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Eyebrow Waxing Can Cause Baldness and This Is Not The Only Way To Groom Your Eyebrows!

Eyebrows are among the significant elements to encourage the attractiveness of women’s faces. Symmetrical and neat eyebrows will make one’s appearance much more different. So do not be surprised, if some women feel not confident to travel if their eyebrows are not “god looking”. Do you know eyebrow waxing can cause baldness and this is not the only way to groom your eyebrows!


What is eyebrow waxing?

No different from the technique of lifting fine hair in other areas of the body, the eyebrow waxing technique is done with the help of wax (wax) applied to the hairy area, then covered with waxing strips, and pulled quickly.

Wax strips are firmly emphasized on the skin for a few seconds before the beautician quickly pulls them out against the direction of hair growth. There is a wide variety of candles, including sugar candles, paper candles, and so on.

This method is widely used because it can quickly and effectively pluck eyebrow hair to its roots. However, many people avoid this technique because it will cause scars as well as make the skin reddish.


Types – types of waxing

Waxing is divided into several types and each type can be different in terms of the material used, the form of liquid used, up to the style of hair removal. Here are some of the most popular types of waxing:

Soft wax

Soft wax is the most commonly used type of wax, made from paraffin or melting wax and beeswax. How to apply soft wax is to apply melted liquid wax heated to a hairy area of the body and left to dry for a while.

Attach the strip or turning paper to the melted wax that has dried and unplugs it in the opposite direction of hair growth. The hair attached to the strip will also be lifted. Soft wax is used for large areas such as the limbs and arms.


Hard candles

Hard waxing is a method of waxing by letting the wax dry, only then do the removal of wax along with the removal of hair from the skin.

Hard wax is also called stripless wax because it does not require the paper to pull out hair. usually, hard wax can be applied in areas that are not too wide such as on eyebrows, fine hairs above the lips, and on the armpits.

Hard wax does not damage the skin as it does on soft wax, where the outer layer of the skin is also uprooted. This wax can also be used to pull out shorter and thicker hair.


Sugar candles

Sugar waxing is a method of waxing with natural ingredients. Waxing this one relies on ingredients such as sugar and lemon as its main ingredients. Sugar wax is claimed to be the safest waxing for sensitive skin.


Fruit candles

Fruit wax is enriched with fruit extract, which is mostly berries. This type of wax is rich in antioxidants and is not too hard so it can be used on sensitive skin. The price of this type of wax is generally more expensive, but fruit wax is softer than soft wax and does not scratch the surface of the skin.


Brown wax

Chocolate wax is a type of wax that is added to chocolate ingredients. This type of wax contains oils that moisturize the skin. In addition to lifting the hair, this wax is also believed to make the skin more radiant.


Is eyebrow waxing dangerous?

Although waxing is a practical method and has many advantages, hair waxing also has a variety of drawbacks and risks. Some of the shortcomings of waxing include the price is quite even and the pain it causes.


Things to Know Before Waxing Eyebrows

Don’t Wax on the Same Day When You’re Coming to a Special Event

It’s best not to wax on the day you’re coming to an event. After waxing, the skin usually becomes red, especially when the skin is sensitive. Safely, do waxing a day or two before the event. So you have time to heal the redness in the skin.

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Ditrim Eyebrow Hair

Don’t worry if the therapist trims a little eyebrow hair with small scissors. It’s part of the waxing process. Usually, eyebrow hair is groomed with scissors, to get the ideal eyebrow shape.


Eyebrow Hair Must Be Long Enough to Be Waxed

The waxing process is to apply a special hot wax on the part of the hair to be removed with strips, the material is like gauze. Eyebrow hair must be long enough to be waxing. If the hair is still very short, then it is useless because the hair will not be uprooted.


No Sicker than Being Unplugged with Tweezers

The old way to smooth the eyebrows is to remove them using tweezers. Many people think that the waxing process will be as painful as being removed. The assumption is wrong. Waxing is much no more painful than being removed, as the waxing process in the skin is done with a rapid pull that has previously been given alcohol to avoid pain.


Taking Aspirin

Although for many people waxing is not so painful, but for people who are sensitive to pain, perhaps the waxing process can torment them. The advice is to take aspirin 30 minutes before waxing. This way will make you more immune.


How long does eyebrow waxing last?

To make your eyebrows look perfect, we recommend waxing every 2-3 weeks. If this interval is ideal for you, you’ll experience the benefits of our Unlimited Wax Pass.


Most women feel uncomfortable with the growth of hair on their body, especially in the armpits, legs, and hands. In addition to waxing and shaving hair, laser hair removal is one of the treatments that are much in demand by night circles. Whether Laser Hair Removal Can Cause Damage To Other Parts Of The Hair??


What is the difference between threading and waxing?

Eyebrow threading is a method of smoothing eyebrows using cotton thread. This thread will later be used to “cut” strands of hair. The threading process is usually very short, taking at least 5-10 minutes.

Because threading uses thread so it is safe for those of you who are using a doctor’s medication, the skin peels off, or that the skin is sensitive when exposed to ingredients that are rather harsh for the skin.

eyebrow waxing can cause baldness and this is not the only way to groom your eyebrows!

As explained above Waxing is a method of plucking eyebrows using waxed liquid. waxing usually our eyebrows will be formed first according to the shape of the face. If the shape is by what we want just waxed liquid was applied to the part of the hair that is outside the line.

The waxing process is a little longer because it requires a brow mapping process. the drawback of brow wax is that not everyone can enjoy it, especially for those of you who are undergoing treatment from the dermatologist (whose skin peels).


What are the advantages of waxing?

Waxing can be suitable for people with bushy or coarse eyebrow hair, or for people who need to remove more amount of hair.

Waxing is also a good option for those who are shy about pain if unplugged by a tweezing method.


Dangers posed after eyebrow waxing

Redness and irritation

Most waxing people experience redness and irritation afterward. This skin irritation can be easily overcome by using a cold compress for a few minutes after waxing.


Small bleeding under the skin

Redness lumps, skin rashes, or small bleeding under the skin can occur in people with very sensitive skin. It can also occur after you wax in sensitive areas, such as bikinis or pubic areas.


Burns to the skin

Wax is done using hot wax, so you are at high risk of skin burns and also make the skin darker. The application of hot wax will cause reddish brown spots. It takes about a few weeks to a year to fade, depending on each skin.

Besides, waxing the eyebrows, lips, and chin should also be done carefully. If you use anti-aging products or acne creams containing retinoids (vitamin A derivatives retinol, retinyl palmitate, tretinoin, adapalene, and tazarotene), then your skin will be very susceptible to burning and peeling as a result of the extraction process. Anti-aging creams and acne creams can loosen the attachment of skin cells and cause increased exfoliation.

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Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions can occur in people who have allergies to wax products. It can be folliculitis (inflammation or severe rash on the hair follicles). Some people may even develop pustules (pus-filled lumps) in the waxed area if the skin is very sensitive. When such a reaction occurs, you should contact a doctor as soon as possible to get proper treatment.


Ingrown hairs

Condition of ingrown hair often occurs after you shave them. Krant M.D., a dermatologist at For Smith, Ark., says that pulling hair with its roots means there will be small, weak new hairs that begin to grow in place, and that are naturally thicker and have little power to penetrate beyond the surface.

Due to lack of strength, new hair is retained and trapped under the surface of the skin, causing lumps that can be infected and can last a long time.


Skin infections

Skin infections are a rare condition, but this can occur because the product is not clean or has been infected. Diabetics should avoid shaving hair because they are much more susceptible to developing skin infections, especially by resistant bacteria and deadly bacteria.

According to Krant, pulling hair out of the area can increase the risk of bacterial entry, for example in the pubic area, can cause surface infections and even in some cases lead to deeper cellulitis. Besides, impetigo infection (a highly contagious skin infection) is also a common problem due to waxing.


How much does waxing cost?

Waxing prices at hair removal salons or clinics range from $6.00 to $30.00 for a single treatment.


How to choose a product to replace waxing

Choose type based on ease of use and result

Eyebrow makeup has various types that you can choose from, such as pencil, powder, liquid, and others. Compare the ease of use and the result, then choose the type you find easier to use.


An easy-to-use type of pencil for drawing thick eyebrows

This type of pencil or better known as eyebrow pencil is the most suitable type for drawing thick and thick eyebrows. Drawing eyebrow patterns will also feel easier with this type. With its pointed tip like a pencil, this type is recommended for those of you who want to increase the volume on thin eyebrows.

There are 2 eyebrow pencil shapes, namely the eyebrow pencil that is twisted and the eyebrow pencil that is rotated. Both result in firm strokes so that those of you who are not used to it may have a little trouble when blending them. However, the rotated eyebrow pencil is more practical because it does not need to be touched and has a soft texture so drawing thick eyebrows will feel easier.

An eyebrow pencil with a thick core is suitable for drawing at a wide range. However, if you are not used to it usually tends to produce colors that are too thick and thick. So, for beginners, it is advisable to use an eyebrow pencil with a slim core.

The eyebrow pencil with a softcore is suitable for those of you who want to draw natural eyebrows. On the other hand, a thick core is best used to increase the volume of the eyebrows to make them look bushier. However, the color of the eyebrow pencil will be difficult to stick due to skincare, foundation, or when the skin is sweaty and sticky. Use loose powder after base makeup to prevent it.

Besides, eyebrow pencils with flat ends or often called stylo eyebrow pencils are also quite popular because they are easy to use. Supported by its slim shape, you can add the volume of eyebrows in detail easily.


Types of powder that are good at producing natural eyebrows

For beginners, using this type of powder is the best choice. The type that usually comes in the form of this palette is used with brushes packed in a single package. Unlike eyebrow pencils, the use of this type of powder is a little tricky at first. However, if you are used to drawing natural eyebrows well and are trending lately.

The color is not as intense as the pencil so you can start it little by little until it gets the desired thickness. This type is easy to correct and easy to blend so that the failure rate is low. It is perfect for beginners who are still learning to draw eyebrows.

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This type fills the ‘blank’ part of the eyebrow with powder, resulting in natural-looking eyebrows. For those of you who have thick eyebrows, try applying powder in the opposite direction with the growth of hair. This way, the color of the eyebrow powder that you use will look clear and beautiful.

If you want to give dimension effect to your eyebrows, choose eyebrow powder with 2 to 3 colors in one package. However, for those of you who have thin eyebrows, the use of eyebrow powder without being accompanied by other types will make the shape of eyebrows invisible. It’s a good idea to create an eyebrow pattern using an eyebrow pencil, then fill it with eyebrow powder.


Convenient 2 in 1 type when used

Type 2 in 1 is a blend of eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder formed in one practical package. You can shape and fill eyebrows easily. This type is recommended for those of you who feel less good at drawing eyebrows.

Type 2 in 1 gained quite high popularity because it is suitable for use on eyebrows of any shape as well as its travel-friendly nature. Use powder on the front of the eyebrows, then draw the back of the eyebrows using a pencil, you will undoubtedly get beautiful and natural eyebrows.


The ideal liquid type for dyeing eyebrows and resistant to sweat and sebum

Do you often have problems with brow makeup that easily fades when exposed to sweat or sebum? A liquid eyebrow can be one solution. As with eyeliner, this type is available in the form of markers and mascara. When selecting the marker shape eyebrows, choose the pointy ends to make them easier to draw. Adjust the color to the color of your hair or eyeballs.


Choose a color based on hair color, eyeballs, or trends

Hair color and eyeballs are very helpful in determining the color of eyebrow makeup. Generally, the ideal eyebrow color is the middle color between the hair color and the eyeball.


Choose products that provide brushes in one package

For the eyebrow pencil type, choose a product that is packaged with a screw brush or spoolie so that you can blend the eyebrows with a sharp result. If you choose another type, don’t forget to bring an eyebrow brush. Products that provide dual brushes are certainly more practical. Brush with soft fur for finishing and cut brow brush to ease the process of shaping eyebrows.


Especially recommended products

Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Price: $ 14.33

Short descriptor: Eyeshadow that can also be used to smooth the shape of the eyebrows. Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Pallet is an eyeshadow palette consisting of 8 colors. However, with the help of an angled brush, we can make use of some of the colors on this palette to form the eyebrows.


QL Cosmetic Eyebrow Cream – Dark Brown

Price: $ 2.33

Short descriptor: A practical solution for the owner of thin eyebrows. It looks like a pen with an eyebrow brush on one side and eyebrow cream on the other. This product is very easy to use. All we have to do is open the lid and it can be applied directly to the eyebrows.


Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper

Price: $ 5.33

Short descriptor: Practical and durable 2 in 1 packaging for up to 12 hours. If you travel a lot and want your eyebrows to remain visible on fleek, this product from Maybelline could be the top choice. Shape your eyebrows with a pencil, then fill them with powder at the other end. Very practical! Moreover, with the tip of a pencil that measures 2 mm, you can produce accurate lines.


BCL Browlash EX Brow Coating R

Price: $ 14.00

Short descriptor: Eyebrow makeup coating for 24-hour durability and grooming of eyebrow hair. Eyebrow makeup is often easily faded because it is accidentally touched by the hand? This eyebrow coat can prevent it for you. Layer your brow makeup with this product in the final stages of makeup to get eyebrows that don’t wear off easily.

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