Ginseng Benefits for Gout

The uric acid disease is a condition that can cause symptoms of unbearable pain, swelling, as well as the presence of heat in the joint area. All joints in the body are at risk of developing gout, but the joints that are most often affected are the fingers, knees, ankles, and toes. To solve the problem must be for you to know the ginseng benefits for gout.

Gout usually affects women after menopause. The pain experienced by people with gout can last for 3-10 days with the rapid development of symptoms in the first few hours.


What are the ingredients in ginseng?

Ginseng has main ingredients, such as:

Saponins and glycosides

Amino acids



Germanium organic



Glycosides in ginseng root are referred to as ginsenosides which contain 16 types such as B vitamins, carbohydrates, panacea, and phytosterols.

Ginseng contains complex substances, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants. It also has much bioactive content such as phytosterols, peptides, minerals, and others.

Ginseng nutrients contain calcium, fiber, iron folate, and various vitamins such as B1, B2, B5, and C.


Why is the price of Korean ginseng expensive?

The price of ginseng is not cheap, Korean red ginseng is said to be the most expensive type. The price of one kilogram of red ginseng almost reached Rp 2 million.  Meanwhile, for ordinary white ginseng, the price per kilogram Rp 900 thousand. But the price is not much compared to wild ginseng that costs up to 200 million rupiahs per kilogram.

Red ginseng is more difficult to plant and rare. One of the places that are home to ginseng plants is Punggi, Korea. This plant is suitable to grow there because it is at an altitude of 400-500 meters above sea level, the soil is fertile, and the climate is cool.

From the planting process, red ginseng takes six years to be harvested. The older the ginseng, the better the quality. The reason is, at the age of six years and above, the new red ginseng contains saponins and ginsenosides in high levels.


How to process ginseng properly and healthy?

Choose quality ginseng

As with buying other spices, choosing ginseng also needs to pay attention to its quality. Be sure to choose good quality ginseng so that later it can also be useful when consumed. Choose ginseng that is still fresh and good in appearance.

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Pay attention to the consumption measure

Ginseng has a measure in its consumption so that the benefits obtained are also more optimal. The measure is about 2-3 grams per day or 3 times a week. It is a measure that fits and optimally benefits and is not excessive.

Making tea in a silver container

If you want to make tea using ginseng, then you can use a silver container. This container can be either a pot or a glass. After that, you can slice it into small pieces and then cook it for an hour.

Making ginseng powder

There is no special way to make ginseng powder because you only need to mash ginseng. To facilitate the process of pounding, you can cut it into smaller pieces. Next, you can mash until it is smooth and can be mixed with the cuisine.

Boil first before chewing ginseng

Another way of using ginseng is to chew like chewing gum. However, you can make the texture more tender by boiling it first into boiling water for 5 minutes. Later ginseng will be soft enough to chew.


Ginseng Benefits for Gout to know

Red ginseng Is traditionally used to help treat pinched nerves, smooth blood circulation, treat rheumatism, and lower high uric acid levels. RULES OF USE: Taken 2 times a day, 2 capsules once a drink.


If you have complaints of dry and ruptured lips, it does no harm to know aloe vera gel benefits for lips, this succulent plant is believed to have many health properties. These various health benefits are inseparable from their nutritional content.


Ginseng benefits and side effects for body health

Benefits of ginseng

Reduces inflammation

One of the benefits of ginseng for health is that it helps reduce inflammation. This is thanks to the anti-inflammatory content contained in the compound ginsenoside in ginseng.

the compound has a positive effect in boosting immunity thereby reducing inflammation.


Relieves stress

Ginseng can affect the body’s nervous system in a variety of ways, such as stimulating metabolism and increasing energy levels. This may be thanks to the role of adaptogen compounds in ginseng.

Adaptogens in ginseng can interfere with the levels of hormones that the body produces during stress. As a result, ginseng can lower levels of stress hormones in the body and help create a better mood.

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Boosts the immune system

Ginseng has anti-allergic, antimicrobial, and antioxidant content that serves to protect the body in the fight against various microbial and bacterial infections.

This herb is even believed to increase the effect of vaccination against various types of diseases, such as influenza, hepatitis C virus, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and rotavirus.


Prevents premature aging

Ginseng also has benefits in preventing premature aging. The antioxidant content in ginseng can help reduce the signs of aging and prevent the negative effects of free radicals in the body that can damage healthy cells.

Besides, ginseng is also able to stimulate blood flow throughout the body, including into the skin cells of the body. The benefits of ginseng are what help make the skin look more youthful and moist.


Improve cognitive function

Another benefit of ginseng is to improve thinking ability or cognitive function.

Also, several other studies have shown that ginseng has a positive effect on brain function and behavior in Alzheimer’s sufferers.


Lowers blood sugar levels

Ginseng has good benefits for diabetics. Because ginseng can potentially help lower blood sugar levels. This herb can help regulate the absorption of glucose in the body.

This is thanks to the content of ginsenosides that work by affecting insulin production in the pancreas and increasing insulin resistance.

Then, the results of other studies mentioned that ginseng extract can help provide antioxidant protection to reduce free radicals in the cells of the body of diabetics.


Fighting cancer cells

Ginseng is also called helps reduce the risk of the appearance of various types of cancer. Ginsenoside contained in ginseng has properties to reduce inflammation and antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body.

Various types of cancer in question, including oral cancer, oesophageal cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, and lung cancer.


Ginseng benefits for men that you should know

Increase stamina and sexual satisfaction

A study from the University of Maryland Medical Center in the United States (USA) has noted that ginseng may have aroused sexual arousal. However, the researchers do not yet know how exactly ginseng can produce such effects. The scope of this study is also very limited so the results can not be said to be valid.

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Treating impotence

Ginseng has not been proven to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction a.k.a. impotence. Research by experts from South Korea in the International Journal of Impotence Research reveals that the benefits of ginseng to improve erectile function are no more potent than empty drugs (placebo).

Other research in the Journal of Urology shows that taking ginseng supplements three times a day can reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, this study was very limited in nature because it only involved a total of 45 study participants who experienced mild to moderate erectile function disorders.

ginseng benefits for men

Increase fertility

Researchers from the University of Maryland Medical Center in the US saw that ginseng was able to increase the number and quality of sperm cells in animal research subjects. To prove the efficacy of ginseng for male fertility, further research is still needed on human research subjects.


Prevents premature ejaculation

Ginseng also has benefits when it comes to male sexuality, one of which is in preventing premature ejaculation. This is done by cleaning the penis and applying ginseng-containing cream on the surface of the penis an hour before intercourse to prevent premature ejaculation.


Ginseng Side Effects

Although natural, ginseng can cause certain side effects, such as itching, insomnia, diarrhea, headache, vaginal bleeding, nervousness, rapid heartbeat, increased or decreased blood pressure, breast pain, a severe rash called Stevens-Johnson syndrome, liver damage, and severe allergic reactions.


Ginseng benefits women are amazing

Increase sexual desire

Not only erectile dysfunction, but Korean ginseng can also increase sexual desire and satisfaction in women who are in post-menopause.

The use of red Korean ginseng in powder form is believed to increase sexual desire in women with sexual problems.


ginseng benefits women

Reduce fatigue due to multiple sclerosis

One of the effects of multiple sclerosis disease is to cause fatigue in the body.

Eating Korean ginseng regularly is believed to reduce fatigue in women with multiple sclerosis.

Although it has a variety of tantalizing benefits, please note that the properties of Korean ginseng above still require further research.

ginseng benefits for gout

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