Feels Like my Heart is being Squeezed | And Why my Heart Hurts Physically

Feels Like my Heart is being Squeezed

Heart attack is one of the highest causes of death in the world. This is because a heart attack can occur anytime, anywhere, and can also be asymptomatic. However, have you ever felt Feels Like my Heart is being Squeezed, then what causes it? See the explanation only in the following article.

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What is Angina

Angina is a kind of chest discomfort or pain that is the result of an underlying heart condition most often an issue with coronary heart disease (CHD). It’s not a disease in and of itself.

Coronary heart disease is a condition that occurs when the coronary artery supplies blood to the heart, most often because of a build-up of plaque. Plaque is comprised of cholesterol, fat, and various other substances. The plaque could reduce the flow of blood and the oxygen supply to the heart muscle.


What are the symptoms and signs of angina?

Angina refers to discomfort or pain that can feel like tension, pressure, or the feeling like your chest is being squeezed. People with angina experience it differently. Angina symptoms vary from mild to very severe. Angina sufferers may experience chest pain, but don’t feel any discomfort at all. While angina is quite common, however, it is difficult to differentiate it from other kinds of chest pain, like indigestion.

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Angina can occur in a flash and then stop with episodes that can last for anything from minutes to seconds. It usually occurs in times when your heart has been performing more than normal, for instance in the case of physical exercise, stress, or following an eating disorder. In these instances, your heart requires more oxygen-rich blood than narrowed arteries could provide.


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