Ghost Pepper Chips or Paqui Ghost Pepper Chips, How Spicy?

Spicy food is one of the dream foods, which is very much sought after by people. Well, you should try Ghost Pepper Chips or paqui ghost pepper chips, How Spicy?

Speaking of taste test hype, this promises to give serious heat to Paqui tortilla chips, pumping heat with at least four strong descriptions. The surface texture is very similar to Doritos, plus a little dark seasoning.

Do you know how spicy paqui ghost pepper chips are?

We chew to find that there is a good sense of heat at first and then become a little hotter in the rest of the flavor as the heat moves to the upper gastrointestinal tract.

Regarding taste, there’s not much to talk about other than heat. Compared to Trader’s Joe’s Ghost Pepper Potato Chips – no comparison – Paqui is much, much hotter.

And compared to the Carolina Reaper Pepper chip, Paqui’s One Chip Challenge – again no comparison – Haunted Ghost Pepper is very hot, but Carolina reaper pepper takes it to a completely new level.

These chips made by Paqui as we mentioned in previous reviews are a company famous for making one serving of Carolina Reaper chips that are so spicy that they are sold in miniature coffins.

There is a less spicy paqui chip option in Haunted Ghost Pepper:

The ghost pepper is only about 60% as hot as the Reaper

Some are only about 25% as hot as pepper spray

I think that’s what makes Ghost Peppers like 15% of Mace bikes.

Smell test if the food is not Haunted, Ghost Pepper:

Can smell peppers

Not a bad smell, but also not alluring

It’s not hot or anything, it doesn’t make my mouth runny.

Watch Haunted Ghost Pepper, the scariest of all. It will scare your taste buds.


The contents of this bag are very scary:

  • Paqui is not responsible for any injuries caused by swallowing this delicious terror
  • Use of safety gloves and glasses is recommended
  • Common side effects include burning pain addiction, blurred vision, and undamned thirst.

I consider myself someone who has a high tolerance for spices, but I have never done a spice competition. Don’t think eating raw habaneros or raw jalapeno is fun.

If you take 100 people at random, I’ll be in the top 5 in terms of spice tolerance, but I probably won’t be number 1.

It’s hotter than any commercial chip I’ve ever had, but it won’t hurt you. Don’t be afraid of them, but I don’t want to eat these 20 chips in a row because I won’t enjoy them.

The heat will be too high and dominate the taste. But it’s perfect for dipping into Guacamole, salsa, or mild or medium pico. If you dip it in something to dilute it a little, it’s perfect.

Don’t assume that spicy foods are very beneficial for health such as Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits Sinus and Heart Attack which is one way to overcome the problem.

Sinus is a disease found in small cavities that are connected through the airways inside the skull bone.

Have you ever tried Ghost Pepper Chips?

You know, ghost pepper chips that you can buy from stores that promise all sorts of heat. The most famous is Paqui Chip, but I see other brands popping up in all the big brand names and stores nationwide.

The problem is, often these spicy chips and other foods made with ghost peppers are intended for the mass market, and in general, the true intensity of ghost peppers is too hot, so the manufacture compresses the heat to fit, on your palate.

Where can I get paqui ghost pepper chips?

You can buy it online, without having to go out to look it up. I suggest you try paqui ghost pepper chips below:

PAQUI Haunted Ghost Pepper Chips, 7 OZ

Flavor: Haunted Ghost Pepper

Brand: Paqui

Ingredients: Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper Tortilla Chips –

Size: 7 Ounce (Package 1)

Weight: 7.04 ounces

Price: $26

Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper Chips


One bag of 7.0 oz paqui ghost pepper chips

Great alternatives to Doritos, Beanitos, and Quest Nutrition tortilla chips are:

Privileges: Gluten-Free Kosher

allergen information: abalone_free

Please don’t take this lightly

They’re spicy and properly called Haunted! At first, many will consider it un menacing but just know the spice is creeping up and then hold it there because it haunts you.

I recommend eating one chip and see how you feel in 3 to 5 minutes. There must be a delay that will be haunting, spicy but thorny. Compared to Flamin Hot Cheetos it’s at 5 to 6 out of 10 in hotness.

However, it can be a more flavorful blunt salty flavor that makes you more trying to catch the taste. It doesn’t taste bad but it can be saltier. But try Tobasco sauce as a cure!

Bottom line paqui ghost pepper chips it:

If you consider yourself someone who generally likes very spicy, more spicy than most unrelated to crazy people who eat chili directly or compete, they can still overcome it.

You will probably enjoy it more if you use it in situations where there is some kind of sauce. I won’t enjoy 20 of them in person, but with guacamole, it will be easy and fun.

Dipping this into guacamole might lower the net heat level to somewhere in a common hot salsa range.

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