How To Make Best Easy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies that have a soft and chewy texture, everyone loves it. Sweet chocolate and salty peanut butter have become my favorite combinations. Peanut butter that has a sticky texture combined with a chocolate chip if in the oven will cause perfect melt. The creation takes only a few minutes.

Peanut butter is a perennial spread that most people liked as children, and continues to be consumed in large quantities as adults. The use of culinary is endless to vary to various dining menus.

You can use smooth or crunchy peanut butter in this recipe. If you are using natural peanut butter, make sure the peanut butter is well mixed. Soft peanut butter with a thicker texture is best suited for this chocolate peanut butter cake.

If you use natural peanut butter try Low Sugar Peanut Butter Recipe which has a savory and delicious taste.
For those of you with acne, don’t worry about eating these cookies. As research conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology and The Journal of the American Medical Association shows that nuts do not cause acne. Nuts will not be the cause of the onset of acne if properly processed.

This is a unique fact of consuming peanuts, one of which is to beautify the skin. This food contains vitamin E high enough to reduce lines or wrinkles on the skin, so you will look youthful. Riboflavin is a vitamin B2 that the body needs to help with the process of decomposing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy. B vitamins in peanuts will also make the skin shine more.

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Several ingredients in peanuts can also help you escape the dangers of free radicals or chemical effects.
This is a new favorite family cake, We love it. I make it almost once a month. They are easy to make and very tasty, I share this recipe because it is successful in blending its flavors.



In a small bowl, put the flour, a pinch of salt, and 1/2 tsp of baking soda stirring until everything is mixed. Set aside.
Then, in a bowl put the butter and 1/2 cup of peanut butter. Whisk the med-high until well mixed.
Add the sugar and beat for about 5 minutes until the dough is light and fluffy.
put chocolate chips into the dough, stir.
Divide the dough into 15 servings of the cake, round it, and press using a spoon to flatten.
Then place on a tray, cover with plastic, and chill for 3 hours.
After that, preheat the oven to 350 F and coat the baking sheet using Silpat or parchment.
Place the cooled cookie dough on a baking sheet with a distance of 4″.
Bake until the edges are brown.
Rest the cake for 10 minutes and transfer it to a cooling rack.

Peanut Butter Chocolate


  • Avoid the use of natural peanut butter, this will affect the consistency of cookies. You can use conventional beans for this recipe.
  • You can vary it with toppings other than choco chips.
  • Do not bake the cake before the cake is cooled.
  • Although I recommend cooling the dough, it’s not necessary if you’re in a hurry. Cooling the dough will cause the cake to spread less during baking but this will not be completely flat if baked from the dough at room temperature.
  • To produce a soft and melted cake I recommend baking it for about 10 minutes so that the pastry part looks a little brown and slightly uncooked in the middle (they will cook once out of the oven).
  • Be sure to put the flour in the correct measure, so that you get a chewy dough that is not brittle.
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