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Fresh Pet Dog Food Refrigerated Recall: Best List

FreshPet is a fresh animal food brand founded in 2006. Since then, the company has grown rapidly and is now listed on the stock exchange with a value of about 5-6 billion dollars. With that, I suggest knowing a piece of information about Fresh Pet Dog Food Refrigerated Recall: best list

FreshPet manufactures its refrigerated products in the United States at its facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Freshpet snacks are also made in the United States but by FreshPet partners and not at the aforementioned facilities.

Is Freshpet food organic?

Our focus is on finding the best and freshest quality ingredients out there. Although our food is not organic, everything is natural, free of antibiotics and preservatives.

Are Freshpet foods all-natural?

Yes, we make Freshpet only with natural ingredients. Our recipes also never contain artificial or chemical preservatives, BHA, propylene glycol, flavorings, or colors commonly found in traditional dry, canned and semi-moist animal food.

Can we get FreshPet?

FreshPet recipes are available for purchase from a wide variety of physical animal food stores and grocery stores, totaling more than 20,000 stores. Many consumers will get used to seeing FreshPet refrigerators during their weekly stores at stores like Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods.

However, although its sales are widespread in retail stores, FreshPet is not available from all major online retailers

Can Freshpet food be frozen and in the fridge?

FreshPet has a wide variety of dog food recipes, most of which are refrigerated recipes. These refrigerated recipes should be stored in the fridge or frozen to ensure they remain safe to eat and not damaged.

FreshPet does not produce recipes specifically designed for specific dog breeds but produces recipes for puppies. However, despite not having any special products, many FreshPet recipes are suitable for all ages so they can be eaten by puppies and senior dogs.

We recommend serving fresh food from the fridge for best results, but you can choose to freeze unused parts for later use. Know that you may notice slight discoloration and texture when thawed, but this will not change the nutritional value or taste of our food.

No Freshpet food is frozen before it is purchased at your local store.

Why does Freshpet use fresh meat instead of the food provided?

Freshpet uses just organ and muscle meat which has a high level of quality and hasn’t been processed before since it’s denser in nourishment and simpler for our pets .

We also chose to never use chicken food. Meat food can include different types and qualities of meat and waste products, is well processed, and can have a shelf life of more than one year.

What ingredients are used in FreshPet?

FreshPet uses meat and fish ingredients in moderation in the recipe. All the ingredients they use are high-quality additives and can act as a source of high-quality protein and fat.

Most of these ingredients are industry favorites, such as Chicken, Turkey, and Beef. The popularity of these ingredients comes from the ease of availability and lower costs.

FreshPet uses some of the less common ingredients in its recipes, such as Bison. These ingredients can offer much-needed variations to dog food and can be beneficial for dogs with allergies or sensitivities who are unable to eat the most common ingredients.

If you are interested in learning more about Bison or Hypoallergenic dog food, be sure to explore the article below.

Where do Freshpet ingredients come from?

97% of Freshpet ingredients come from the United States and Canada. Our vitamins and minerals are sourced from outside the U.S., but none of the ingredients are sourced from China.

All Freshpet foods are:

  • Made from natural and fresh ingredients
  • Made with chicken and beef raised on farms
  • 100% natural protein
  • Free of artificial or chemical preservatives

Minimally processed to Keep Essential vitamins and minerals naturally found within our new ingredients

  • Free corn, wheat, and food provided
  • Always made in the US
  • Doesn’t have any ingredients from China
  • Learn more about our wide selection of fresh food here.

Other Leading Materials

FreshPet Utilizes Eggs as a Heart Ingredient in a number of its recipes. Eggs are a great addition to animal food recipes and can provide highly bioavailable beneficial nutrients.

Bioavailability means it is very easy for the pet’s body to absorb its nutrients, and only a small amount is wasted. These nutrients include proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Freshpet uses the most popular legume ingredient found in dog food Peas. Peas are widely used thanks to many properties such as easy to get, affordable, and can provide good nutrition. These nutrients include a mixture of carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, and fiber.

However, there is a growing link between the many uses of legumes in dog food, such as peas, and the increase in dog heart disease.

You can read more about this link in our article Best Dog Food Without Peas.

However, the ratio of peas Located in Freshpet recipes is comparatively small and shouldn’t be a significant concern.

Unfortunately, FreshPet uses plant-based byproducts such as Peanut Protein and Lentil Flour. These ingredients are not a positive addition to animal food and are often used to manipulate the nutrients that recipes have or mislead consumers when reading ingredient lists.

You can read more about this in our article Peas, Peanut Protein, Peanut Flour, and Peanut Fiber in Dog Food.

FreshPet uses several grain ingredients in its recipes, such as Brown Rice and Oats. Grains can be a controversial addition, with many pet owners disagreeing with their use.

However, many pet owners strongly support the use of grains, especially those that feed brands such as Purina and Hill’s. Grain ingredients like Brown Rice.

Carrageenan is a poorly understood ingredient used in wet and canned animal food recipes. It comes as a binding agent, which means it exists to hold food together in a consistent texture. It is not present to nourish and does not do so.

You can learn more about where Karagenan comes from and the Karagenan problem in Dog Food.

What kind of Freshpet food is right for my pet?

Freshpet believes in the difference between a fresh dog and cat food for your pet’s health. The Selection between Freshpet recipes Largely depends upon the demands and tastes of your individual and your pet.

Is Freshpet approved and recommended by your vet?

All of our prescriptions are strictly formulated and approved by Dr. Gerardo Perez-Camargo, our veterinarian and Head of R&D, who holds a PhD in Applied Biochemistry and Food Sciences. Designed to be nutritionally balanced, our recipes meet or exceed AAFCO and WSAVA guidelines.

We are also proud to have established the Freshpet Nutrition Council, a group of certified DVMs, DVDs, DACVNs, and PhDs that guide, oversee and validate our research. To read more about what vets are saying about Freshpet, click here.

Can I feed Freshpet to my puppy?

All Vital and Nature’s Fresh recipes are approved by AAFCO for all stages of life, including childhood. Also, Freshpet offers puppy-specific rolls in our Select and Vital lines. To Find out More about feeding your Pet food that is fresh.

How are Freshpet snacks different from other dog snacks?

Fresh animal food is all-natural, contains no artificial preservatives, and is less processed than traditional animal food. To ensure the freshness of our simple and healthy ingredients, all Freshpet treats must be stored in the fridge and used within 14 days of opening.

Nutrition Freshpet

Is Freshpet a complete and balanced nutrient?

Freshpet food is 100% complete and balanced and exceeds AAFCO’s minimum standards for dog and cat nutrition. Although Freshpet snacks are made from high-quality meats and vegetables, they may not contain all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs. To make sure your pet gets all the nutrients it needs, feeds a complete and balanced diet.

Fresh Pet Dog Food Refrigerated Recall

The humidity or amount of water in Freshpet food seems high, why is it so?

Fresh food stored in the refrigerator contains high animal protein, so you can expect it to have the same moisture content as human quality fresh meat. Humidity 70-75% is the natural condition of fresh meat. Chicken breast meat comprises 74.6% moisture, also fresh turkey meat contain 75.8 percent. (Reference: USDA database)

To determine the amount of protein in dry ingredients:

  • Reduce the percentage of moisture from 100% to determine the percentage of dry material
  • Divide the percentage of protein by the percentage of dry ingredients
  • Multiply by 100

For a simple example, foods with 10% protein and 75% moisture are in the Freshpet food range:

  • 100% – 75% humidity = 25% dry material
  • 10% Protein / 25% Dry Ingredients = .4
  • .4 x 100 = 40% protein content of dry ingredients
  • This same formula can be used to determine the fat and fiber content of dry ingredients.

Is the protein level in the Freshpet recipe suitable for all dogs?

For pets that have pancreatic problems or impaired renal function (e.g. kidneys), a diet high in protein made from meat and fish should be avoided. If your pet suffers from this condition, consult your vet to determine if Freshpet is appropriate.

For more information you can read it in Fresh Pet Dog Food Refrigerated: Best List has been a very famous dog food since 2006 will know more.

Why does traditional dry food seem to have more protein than Freshpet food when I look at the Analysis on the label?

A Guaranteed Analysis is used to rate four nutrients in your pet’s diet: protein, fat, fiber, and moisture. But it does not take into account the moisture content of your pet’s food, which can be a little misleading.

Even those who state, to make a meaningful comparison between the nutritional level between canned or fresh products and dry products, both must be expressed on the same moisture basis.

FreshPet Animal Testing

At this time, we do not have any information about what type of animal testing, if any, is followed by FreshPet.

We strongly believe that laboratory and invasive testing of animals are cruel and outdated practice and should be eliminated.

FreshPet Recalls

Based on our research (FDA, AVMA, DogFoodAdvisor), FreshPet is a withdrawal-free brand.

This is a very impressive trait considering FreshPet is a fresh animal food manufacturer. It has been widely agreed that there are more risks associated with the production of fresh animal food compared to kibble.

Nonetheless, we always recommend that pet owners remain wary of future recalls of FreshPet or other animal food brands.

Once served, just how long can it be safe to Leave Freshpet meals in my cat or dog bowl?

Treat Freshpet refrigerated foods as if you were going to prepare freshly prepared meals at home. We recommend that you do not leave the refrigerated food in a bowl for more than 2-3 hours. Return unused food to the fridge after you finish serving.

How does Freshpet verify the quality of their meat?

All Freshpet Meat and Poultry Components Have Been sourced from registered Providers usda (United States Department of Agriculture) and APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) that follow all USDA regulations for safe handling. Our fish is sourced from USDC/NOAA registered sources. Poultry used in our Nature’s Fresh and Deli Fresh recipes is free of antibiotics and hormones.

How do I know if it’s fresh when I buy it in the store?

Just like the fresh human food you buy at the grocery store, you’ll find a sale date on each Freshpet package. Once opened, we recommend using it in:

  • Roll: 7 days (take out bread)
  • Food in bags: 7 days
  • Single Serving Cup: 2 days
  • Turkey Dog Treats: 14 days
  • Chicken Dog Treats: 10 days

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