Emotional Support Animals Can No Longer Board Planes

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals Can No Longer Board Planes, Washington – Emotional support animals or animal support were allowed to board the plane like humans. But now it’s forbidden.

“Airline operators no longer have to recognize emotional support animals and can treat them like pets,” said a statement from U.S. Department of Transportation Rules, reported by CNN.

Animal support is an animal that is trained to look after a person with certain emotional disorders. Emotional support animals are prescribed by mental health professionals to provide comfort and support to their owners.

But unlike service animals owned by people with disabilities, animal support is not required to undergo training.

Due to the absence of a training certificate, many aircraft passengers cheated. They will say that their pet is animal support so that they can be carried on board the aircraft cabin.

While if it is said to be a pet, passengers must pay the animal cargo fee determined by the airline. Pet travel costs start from USD 125 aka around Rp 1.7 million.

Not to mention the various complaints from passengers because these animals behave badly. Naturally, they do not have certificates such as special service animals with disabilities.

Animal support was still limited to dogs or cats. The more days, the more diverse the animals carried by passengers. Call it a pig to peacock.

“The airline is committed to promoting accessibility for passengers with disabilities and ensuring safe travel. The Department of Transportation’s final regulations will protect traveling people and crew from untrained animals in the cabin, as well as improve air travel accessibility for passengers with disabilities traveling with trained guide dogs,” said Airlines for America (A4A) President and CEO Nicholas E Calio.

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The new rules allow airlines to require passengers to fill out and submit forms from the Department of Transportation (DOT).

“This new rule reflects respect for individuals with disabilities who travel with legitimate service animals, which we share while providing clear and practical guidelines that will eliminate the abuse of the system that has been a source of concern for our team members and customers,” American Airlines spokeswoman Stacy Day said.

The new policy gets comments on pros and cons. Because it will harm people with emotional disorders who need animal support while flying.


What Is a Psychological Support Canine?

Although all canines offer a psychological link with their proprietor, to lawfully be considered a psychological support canine, also called a psychological support pet (ESA), the animal needs to be recommended by certified psychological health and wellness professional to an individual with a disabling psychological disease. A specialist, psychologist, or psychiatrist must determine that the presence of the pet is needed for the psychological health and wellness of the client. For instance, owning an animal might ease a person’s stress and anxiousness or provide a focus in life. The canines can be of any age and any breed.

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