Grilling Salmon Fillets with Skin on One Side

This healthy dinner dish is grilling salmon fillets with skin on one side, moist and slightly juicy. the garlic mixture in the sauce makes the dish very delicious, just 10 minutes to bake it.

Summer has arrived, the best holidays are accompanied by salmon grilling dishes, this simple recipe is very easy to make. You don’t need to have special abilities to create them.

I often make it, adding it to the weekly menu will be a lot of fun. My husband loved the softness it contained in it and made it an appetite enhancer.

There is no need to buy food in the restaurant because this dish is very representative of a more economical taste.


What is grilling salmon fillets with skin on one side?

Grilling salmon fillets with skin on one side is a dinner dish that is roasted by burning embers, with salmon skin facing down the grill.

Before grilled usually, this salmon has seasoned seasoning and cooled for 30 minutes to keep its moisture.

Why should you eat salmon?

  • If you consume regularly then it can help lower the risk of dangerous diseases Because the fat content in salmon meat is very much, omega-3 can lower some risk of dangerous diseases, such as Heart disease (heart attack or stroke)
  • Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases
  • Not only that, but salmon meat is also believed to relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, which occurs due to a un good immune system, pain, or swelling in the joints of the hands or feet caused by autoimmune.
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How to grilling salmon fillets foil?

Roasting salmon using tin foil will facilitate the roasting process, this will serve so that the salmon does not stick when removed from the burning it will also trap moisture.

If you are in doubt about baking it directly you can try this method.


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Grilling salmon fillets with skin, whether the salmon skin will not be released, how long is the roasting process?

Roasting it directly on the coals or cooked using foil will be very safe if it does it right. In this recipe, the salmon skin will not be detached.

Below you can find out some of his tips.


Tips to bake salmon fillets perfectly

  • First, choose fresh salmon, the meat will be shiny and firm to the touch. Do not choose fish of dark color.
  • To produce the taste you need to soak the salmon for 30 minutes, this will also moisturize the texture of the salmon.
  • Do not soak for more than 1 hour, it will make for a less pleasant texture.
  • To do so you can coat the salmon with foil or burn it directly. By cooling it before grilled the salmon will remain intact and not damage its texture.
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Ingredients used for grilling salmon:

  • Brown sugar
  • Butter, melt
  • Olive oil
  • Honey
  • Soy sauce
  • Garlic, chopped
  • Large salmon fillets, cut into 8 pieces.


How to make Grilling Salmon

  • You can start by making the sauce. That is by putting brown sugar, butter, olive oil, honey, soy sauce, and chopped garlic in a bowl, stir using a spoon.
  • After that keep 8 salmon fillets on a shallow plate, pour the sauce that has been made, cover with plastic, and store in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  • Prepare the embers, let the salmon rest for 10 minutes before baking, and separate from the sauce.
  • To grill, it places the salmon with the skin facing down on the grill. bake for 10 minutes over medium heat while smeared with seasoning until easily peeled with a fork, discarding the remaining seasoning.

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grilling salmon fillets with skin on one side

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