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Fresh Pet Dog Food Refrigerated: Best List

Freshpet has been at the forefront of the fresh dog food market which has now become a very popular trend, offering fresh food for pets since 2006. In this article, you will find out more about Fresh Pet Dog Food Refrigerated: Best List.

You’ve seen Freshpet at your local pet store or grocery store because they have more than 19,000 refrigerators across North America selling refrigerated dog food.

All meats used in Freshpet are sourced from North America and all their food is made in Pennsylvania before being shipped throughout the US.


How do I know what dog food to give my dog?

If your pet has dietary restrictions, you should choose a dog food that meets their specific needs. If your puppy’s stomach is insensitive, you can try several brands of dog food and find out which one suits them best.


Should I look at the nutritional value of dog food before I buy it?

Yes, look at the nutritional value of dog food before making a purchase. Checking the ingredient list is a brilliant way to identify ingredients that aren’t ideal for your dog either.


What Can I Feed My Dog rather than Dog Food: Search for Alternatives Figure out where, when, how, and how much you must feed puppies in their lives daily.


Should I buy dog food that contains meat?

Many dog food companies add chicken or beef food to their dog food. Meat flour is completely safe and suitable for animal consumption.


Is Fresh pet good for dogs?

Overall, Freshpet is a very high-protein dog food that’s great for most dogs.

Their protein sources are animal-based with no byproducts. If your pet has kidney issues or other special health issues, check with your vet first to determine if Freshpet is still a fantastic alternative for your puppy.


Could I feed my puppy directly from the refrigerator?

Our research shows that almost a quarter of all owners warm up their dog’s food. But avoid serving foods that are too hot or too cold. Thus, there’s an owner that warms his puppy’s cold meals to make it to room temperature or slightly over. A dog’s desire to eat may be diminished by illness or injury.


Freshpet packaging and quality

Freshpet packed their food brilliantly; Their dog food is easy to store and pack in such a way that their food stays fresh for longer. Upon arrival, dog food is well packed, paying close attention to ensure no products are damaged at the time of delivery.

The quality in Freshpet offers high standard dog food. They meet the minimum AAFCO requirements, and all their animal food is regulated and of high quality.


fresh pet dog food refrigerated


Fresh Pet Dog Food Refrigerated: Best List

Today, Freshpet has a wide range of product lines to suit your dog’s needs and food preferences as well as your own needs such as time limits. Here are the details of the current product line that Freshpet offers:

Freshpet Select

Freshpet Select has the largest orange Freshpet on offer. You can choose anything from grain-free, wet and dry foods that are all 100% natural and byproduct-free.


Freshpet Vital

Freshpet Vital recipes are completely free of GMOs and made in the US. This 100% natural food can be purchased in a grainless option and without chicken for fussy puppies or allergic puppies.


Freshpet Treats

Freshpet food is very healthy and rich in nutrients. Just because a snack doesn’t mean it should be unhealthy!


Fresh Nature

Fresh natural food is GAP certified and made using local ingredients in the United States. Nature’s Fresh uses a ‘holistic’ approach to your puppy’s nutrition.


Fresh Deli

Deli Fresh is formulated for sapers who have to go on a diet high in protein and without grains. Superfoods and antioxidants form a large number of ingredients in their Deli Fresh range.


With so many product lines, it can be difficult to know what options to choose. I recommend you check out the Freshpet product picker tool which will ask you some questions about your dog and give you specific recommendations about what food is best for them.


How Much Does Freshpet Cost?

The price of Freshpet dog food will vary based on the type of food you buy. The most affordable option is to buy dog roll food.

For a 6-pound Freshpet roll, it costs about $12-13. For a 50-pound dog, you’ll feed them about 1 pound of dog food every day. This means roughly $2.17 a day.

The price of Freshpet bags such as Freshpet Selects is much higher. For a 4.5 lb bag, it costs ~$20. A 50-pound dog will need about 4 cups of this dog’s food per day, and there are only ~6 cups in total per bag. This equates to ~$13 per day. You may want to avoid this route unless you have a small dog!


Can I freeze Freshpet?

Freshpet is never frozen during the manufacturing and shipping process, but if you take it home and need to freeze it partially to keep it from breaking down, then it doesn’t matter. When thawed it may have a different color and consistency, but its nutritional value will remain the same.


Can Freshpet Be Heated?

I guess you can heat your dog’s Freshpet, but there’s no excuse for that. Freshpet is made to be cooled and given to your dog in a cold state, so I will avoid heating the dog food.

If your Freshpet freezes and needs to be thawed, it’s best to leave it in the fridge for a day or two and let it melt slowly. If you are experiencing congestion, I recommend putting it in a closed bag then putting it in a saucepan of warm water to speed up the process.


Freshpet endurance time

Freshpet products have a “sell before” date like meat products that you will find for humans. Once opened, Freshpet products should be used within a few days and stored in the refrigerator. The number of days depends on the specific product.

For example, a roll lasts ~7 days while a one-serving cup only 2 days. You should be able to find this information on the packaging.


How to store dog food in the fridge

Always store your dog’s dry food in an airtight metal, glass, or plastic container. Keep the opened cans of wet dog food in the fridge.

The best way to keep it moist and prevent odors from moving to other foods is to use a plastic pet food cap designed to fit the top of the can.

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