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Eyebrow Threading: What To Know Before Doing this Treatment?

What method do you use to get the perfect eyebrow shape? Shaving? Tweezing? Waxing? know the right way to do something related to our beauty in Eyebrow Threading: What To Know Before Doing this Treatment?

Most women often use tweezers when shaping eyebrows. This is the safest method, but can sometimes cause hair to grow inwards. If using tweezing means, it leaves pores open to harmful bacteria. Know everything in the article that I will discuss this time.

What is Threading?

Threading is not a new technique, but it is an old skill that uses threads to remove feathers, it can also be used for both women and men.

Threading is also faster and chemical-free. It does not cause acne or ingrown hairs. Amazingly, it can slow down hair regrowth. If you’re looking for a new method that’s completely safe to use and delivers amazing results, we recommend trying this way.

Whether you’re familiar with a neater brow look or need extra attention and affection on the curved part of the brow, threading eyebrows is a very appropriate and natural option for hair removal.

Originating in Asia centuries before, eyebrow sedation is a very simple procedure that’s frequently thought of as among the least painful alternatives for shaping eyebrows. But if you’ve ever seen it in action and wondered how a thread can change an arch in just a few minutes, allow us to explain it.

Does it do the threading way it doesn’t hurt?

Here are some of the biggest factors that hold back many people from threading. Our clients tend to describe threading as an unusual sensation but it doesn’t hurt.

If you are very nervous, can ask a threading technician to try it first on the peach feathers on the back or hands. Once people experience it that way, they usually go down by doing their eyebrows.

What are the benefits of threading our eyebrows?

  • The treatment time is quite short.
  • The results are more durable than other methods
  • No chemicals are used, and it is relatively safe for the skin
  • Feathers – fine hairs that are missed, by other methods can be overcome by this method
  • The shape of the eyebrows resulting from shaving with the threading method is more accurate as desired.

Eyebrows that have been neat can also be supported by other facial beauty, for example how to make the pointed nose will improve the appearance on the nose that is less pointed.

There is a way to moisturize the lips that make the lips more beautiful, which can also be treated by removing moles that feel annoying, high risk, or do not match the desired facial image.

How Often Should You Thread?

Even though the regrowth rate is person, often threading clients have a tendency to receive their eyebrows every two to three weeks. Since the process completely removes a single hair from its roots, the result can last as long as waxing.

It’s a danger that lurks from the habit of shaving eyebrows

Every woman certainly wants to look beautiful, elegant, charming, and attractive in the eyes of many people. That’s why women are judged to be a little more complicated in terms of appearance. Not only in terms of fashion but also physical to makeup aka makeup.

Speaking of makeup, many women are desperate to shave their eyebrows to make their look more perfect. They will usually shave the fur over the eyes according to the desired shape of the eyebrows.

But eyebrows have a very important role. Serves to keep the moisture of the eyes diverts rain or sweat to the side of the face, to hold dust or foreign objects into the eyes.

Some people will even shave their eyebrows once a week or once a fortnight, due to their relatively fast growth process. But researchers advise against shaving eyebrows before they grow full. Usually, eyebrows will grow between four to eight weeks.

Not only that I also have Attention! Important To Know, Sweat Can Cause Denuded Skin? And How To Prevent It? this explains the skin problems that cause bald hair to grow on your body.

Regardless, there are actually side effects resulting from the habit of shaving eyebrows including:

Infection of the skin

One of the side effects that arise from the habit of shaving eyebrows is that it will make the skin become infected. Symptoms of skin infections due to the habit of shaving eyebrows are swelling, redness, and hair growing into the skin causing infection. If you still want to shave your eyebrows, it’s best to use tweezers instead of razors.

Inflicting wounds

In addition to infection, wounds can also appear due to the habit of shaving eyebrows. Plucking eyebrow hairs roughly will make the skin around the eyebrows scared and reluctant to grow again. If the eyebrows no longer grow, it is certain that one’s confidence will decrease drastically, because of the bald eyebrows.

Difficulty sleeping at night

Who would have thought that shaving eyebrows could cause a person to have difficulty sleeping at night or insomnia? This is because of the strained nerves that make it difficult to sleep and become unqualified.

Eyebrow hair gets thicker

Although it gives a neat impression, shaving eyebrows can actually make the eyebrow hair thicker. Because shaving hair will make its growth denser.

Appears acne

Acne not only arises due to lack of hygiene and unhealthy consumption patterns but also because of the habit of shaving eyebrows, especially by using certain medications. The skin will become itchy or irritated due to the appearance of acne on the face.

How much does threading cost?

While the cost will vary depending on the region, practitioner, and individual needs, obviously it depends on where you go and the state of the eyebrows, but a 10-20 minute eyebrow threading session can usually run from $12 to $40 for the eyebrow area.

How to Find the Right Threader

Just like your relationships with the dermatologist, hairdresser, and even dentist, finding someone you trust especially with eyebrows is important. Before making an appointment, be sure to have an open conversation with the threader to discuss the desired brow shape. But, most importantly, try to relax your eyebrows are in the right hands.

How does eyebrow threading work?

Threading is not a false term, in fact, the hair removal tool in threading is nothing more than a thread held between the hands of technicians in a crooked configuration. As the technician moves their hands, space opens between the coils and then tightens again, grabbing and holding the hair, and pulling it loose, root and everything.

Eyebrow Threading

If you’ve used an epilator before, be familiar with the basic concept. Threading is very precise and allows our specialists to have greater control over which hair is removed, founder of the Shobha hair removal hot spot.

So, if wax removes all parts of the hair that come into contact with it, which can sometimes produce rough lines, threading allows for a more natural look. Jasmine Patel, head of training at Blink Brow Bar in London adds, the cotton thread technique lets you decide which hair you want to maintain or pull.

Hair factor, of course, is very important for hair removal, another area where threading stands out is its effect on the skin or rather, its drawbacks. Threading does not attract or scratch the skin like waxing or tweezing can.

Because, waxes usually involve heat as well as chemicals that can cause some types of acne and the removal process can sometimes damage the skin, causing redness and exfoliation, especially for those who use skincare such as retinol.

Although plucking is generally less damaging to the skin than waxing, pinching, scraping, or pulling the skin accidentally with tweezers can cause the skin to rupture and even infection. Because threading is done with soft fibers on the surface, and it won’t accidentally grip the edges of the follicle or the scratched skin.

In fact, Tummala strongly believes in the security benefits of threading eyebrows that she duplicates at her Shobha location. I also have a lot of faith in this method, so this is the only hair removal option we offer for the sensitive area around the eyes.

How long does that threading result last?

Everyone’s hair grows at different rates, but on average, hair removal from threading can last between 2-5 weeks. You can also maintain a longer look with the promise of less intensive touch-ups compared to full-scale eyebrow formation.

Does the threading method work for all skin and hair types?

Basically, the lack of skin damage and chemicals makes threading appropriately for those who use medications that can cause skin sensitivity, such as retinoids and certain acne medications as well as those prone to rupture after waxing.

A retinoid is a group of drugs whose content structure is related to vitamin A. Likewise, threading is great for grabbing even the smallest hair so that hair with fine eyebrows is arranged.


Anyone experiencing increased sensitivity and those who have recently undergone cosmetic surgery should sit still. Because we recommend checking with your doctor first, and then come back to us 3-4 weeks after surgery for threading appointments so that the skin has time to heal.

It Gives Your Eyebrows the Right Finish

At its core, threading eyebrows is about precision. Even the smallest hair can be removed from its follicles. Since he gets every strand of hair, there is no hair left behind.

Plus, threading allows total control over which hairs are removed and which aren’t. It should be really precise in shaping the eyebrows, or you can string one strand of hair at a time or a row of hair, giving you firm eyebrows.

It’s a Quick Process

Most brow experts can help you get in and out quickly. I was hoping to sit there forever as they ripped and plucked out every eyebrow hair, but everything took about 10 minutes. And are the eyebrows already in relatively good condition? Hope it takes less time.

Remember this is only for facial hair

Threading is the perfect temporary solution to remove hair on any facial hair, such as your eyebrows. However, because of its accuracy, this is not a good option for elsewhere in the body, partly because it will take a long time, and partly because an hour or so to pull out your hair may not be something anyone wants to do.

Waxing or lasers are much faster and are definitely preferred for larger areas, he said. Want to know more about those options? We have everything you need to know here.

Easier maintenance tips

Unlike plucking, which can not always reach for shorter, partially grown follicles, threading can remove all hair. Therefore, they will all grow at the same time, so you don’t have to pull out tweezers or stop by for repairs every week.

In general, people like to clean by unplugging at home after two weeks of threading, I recommend coming back to the doctor after 4-5 weeks for eyebrow reshape formation.

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