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Fat Chihuahua: How To Detect Fat Dogs?

Chihuahua dogs are small dogs aka tiny toy sizes. Having a body that is longer than its height makes it very petite and cute. Not to mention the round head shape like an apple and the short moncok shape of the strapping ears and long tail make it quite agile. This dog has two types of fur, namely short fur and also long and straight or wavy fur. Do you know fat chihuahua: how to detect fat dogs?

The color of chihuahua feathers is quite diverse so that it can be adjusted to the color of the owner’s choice, namely, there are black, white, steel blue, black and tan, party color, and so on. As a child chihuahua dogs had a small spot on the front head or forehead. This small spot is called molera. Molera will disappear on her own when the dog grows up.

Characteristics of chihuahua dogs


Chihuahuas have a fairly compact posture with a slightly longer shape. The tail is not too long so it does not need to be cut or undocked. The tail of a chihuahua usually curves towards the back or teacup tail and points to the head and is perpendicular to the antennae. His head looks like an apple. Quality Chihuahuas generally have a headshell that is apple dome.

Head shape

When viewed from the side, the head and muzzle shell have a 90-degree angle. Chihuahuas generally also have a kind of hole in the head at birth and will dock and disappear when they grow up. The hole is called molera. Chihuahuas also have two feather colors: short and long feathers. Both can be mated to get the seeds you want.


Sometimes between the two types of variants. Chihuahuas can be found with long feathers or vice versa. It is determined from which gene is stronger between the female and her male. The bodyweight of a chihuahua is between 1 to 2.7 kg with a height of no more than 20 cm when measured up to the back. With this size of course chihuahua has a body size that is not large.

Is Chihuahua Easily Fat?

Chihuahuas are so small that it’s easy to gain weight.

This is very easy if you give them snacks while they beg. It doesn’t take too many snacks to make them overweight.

If you take it everywhere and don’t let it run on its own, it can lead to rapid weight gain.

These types of foods also have a significant influence on their weight gain.

If you give them table food or any food that doesn’t belong to them, you’ll soon get a fat Chihuahua.

The Digestive System of Chihuahua is not designed to process a lot of human food.

Is My Chihuahua Fat?

There are several ways to find out if your Chihuahua is fat.

First, check your dog’s stomach.

Look and see if their stomachs are closed. Otherwise, it means they’re overweight.

Second, touch your dog’s shoulders, spine, and hips.

If your dog is fat, you will find it difficult to feel the bones, because of the thick fat stored around the bones.

Finally, get to know your dog’s waistline.

Dogs, like humans, must have waists. Stand over your dogs and look at them. If they have a waist, the body will be slightly smaller from the back of the ribs to the hips.

Chihuahuas generally have no standard breeding, just a thorough description of their body weight and proportions.

The Chihuahua must not exceed the 5.9 pounds declared by the British and American Breed Standards.

However, UK standards also state that weights of 4 to 6 pounds are preferred.

Pet chihuahuas often weigh more than this weight.

They may even weigh over 10 pounds if they have a large bone structure or are left to be overweight. This doesn’t mean they’re not a Chihuahua race.

Chihuahuas are a small breed. That is, they don’t need a lot of food throughout the day to feel full and healthy.

If you feed him more than a few times a day, his size will swell quickly.

Common Causes of Obesity In Chihuahua

  • Overeating
  • Let It Eat From Your Plate
  • Less Exercise
  • Failure to Change His Diet As He Grows

Dedicated dog lovers tend to be very nice people. We discuss our hearts and homes with our pet friends. Surely there’s no harm in sharing our favorite foods too, right? Not necessarily. Many foods, such as fruits and vegetables, which humans can digest well but instead cause damage to the dog’s body, cause severe health problems. Can quinoa be consumed by dogs, and will it cause symptoms after eating it?

Why Obesity Is Dangerous For Chihuahuas

If more owners take their Chihuahua weight and health more seriously, obesity won’t be a problem. Unfortunately, too many owners ignore their Chihuahua weight problems or choose to ignore them. Either way, it opens up a new world of health problems that are endangering the health of your Chihuahua.

Fat Chihuahua

Here are some of the main problems associated with Chihuahuas being obese/overweight:

  • Extra weight puts excessive pressure on their joints and bones, which in turn can cause them to develop arthritis at an early age. Obese chihuahuas are at risk of several bone and joint problems, all of which can degrade their quality of life.
  • Significantly increases the risk of developing Type II Diabetes (Mellitus) as a result of the body’s need for more insulin. In some cases, diabetes may require your Chihuahua to receive daily insulin injections just to meet his or her body’s needs; otherwise, it can cause their body to experience shock.
  • Back and spine problems are another problem usually associated with obese Chihuahuas. When they gain more weight than their body can handle, it overloads sensitive areas on their backs. This can cause their spinal discs to slip, broken bones, or torn ligaments.
  • Obese chihuahuas have a greater risk of developing high blood pressure (AKA hypertension), and this is just as dangerous for them as it is for us. High blood pressure puts greater pressure on all organs and tissues in the body, which increases the likelihood of organ failure and various diseases.
  • Arguably, the biggest risk of an overweight Chihuahua is heart disease. The extra fat and tissues in their body force the heart to pump extra blood so that it can reach vital organs. Combined with extra pressure on the organs, overall there is a greater risk for developing heart disease.

General Health Problems In Overweight Chihuahuas

  • Back And Spine Problems
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
  • Heart disease

Chihuahua weight loss tips

  • Change The Diet
  • Feed Recommended Parts
  • Avoid Treats
  • Avoid Feeding Leftover Tables
  • Sufficient Exercise

How to prevent chihuahuas from obesity

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet
  • Sports
  • Schedule Regular Checkups

The temperament of a chihuahua dog

Chihuahuas are not included in guard dogs or hunters. This small-sized dog is a typical companion dog that is vibrant, cheerful, brave, and also agile. This one dog is very close to its owner even he is very loyal. It can be said that this dog is very clever and can learn quickly. So it’s no wonder that the dog can adapt well and quickly.

The response of the chihuahua dog is quite good in terms of training. Even so, you still have to combine proper training, firm but still soft. Don’t let this dog act that you don’t want. Examples include jumping on dogs and humans. Yes, this is called small dog syndrome.

Although it is quite good or funny when viewed, such behavior is not even good for him. because it will cause the appearance of dominant behavior towards the dog. If it allows a chihuahua dog to pack leader, it develops a bad trait. It could be as aggressive or even aggressive as humans or other dogs.

Even these dogs can also be jealous or aggressive to humans other than their owners. When a stranger comes, this dog will continue to follow its owner and try to stay close to him. Chihuahua dogs that identify as pack leaders are not recommended by children. Not because this dog isn’t good for kids.

Types of chihuahua dogs

Variants of chihuahua type there are two, namely a short-haired or smooth coat and also long-haired or long coat. Everyone generally has their own choices. It’s just that in the market the number of fans smooth coats more. Because it is considered more cute and sweet. It’s just that everyone has their tastes. So just adjust your taste for what kind of variant.

Interestingly, the two variants of the chihuahua type can be mated to each other to get a unique and beautiful blend. These two are certainly differentiators from fox terriers that should not be mated if not one type. Sometimes from this marriage, we get a different mix.

Whether the chick has long or short fur, besides, chihuahua-type dogs can be stepped on with some other trained dogs. Call it poodles, pugs, tackles, and Pomeranians of the same type and size. The cost of this marriage is relatively cheap when compared to other dogs. Either because of his small size or because it is less popular. All you have to do is spend $34.00 per dog.

How to care for an adult chihuahua dog

Adult chihuahua dogs do not need special care. You can simply ensure cleanliness, health, and comfort only. First, bathe an adult chihuahua as rarely as possible. Especially chihuahuas that you keep indoors, at least bathe for a maximum of 3 months. For those who are kept outdoors, bathe a maximum of 1 month.

It is not uncommon for the owner to be disturbed by the pungent smell of chihuahua dogs. But their fur will be healthier, considering that inside the skin they are not too dry because there is a coating oil produced by the skin. It’s just that as a solution, you can bathe it using dry shampoo that is widely sold in pet shops. Or you can also use baby powder.

The way the powder is sprinkled onto the body. Next, using a brush comb or shoe polish comb, comb the fur from head to tail. Perform this step until the fur dies and the other dirt falls. Do this treatment as much as possible so that the fur can regenerate properly. next is to choose a food dog that has a small breakable to be easy to chew by a chihuahua.

Food for dog food is also worth noting. It is worth giving protein with a maximum amount of 28% of its main food composition. If you have done dog food, next is the administration of vitamins and also additional supplements are no longer necessary. Because if too many vitamins enter his body will even be dangerous.

Although the treatment in terms of the room has been given well, it is good to give exercise is also quite important. You need to do outdoor training. To form a good body, outdoor exercises also help the character who is not shy. This kind of exercise can start when the chihuahua is about 3 months old or if the vaccination has been completed.

When taking a walk also do not take too long. Just walk about 200 to 300 meters is enough. For adult dogs that are more than 1 year old, exercise can be done in larger portions. Do this extra distance gradually so that the dog does not get shocked or troubled. For example, the first 1 month is only 1 km. next can add 1.5 Km and a maximum of 5 KM.

How to breed a true chihuahua dog

Towed a chihuahua you need one male and a female with physical qualities that are close to FCI standards or criteria. If you approach the FCI or meet these criteria, of course, the resulting saplings more quality and can develop well. The parentage must be at least one year or 12 months. This is so that the uterus is not too rough or difficult for the female.

As for the mating process, place the male and female chihuahuas in one cage that is not too large and not too small. At least you need to prepare a cage with a size of 100 cm X 50 cm. The chihuahua to be mated must be chosen for menstruation. You need to know that the female chihuahua has menstruation 2 times a year.

The best time for the mating process itself is when the female enters the 9th or 14th day when the first day the female menstruates. The characteristic of the female who is menstruating is that her vagina is hard, enlarged, and also slightly bent. Besides, the most noticeable sign is that her vagina continues to bleed. It is worth doing the marriage twice in one period.

That is, do the marriage if today, then the next day repeat it. It’s meant just in case. For example, when today’s marriage is not good but the next day gives a good result. Calculated from the first day of marriage, it can usually be seen the gestation period of the chihuahua. The feature is a slightly enlarged abdomen and the nipples are pink aka pink.

Care of chihuahua dogs

The care of this tiny dog kennel is not too difficult. What is certain is that you as the owner should make sure that the cage is clean and not dirty. Considering that this dog is quite sick, of course, the cleanliness of the kennel is very important. Here’s an easy way to clean a chihuahua cage:

  • Prepare plastic bags and gloves first
  • Before cleaning the cage, wear gloves so that you are free from germs and other things that are not visible.
  • Clean the chihuahua dog’s excrement and put it in a plastic bag.
  • Clean the cage using spray water from the tap
  • It’s a good idea to use tap spray water so that the water does not pick up and continues to flow properly
  • Clean the cage regularly, you can clean it every 3 days or every day if necessary
  • Do not forget to clean the drinking place or container where to drink and burn with a brush to look clean
  • Special blankets or cloths that you provide do not forget to clean it by washing it using a detergent
  • You who give the chihuahua cage a place of cement, it’s a good idea not to be too slippery. Considering chihuahuas are typical of very active dogs.

Are chihuahuas suitable for you to look after?

Everyone certainly has their criteria for keeping a pet. Based on a lot of experience, this is the reason why you should keep a chihuahua dog:

  • Chihuahuas are small dogs that so protect their master if you can give proper training
  • The fur they have is not very easy to rontoh. So it does not give a dirty effect on the surroundings. Similarly, it does not make the treatment complicated and difficult
  • Because it is small in size, chihuahua dogs are perfect for those of you who live in small or medium-sized apartments or houses
  • Chihuahua dogs have fairly easy training. This training must be done as early as possible to be used properly by the master
  • Chihuahua dogs are dogs with a high level of activity that is suitable for those of you who are quiet
  • Has a long life span of about 14 years to 18 years.

Chihuahua dog facts you need to know before buying them

and interesting facts about this little dog that you need to know. This fact is important for you to recognize before buying it. Here are the facts we mean:

  • Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dogs in the world with a length of only 4 to inches. even so, the look of this dog is quite a sangar and dashing
  • Chihuahuas also have the largest combination of fur color patterns compared to other dog breeds. This dog has long, short fur that is silky
  • Chihuahua is known as the 18th popular dog worldwide.
  • Taco Bell is a female chihuahua named Gidget. It aired between 1994 and 2009. Gidget died in 2009
  • Chihuahuas are referred to as the oldest breed of dogs. Chihuahua was registered with AKC in 21904 while AKC itself was established in 1877
  • Chihuahuas were first known as amazon dogs. They refer to this dog as an amazon dog or texas dog because it was first found bordering the Mexican state
  • Life-prone chihuahuas are the longest compared to other dogs. Because it can live between 10 years to 18 years
  • Chihuahuas will shiver instantly when they get cold. So you who have a pet dog do not turn on the cooler too cold
  • Chihuahuas are known as the most loyal dogs and also the most protective of their masters. Even so, he remains easy to socialize but remains loyal to his master
  • Chihuahuas themselves are typical of service dogs and pet dogs
  • According to a study conducted by the University of Georgia, the three main causes why chihuahuas die are due to trauma, infection, and heart disease
  • Since chihuahuas are very friendly animals, chihuahuas are generally animals that can live with other specials. Even with rabbits and cats.

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