so that the drink does not run out.

Vitamin Administration and Vaccination in Chickens

Vitamin administration in chickens is also no less important. The purpose of vitamin administration to maintain health in the weather transition especially when it rains.

Well, there is one special vitamin of chicken, namely vitachicks. For vitamin administration, you can mix into drinking water with the measure that has been stated in the vitamin wrap.

While for the provision of vaccines is highly recommended for chicken farmers who have the number of hundreds to thousands. Because it aims to prevent chickens from getting sick. Because if one of the chickens gets sick the other will get infected as well. Also, the vaccine is administered only once until the chicken is sold.

Reasons to Take Care of Chickens Properly and Correctly:

Why should chickens be properly cared for? Taking good care of chickens and properly as I have explained above aims for various things:

Healthy chickens, which keep are also healthy

Take care of healthy chickens by controlling regularly, providing natural remedies as much as possible, maintaining the cleanliness of the cage. It keeps the chicken keepers healthy. If the caretaker does not take good care of the chicken automatically when the chicken is sick, the disease in the chicken will spread to the caretaker.

The other chickens are also healthy

If there is one chicken that is sick and it is not handled immediately it will automatically infect the other chickens. If the number of chickens hundreds or thousands calculated the loss. So it should be controlled regularly the health of chickens and as much as possible given the vaccine.

Maintaining the quality of chickens

To maintain the quality of chickens to be sold is very important. Chickens sold are usually determined by the buyer in terms of the weight of the chicken. Therefore, a caretaker must maintain and maintain the quality of chickens.

So that the buyer is satisfied with what they get and automatically we are trusted by the buyer.

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